Tuesday Night Book Club: CBS Writes Final Chapter on Reality Show

Cast of Tuesday Night Book ClubIt looks like the first cancellation of the summer season has been made and CBS has done it. After only two episodes (up against ABC’s NBA basketball game coverage), CBS has pulled the low-rated Tuesday Night Book Club reality show from the primetime schedule. CBS is calling it a hiatus but the series is unlikely to return.

This one-hour reality series centered on the lives of a group of ladies in a typical middle-class neighborhood. The show followed them as they dealt with the everyday pressures of running their homes, raising their children, and basically living a “happy suburban lives.” The women all met for a weekly book club meeting which, of course, was more about their homes and secrets than NY Times bestsellers. Tuesday Night Book Club was promoted as a “real-life Desperate Housewives” but apparently didn’t attract a Housewives-sized audience.

A Boston Pops special was already scheduled for July 4th but the June 27 and July 11 Book Club timeslots will be filled with episodes of 48 Hour Mystery. CBS has yet to announce what will air after that though the drama series Smith (starring Ray Liotta) has that spot on the CBS Fall 2006 schedule.

It’s highly unlikely that TV viewers will get another chance to see the remaining unaired episodes of Book Club on broadcast television though its possible CBS may post them online. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Laurie says

    My friends and I were hooked on the show after the first episode. We will be very disappointed if it in fact has been cancelled. CBS still lists the show on it’s website stating the scheduling will return soon…I sure hope so!

  2. Ruby says

    I’m disappointed in the show being cancelled. A few neighbors and I were getting together to watch it and we were having such a blast!


  3. abigal mcwhorter says

    This really buggs me! They get me involved and don’t offer me an ending! I loived the show, after putting my child to bed this was an adult show my husband and I enjoyed together. We are very upset it has been cancelled. This was not a good call on the part of CBS!

  4. Anonymous says

    My wife and I’ve been waiting to catch the next episode of the show. I thought we’d just missed it due to other programming but now that I know it’s been cancelled we’re pretty upset. Two shows didn’t even give it a chance. More time was spent on promoting the show than was spent on presenting it. Very disappoiting CBS!!!

  5. Tina Melford says

    I can’t believe they canceled this show so soon. I have several friends and family that was watching this show.

  6. Corrine Lu says

    Very disappointed also that CBS pulled it. In spite of negative comments from prudish “womens groups” and churchy old ladies who are out of touch with what’s real, this was an interesting and entertaining show. I know the women in my office all enjoyed it and some of it hit home. We may not have the bodies of these women but the underlying stress and issues are similar. Made for some good in depth “break” talk. In fact we’re forming a “Book Club” of our own.

  7. Sandra Wedsted says

    I am so disappointed that CBS pulled the new reality show “Tuesday Night Book Club”. I happened on this program on Channel 13 by accident and to my surprise the program was very interesting. These 7 women have secrets to reveal to the audience – this could turn out to be a summer hit. After explaining, so far, what this program was about, I invited a friend over to my home for what was supposed to be the third Tuesday, and to my disappointment – the program never came on. I thought that maybe CBS changed the time or day, but after going on the net, I find out it was pulled! Why don’t you give the program a chance to find its audience? It’s too bad it’s all about the numbers.

  8. says

    I can’t believe they canceled this show. It was one of the most innovative and original “reality” shows ever. And it was just getting interesting as the young ladies fly off to the body show off competition. This is crazy not giving the show a chance to grow by word of mouth. I was telling everyone to catch it. A run of TWO shows is not giving it a chance to find its audience. Expecially being Summertime when that could take longer. 48 hours Mysteries BLOWS. I NEVER watch that DREK built on DEAD BODIES.

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