Trust Me: TNT TV Series Cancelled, No Season Two

Trust MeTo little surprise, TNT has cancelled their low-rated drama, Trust Me. Despite having two former network stars as the show’s leads, the series never took off.

Trust Me revolves around a fictional Chicago ad agency. Tom Cavanagh and Eric McCormack play co-workers and friends whose relationship changes when one of them gets promoted. Others in the cast include Geoffrey Arend, Sarah Clarke, Mike Damus, Griffin Dunne, and Monica Potter.

The show debuted on January 26th of this year, following TNT’s successful The Closer. It attracted 3.4 million viewers, losing about half of its lead-in’s audience. The second episode dropped to just 1.9 million viewers and things got worse from there. The network began airing episodes in double doses by mid-March and the last two installments ran on April 7th.

McCormack obviously saw the writing on the wall and signed on to a new ABC pilot last month. Now, TNT has made it official, announcing that Trust Me won’t be returning for a second year.

The network’s executive VP and head of programming, Michael Wright, believes that Trust Me was a creative success but just couldn’t find an audience.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Dawn Zielke says

    This sucks I too have been waiting on season 2. Well crap this show had great potential now I guess we’ll never know. It was a pleasure watching McCormick and Cavanaugh step out of the box. I loved seeing them in a new light! I loved the script and the plot this is a true shame we kept Psych but lost Trust Me. I mean I sort of like Psych but Trust Me was much deeper and let’s face it better. I guess it was delivered to the wrong audience networks please pick it up but don’t ruin it please.

  2. says

    being in advertising, i must say the show was spot on in more ways than one. very disappointed that it wont be returning for a second season.

  3. Mike says

    This was truly a great show, maybe given a little more time it may have flourished. But far too often, these truly good shows never get a chance. When is Tom Cavanaugh going to catch a break. His last 2 series (Trust Me and Love Monkeycancelled before even getting started.

  4. Hoover says

    I kept asking my wife, ” When’s that show about the advertising agency gonna come back on? No. Not “Mad Men”. The other one, it’s more about two guys. the one guy was from that NBC show “ED” I think. I think it’s on TNT.

    Then I finally thought,”Hey, why not go on the ‘net and try to find out what’s going on.”

    As you can probably tell, I don’t go on-line very often.

    Anyway, we both really enjoyed that show & looked forward to viewing it each week.
    I have to agree with previous posts, they weren’t given enough time to prove themselves.

    For the record we do watch “Mad Men” regularly too.

    Maybe “They” will read enough of these posts & bring it back.

  5. isaac says

    I loved this show it was great it really inspired me to finish college and to get my degree in marketing. I was so excited for this show because it had real moments of what marketers do and how they atract customers. The show helped me by providing examples that i would use as a foundation for different campaigns i was working on. i will dearly miss seeing a second season.

  6. Nick W says

    What an excellent show. I had no idea it was canceled. I’ve been waiting for season 2 and now I’m just perplexed. I think this must have been an advertising blunder and because the show was great. That’s actually kind of ironic though.

  7. Rhonda says

    Could not agree more with these most recent posts – the show was great! Spot on and the characters meshed well together to make the show funny and serious at the same time. Too bad.

  8. ed says

    this was the best show on tv. i really looked forward to watching it each week. I’m very disappointed that my new good friends won’t be coming back.

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