Trust Me: TNT TV Series Cancelled, No Season Two

Trust MeTo little surprise, TNT has cancelled their low-rated drama, Trust Me. Despite having two former network stars as the show’s leads, the series never took off.

Trust Me revolves around a fictional Chicago ad agency. Tom Cavanagh and Eric McCormack play co-workers and friends whose relationship changes when one of them gets promoted. Others in the cast include Geoffrey Arend, Sarah Clarke, Mike Damus, Griffin Dunne, and Monica Potter.

The show debuted on January 26th of this year, following TNT’s successful The Closer. It attracted 3.4 million viewers, losing about half of its lead-in’s audience. The second episode dropped to just 1.9 million viewers and things got worse from there. The network began airing episodes in double doses by mid-March and the last two installments ran on April 7th.

McCormack obviously saw the writing on the wall and signed on to a new ABC pilot last month. Now, TNT has made it official, announcing that Trust Me won’t be returning for a second year.

The network’s executive VP and head of programming, Michael Wright, believes that Trust Me was a creative success but just couldn’t find an audience.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Yellowhawk says

    This was a great show. I thought they had decided to do another season as well. I kept checking to see when it would air. Now, I see it was actually cancelled after all. They never did give it a chance. I hate that. TV execs are too out of the loop. I heard part of the problem for some of the shows these days if a show is Tivo’d or DVR’d, it only counts in the ratings if watched within a week of recording. Sometimes, I save shows and then watch 3 or 4 at a time back to back.

  2. Kate Thompson says

    I LOVE this show…..I think the reason it lost part of its audience is the fact that you’d get to watch a couple of new shows in a row, then they’d throw in a rerun, then something else would be in its place. And I don’t recall there being an entire “season” in the can, so how can they expect us to try to keep up with it? It seems every new show I like has been cancelled……Cashmere Mafia, Lipstick Jungle, Trust Me, and others whose routine is the same as above and now I can’t even remember the show’s names…….time to cancel cable.

  3. Molly Hodge says

    I offcailly want to start a large out cry until they bring this amazing show back!
    If it worked for family guy we can bring this awesome. Show back

    Join me! One and All!

  4. says

    I really enjoyed this show, and am disappointed that it will no be returning. I am a freelance graphic designer, and really could get into the setting of the show. I hope someone else picks this up because it was truly a great and creative show.

  5. dan says

    Didn’t realize it was canceled until I saw previews for Monica Potter’s new show parent hood. Bummer. It was a good show. Glad Peter Crouse and Monica Potter have found new vehicles.
    I liked Dirty Sexy Money also.

  6. Anonymous says

    This show needs to come back on air asap. It amazing, i loved it from a prospective advertising student and graphic designer’s perspective. Many more would have loved it too if it had lasted longer.

  7. Rowsdower says

    Good riddance. Given the struggles normal people deal with these days, what did these nitwit TV execs think would happen? Yeah, the average viewer wants to watch these two tools(Conner &Mason? I mean, come on already!) whine about the rough & tumble ad agency world while living in excess. Lame, lame, seriously lame attempt to cash in on the success of ‘Mad Men’.

  8. Virginia says

    I loved this show. Finally a show that had some real character development with depth. I guess they think everyone wants to see the stupid reality shows!!

    if anything TNT could have promoted the show more. I would not have even known about the show had I not been looking for something on iTunes.

  9. shaun says

    This really sucks! I have been checking back on for months to find out when the next season would start – i was addicted to season 1! I hope another network can pick this up for season 2.

  10. Mary says

    I am completely bummed out!!! I kept waiting for the new season and today i thought i was going to cry when i saw the announcement. they didn’t give it a chance i loved this show!!

  11. Mandy says

    NOOOOO!!!! I’m literally going to cry now. How will I ever know if Sara and her ex husband find the men of their dreams. Can’t we write to the producers and demand another season? Can another station pick the show up if there’s a huge demand from it’s viewers? I know they brought back a last season of Jericho on CBS after so many people claimed they couldn’t go on without knowing what could have been.

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