The Future of ABC’s The Nine: TV Series Finale Podcast #17

Fun times on The Nine on ABCThe series about a 52-hour bank robbery and the effect on its hostages has been missing from the primetime schedule for months.

ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPhearson finally gives us some more information about The Nine. Is it cancelled? Will it return to ABC primetime? Will we ever know what happened inside the bank? Stay tuned!

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Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Micki S. says

    “The Nine” was without a doubt not only the best new adult-oriented series of the season, but also one of the best shows ever aired for those of us who perfer more intelligent television – as opposed to idiotic reality shows, lame soap opera type shows and ridiculous fantasy shows (you know which shows I mean). Everyone we know loved this show because it was original, realistic, intense and of course intelligent. Guess my friends and I are too old and too educated for ABC (and we’re only in our 30’s). The producers of The Nine should have known better as ABC has a track record for cancelling only the most intelligent shows while keeping garbage like Supernanny on forever…..Thank God for cable!

  2. Janette says

    why did they stop the show?? i’ve been waiting and waiting for it!! i thought this was one of the best show ever. and this is the only one that i’m actually sitting in front of the TV and waiting for it everyweek.
    it’s really disappointing me~~~ :(

  3. Billy O says

    I can’t believe that ABC has cancelled such an outstanding show
    and then makes us suffer thru reruns. I had hoped that they (ABC)
    had learned their lesson with the handling of LOST as when they juggled
    the first couple of season’s around and the ratings went down. Please bring back the NINE !!! I will bet that the dvd’s would sell.

  4. Andy says

    ABC are stupid. This was an excellent show with good characterisation. It may not have been as gripping as some shows such as LOST and 24 but it was a lot better than your standard rubbish churned out every week for the avearge fat american couch patato.

  5. Angela Wiltz says

    I really like this show and was completely engaged in what happend to the characters. ABC has to give the viewers some closure and show us what went on in that bank for those 52 hours; not doing so is just plain mean!

  6. Madeline Amalbert says

    Another excellent show, gone! Why do you teas us with such an excellent, well scripted show, every character-terrific and yet no closure….please return the series and put it on DVD…..The Nine is Sadly Missed!

  7. Michael T. says

    VERY dissappointing that The NINE was pulled off the air. First ABC show we’ve watched in years. Too many reality shows, soap operas and over-sexed teen dramas. Whatever happened to good television? Could’ve had a gripping hit like 24. Not sure where they’re getting ratings info — everyone we know was watching the show and loved it.

  8. sonny says

    How the f… a smart show like the Nine with a solid script is cancelled while soaps like The OC is still airing?

  9. Anonymous says

    I can’t believe that the Nine was cancelled………I really miss it…want closure with the characters….oh well I guess I need to move on.

  10. Eric says

    Yes PLEASE CONTINUE with the season, it would be awsome if you could get picked up after the final six episodes, or maybe get a movie done like ‘Firefly’ did on fox lol.

  11. Nine Viewer says

    That is a real shame we have been watching re-runs of all your abc shows when we have been WAITING for THE NINE! IT was a Great show! I have now clue where you are getting your rating facts from! It was like ABC’s very own 24! I could wait until next week! Just a shame! Now all you have is Grey’s Anatomy.

  12. A Faithful Viewer says

    Please bring it back! It’s one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. I had no desire to watch TV anymore until I saw the previews for this show! I found myself disappointed that “the hour was up already” after each episode. Please bring it back!

  13. Gracie says

    U also the NINE was a wonderful show. I am not into the reality stuff and was pleased to find a nice decent show to watch.

  14. John Michael Ray says

    It’s too bad. I thought The Nine was one of the best new shows in years. Very well scripted, acted, and produced for those of us who are sick of the reality show moronic mindset…

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