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  1. Sass E says

    Well it is easy to see why people are getting hooked on Netflix! I think the offerings for TV line ups are getting redundant…more stupid reality tv, more stupid remakes of the same old crap! I am super annoyed that The Unit season 5 is not going to happen…after what feels like a million years of nothing BUT CSI this and CSI that finally they had me hooked on a show with a STORY and action, one that met both male and female sides of the issue and didn’t sacrifice quality and repeat itself over and over…one that didn’t involve an old biker guy saying a prayer before he kissed his trashy looking wife and went looking for even badder guys…*sigh* and wth was any channel thinking with Billy the mad rat catcher? I could hardly stand watching tv due to the sickening increase in commercials BUT it got to the point where I was watching more ads than show and gave it up! We get bombarded in magazines, newspapers, signs everywhere, flyers on windows, junk mail, radio commercials, tv commercials…and the ever annoying phone calls to sell crap….how can anyone ever relax and just have fun?
    Thank God for Netflix! Tv stations need to get a grip…I understand they have to make money…and pay for air time but seriously who will keep paying when stupid commercials are all you play…and tv shows have 15 mins to hook watchers and keep them with plots so vague only brain dead idiots could tolerate them! I refuse to PAY to be tortured in my own living room!

  2. says

    I look forward to watching Nikita on Friday. I’m praying that this show doesn’t get cancelled and is back for a Third Season on the CW. It’s a mature well written show that has everything. It’s action-packed as well as having the drama and romance element. A very classy series. I’m hoping that Nikita is renewed for a Third Season by the CW. This is one of the more intelligent t. v. series that we have. Please don’t cancel Nikita.

  3. says

    I love “Nikita” and look forward to watching it on Friday night. I’m praying that Nikita doesn’t get cancelled. It’s a well written, well acted show and the story line is excellent. It’s not only action packed, but it has romance and drama. Very well done show and I love the entire cast. The episodes keep getting better and better. Please don’t cancel Nikita.

  4. June says

    Where is Rattlesnake Republic – why did it suddenly disappear?
    Why are all the good shows all put on the same day, same time …why not spread them out. With Direct TV you can only record two shows at a time – many times there are four good shows on at the same time. Who plans this?

  5. Drew Hastay says

    I love TV and watch about 4 hours a day. There are lots of great shows, but Fringe is my all time favorite. I know it is not a money maker, but I sincerely hope that it does not get canceled.

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