Primetime Network TV Show Ratings: Thursday, November 11, 2010 [finals]

FringeIt was pretty much business as usual on Thursday night. Other than a few significant drops in the ratings, the rankings didn’t really change much from the previous week’s.

On ABC, Private Practice saw a large drop, losing 25.6% of the 18-49 demographic audience when compared to last week’s episode. While this is a huge loss, it’s important to remember that last week saw an increase of a whopping 44%. The current 2.9 rating is about the season average but it should be noted that Private Practice is down from last season (a 3.3 average).

Over on CBS, The Big Bang Theory, $#*! My Dad Says, and CSI all saw double digit declines this week. The sitcoms were up last week so these declines aren’t that significant. That’s not the case with CSI. A 2.8 rating for the drama represents it’s second-lowest performance of the season and big fall from the typical 3.3 ratings.

On FOX, Fringe saw a small decline but the 1.7 rating represents the show’s worst performance of the season. The sci-fi series is slowly losing its audience and fans should be very concerned about its future.

And on NBC and The CW, things were status quo. The Apprentice has leveled off but the ratings are so terrible it’s hard to imagine they could get much worse. It seems like NBC is committed to keeping it in the timeslot but you surely won’t be seeing another non-celebrity season of the reality show any time soon.

    TV show Viewers (mil) 18-49 demo Demo
+/- %
8:00 cbs The Big Bang Theory 13.11 4.2/12 -10.6%  
8:00 fox Bones 9.20 2.6/7 +4.0%  
8:00 nbc Community 4.53 2.0/6 +5.3%  
8:00 cw The Vampire Diaries 3.50 1.6/4 0.0%  
8:00 abc Grey's Anatomy (r) 4.00 1.0/3 ---  
8:30 cbs $#*! My Dad Says 9.72 2.9/8 -14.7%  
8:30 nbc 30 Rock 5.09 2.4/7 0.0%  
9:00 abc Grey's Anatomy 11.13 4.0/11 -7.0%  
9:00 nbc The Office 7.15 3.6/10 -5.3%  
9:00 cbs CSI 12.99 2.8/8 -15.2%  
9:00 fox Fringe 4.82 1.7/5 -5.6%  
9:00 cw Nikita 2.33 0.9/2 0.0%  
9:30 nbc Outsourced 5.47 2.6/7 -3.7%  
10:00 abc Private Practice 8.21 2.9/8 -25.6%  
10:00 cbs The Mentalist 13.84 2.8/8 -6.7%  
10:00 nbc The Apprentice 4.00 1.4/4 0.0%  

Raw data: © The Nielsen Company via Media Week. The “Demo +/-%” column indicates how many viewers in the 18-49 demographic (the important category to most advertisers) watched over those that watched the last original episode.

What do you think? What do you think about the future prospects for CSI, Private Practice, or Fringe? Do any concern you? What were you watching?

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  1. cheri lewis says

    This show had promise until the big face off. Im hoping something good will come of that fiasco of changing places. Lord knows what we’d have if it wasnt for Astrid and Walter. There is too much of swaping dimension before character histroies are set.l

  2. Diane says

    I am so addicted to that show! I cannot believe that it could not be renewed. For once, we get to watch a show that goes beyond what is usually expected. I simply love it…..

  3. Seth says

    I love Grey’s, Private Practice and Fringe, I just think the writers took three wrong turns with Fringe.
    1. Olivia shouldn’t have a romance with co-star, they should introduce guest romantic interest.
    2. The shouldn’t have done this two Olivia ball-of-confusion, it just weakened a well developed character and introduced confusion in what was a very linear show.
    3. We want more Walter and Astrid and less Dawson Creek/son.

  4. Anastasia says

    I have a DVR and also have to use my husband’s computer to record all the shows I want to watch. Fringe is endearing, fantastical, and mysterious. I think it has a bigger following than it seems. I loved Chuck’s message. ‘Excelllent writing, directing, acting. Surely it is doomed.’ I still enjoy Private Practice although it is silly how they all have slept with each other. I liked Damages as well. Gone like so many other good ones.

  5. Elaine says

    I think the reason popular shows lost ratings on November 11 TH is because it was Veterans day. I did use my DVR to record CSI, GREY’s Anatomy, Mentalist and The Apprentice. I took my Veteran husband out to dinner. Of course their were many Veteran Day Sales that the people who had to work wanted to take advantage of. The show I miss the most is Damages.

  6. Craig says

    Fringe is going against three of the biggest TV shows around on Thursday. I am impressed with what they are getting in ratings.

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