Charmed: TV Series Finale Podcast #3

The Charmed Halliwell sistersA special focus on one of the most-loved supernatural shows of all time, Charmed. Take an audio journey through the show’s early days, the cost-cutting final season, the final episode, and the actors’ lives after Charmed. Tune in!

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Here’s some Interesting Charmed trivia for fans of the Halliwell sisters.
Several of the actors on Charmed are veterans of other Aaron Spelling shows. Dorian Gregory (Officer Darryl Morris) appeared on Beverly Hills, 90210 which starred Shannon Doherty for several seasons. Alyssa Milano starred on Melrose Place.

In the original Charmed series pilot, Phoebe was played by actress Lori Rom who went on to recurring roles on Party of Five, Providence and Jack & Jill). Lori was replaced by Alyssa Milano and the Phoebe scenes were re-shot to include Alyssa.

The Charmed Ones and BillieIn the first episode, there’s a newspaper that says, “Police Doubt Fire Was Accidental.” This paper was also used as a prop in the movie Mrs. Doubtfire. That movie starred Robin Williams and also took place in San Francisco. In the movie, Robin Williams’ character used the second and third word of the headline to invent the title character’s name.

Each of the Halliwell sisters died several times during the series. Prue died three times, Piper died nine times, Phoebe died seven times and Paige died six times. All returned to life with the exception of Prue when Shannon Doherty left the show.

Holly Marie Combs & Alyssa Milano are the only actors to appear in every episode of the series. If you count the unaired pilot, Holly Marie Combs alone holds that distinction. Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Brian Krause (Leo) and Jennifer Rhodes (Grams) are the only actors to appear in every season of the series.

As predicted in the season three episode entitled “All Halliwell’s Eve,” the first name of Phoebe’s true love begins with a “C” — Coop (or was it truly Cole?).

The scene at the end of the next-to-last episode when the Manor is blown up was actually the last scene of the series ever shot.

The final shot of the series of the Manor doors closing is the same shot used in the season 4 episode “Witch Way Now?”. The reduced season eight budget prevented new scenes from being shot on location for the final season. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    yes pleaseeeeee bring back the best show ever charmed !!!! would be a very smart thing to do seing how so many people like myself love the show and are very upset it was taken off the air !!! . hope to see it back on very soon !!! very big fan of the show charmed!!!!…Frances

  2. Samantha says

    I LOVE CHARMED – xoxo
    It is my favorite tv show ever!!
    I have all of the seasons and watch them 24/7
    They should not stop!!
    They should make like 10 seasons- that would be sweet!

    xoxo, Sam

  3. LAURA says

    I can relate to the power of family. I think this is a brilliant concept for a t.v. series. I was so sad to see it end. I know it is possible to create a movie based on the series. I myself, am a reiki practitioner, which is drawing power from good powers to heal. I can relate to the white lighter concept. Please bring it back in some form,hopefully on the big screen!!!!!!!

  4. Mark says

    I love the show Charmed and would love for it to come back, but the finally season was ruined with all the focus on Billy. The show is not about Billy, it’s about the 3 sisters, the Charmed Ones.

  5. says

    hey. its me again!i have to say tha shannen doherty,holly marie combs,alyssa milano and rose mcgowan are my idols!!!!!of course i was only 4 when the show first came out but now that im older i cant get enough it.i was devistated when prue died but iwas VERY exited when they found paige. and i was very very very devistated when they stopped filming the show.all i have to say is BRING IT BACK!!! NOW

  6. says

    i think im the youngest charmed fanatic there is.i’ll sit in front of the tv while its on and go crazy over it i will throw a fit if i dont watch it. I LOVE CARMED!!!!!

  7. Maurice Phipps says

    CHARMED IS THE BEST!!!! i fell in love with it from the episode “that 70’s show” i’ve been taping it since then i’m a charmed freak now i love charmed please bring it back:( i know this may sound weird but i have some GREAT ideas for new episode if your interrested in hearing them please add me at please and thank you for reading God bless

  8. says

    To Whom it May Concern: I have enjoyed the Charmed series since it began. Sorry they were canncelled but if you can not bring it back to life, then when the need for the Charmed Ones appears: please don’t hesitate to make an hour or two special every once in a while. This world is full of mysteries, and misunderstandings, which usually has a bad ending, so if Charmed can help at least l person save their sole, then the worth, is its weight in gold.

  9. says

    I hope that someone reads all these comments and does something about bringing Charmed back. There is so much more that can be done. there is a whole new generation starting. People get paid to think of ideas so someone needs to continue a new season. This is ridiculous that there is not any more Charmed left to watch…. Im in shock still.. someone needs to do something about this. If there are so many fans I dont understand the problem… but i do know that the Charmed sister actress’s didnt want to do another season no matter how much they got paid. i read that on Google.

  10. Kat says

    Charmed was the best show on TV which makes me wonder why they have not brought it back with a new direction of so many creative story lines that even myself can see would soar to the top once again in the ratings.
    To bring back Charmed would inspire us all to open our minds. And just as music helps us to relate to our lifes, I believe Charmed has in their many stories.

  11. hsn says

    charmed was and still in my eyes one of the best shows i loved it from the first time i saw it on TV.
    i reading the books that are releasing and i really hope that at least they make a movie of charmed that would include the kids as well

  12. shantevia says

    Yall need to make a charmed movie or something and don’t say that yall can’t do it cause i know yall can, they have only been on for 8 years and we all want more charmed or else the protesting will

  13. Carlene Humphrey says

    Like so many others, I am a Charmed fan. I was a faithful watcher for several years and only slacked off when the show was moved to another night and it interferred with my job. And then, I’d schedule my time off around the show. I think that the producers and WB should have taken another look at ALL of the facts before cancelling the show. If it was working on one day and then ratings drop after you’ve moved it, maybe it’s because of the move. I mean, really, they moved it to Sunday night during church hours. How many shows can last on Sunday night? The way I look at it, it wasn’t the show that was the problem, it was the network trying to fix something that wasn’t broke and everyone’s suffered because it. Hope they enjoyed their ratings! I can say this much for the cast of Charmed, I don’t watch a lot of TV and buy very few movies, but I have all 8 seasons. Good luck girls, hope to see you again.

  14. Angie says

    Even my 4yr. loves the show, she’ll stop whatever she is doing whenever Charmed is on.
    I’ve been watching it since the begining, and I miss it.

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