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  1. Deanna Coeurrier says

    Only show I’m watching here are GRIMM and Supernatural, OUCH that they’re showing at the same time

  2. John Williams says

    Fridays viewing scedule is very easy…

    Fringe & Grimm (DVR’s Rule!)…
    Merlin on SyFy (stupid network dropped it and it ROCKS!)

  3. says

    I agree with Harvey. NBC has become the New ***** Corporation. You destroyed Miami Vice by waiting 17 years to make a movie that put me to sleep in the theatre. If you’re going to destroy Chuck at least give them a movie to fill in the missing pieces and a great closer to a great series.

  4. Harvey Neufeld says

    My wife and I both like Chuck over practically everything on TV. But Friday is going to be a killer for us as well as the show. Most people do something other than watch TV on Fridays. Mondays was and still is the best day. This is the dumbest move they could ever have made with this show. It was and would still be the most logical time slot to have left in- Monday.
    Thanks a lot NBC for killing your best show.

  5. Dee says

    Blue bloods, prime suspect are great, They should bring back CHAOS and put it in a time slot, hype it up! With dvr’s people record at least one show and watch other. I have 2 dvr’s so I don’t feel the pain of having to chose between programs to watch very often. Too bad the network exec’s don’t see it that way and cancel shows that are good too soon.
    All shows should have to be written with an “finale” to tie up loose ends, it would help other shows to get a chance as the audience is getting fed up with shows that they have enjoyed being canceled with no “ENDGAME” to them. Come on, just write a “finale episode” people whant to have faith in watching a serial type of show again. Tha’ts my $2.00’s worth

  6. Diane says

    Didn’t know that they were switching Extreme Makeover – Home Ed. to Fridays! I’m used to having it on Sundays! I like Blue Bloods, and when Merlin comes back to SYFY, I want to watch that too! Thank God for VCR’s!

  7. says

    9pm is going to kill me. I didn’t see how to select two for a poll, but my choice for 9pm would be Supernatural first and DVR Grimm and CSI:NY. Good thing I have two DVRs!

  8. Kat says

    Home of the worst time slot battle I’ve ever seen. Thank goodness we live in the age of the VCR, DVR, online streaming, etc. I’ll be watching Grimm, taping Fringe and Supernatural (so I can pause, rewind, replay, and fastforward to my endless delight), and renting CSI: NY. Oh, and watching Nikita at 8pm.

    • MK says

      With the exception of CSI we could be twins! I’ll be Tivoing or watching Chuck, Nikita, FRINGE and Supernatural, plus probably sampling Grim. Why do programmers have to do this to us??? Why not put one of these on Wednesdays when there are NO genre shows at all?

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