Twisted: Cancelled or Renewed for Season Two?

Twisted TV show on ABC FamilyLast year, ABC Family introduced three new dramas — Twisted, Ravenswood, and The Fosters. Ravenswood (a Pretty Little Liars spin-off) has been cancelled while The Fosters has been renewed. What will become of Twisted?

Airing on Tuesday nights, Twisted is a mystery/thriller series that revolves around 17 year old Danny Desai (Avan Jogia). Six years ago, he was charged with killing his aunt and he ended up spending five years in juvenile detention. Now, he’s been released and has returned to his small hometown in New York. As he tries to resume his life, a classmate is killed and Danny becomes a key suspect. The cast also includes Madelaine Hasson, Kylie Bunbury, Ashton Moio, Kimberly Quinn, Denise Richards, and Sam Robards.

The pilot episode aired as a special preview in March 2013 and drew 1.19 million viewers. It wasn’t a great start but the ratings picked up when the regular season started in June. They quickly fell again but ABC Family ordered 10 additional episodes of Twisted anyway. That decision may have been influenced by the fact that they had recently cancelled Bunheads and The Lying Game.

When the second half of the season kicked off in February and viewership nearly hit a new low, despite the fact that it had popular Pretty Little Liars as a lead-in. Last week, when Twisted no longer had that strong lead-in, viewership hit an all-time low with just 726,000 viewers.

The second half of the season averaged 1.11 million viewers. Ravenswood was cancelled with higher viewership. Based on these numbers, it’s looking unlikely that ABC Family will order a second season of Twisted.

But, what do you think? Are you a fan? Should Twisted be cancelled or renewed for a second season?

8/13 update: ABC Family has cancelled Twisted after one season.

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  1. casmir says

    it was a very interesting series keep it rolling and please avoid the scene of jo danny coming as lovers it will be the nemesis of twisted

  2. Kristyna R says

    Bring back Twisted. I love the show.I have never missed an episode. I want to know what is going to happen next.please please please bring it back.

    • Twisted viewer says

      I know I am not the only one who notices that nothing gets a really run on this network . They get us to watch and like it and then because some big shot doesn’t like it ,it’s gone .maybe we should all just find a new channel to watch . One that cares about what we like !!! It’s getting to be a joke . Why don’t they hire so e people who know what they are doing.

      • Anonymous says

        Twisted viewer I agree with you on some things but abc family shows attrawcts all of the viewers people like PLL The Fosters Swiched At Birth and other shows too I think that its time for paul lee to be fired because he doesn’t know what’s he’s doing with the cancellation bear if he’s renewing them or cancel them you can still watch the abc family network but paul lee doesn’t keep track on how to renewing them and canceling them I love twisted so much and wanted renewed with a full season 22 episodes on twisted it will be a suprise if it gets renewed for a second I was liking chasing life but not anymore because its not a good show I want that show canceled

  3. taya says

    Bring it back on, it my favorite t.v. series and I was devastated when it didn’t come on, not only that but the way it left off … I say let it air

  4. jenny says

    I really wish twisted and lying game would be put on the air. Seems like everytime you start really getting into the shows you cancell them abc.

  5. Hannah says

    Twisted is a great show! It needs to be back on ABC I just started watching it not to long ago and I’m hooked it’s a great show that can’t end with a cliff hanger like that. I have so many questions like: do Danny and Jo get together? And is Charlie really Tess’ son? I bet I’m not the only one thinking about what’s gonna happen next. I started watching the show two days ago and finished season 1 last night. It’s an awesome show. I watch pretty little liars but I think twisted is a little better. But that’s just my opinion.

  6. erin says

    Jody Montana
    Yes you can record abc family shows on the DVR by Recording the series but you most know this TV is most in important to all networks and if people dont watch the shows on tv then there likely canceled or definitely canceled or forced off the network due to space first of all I am kinda a Representative and helping with the abc family for example if Pretty Little Lairs had a season 1 with bad raitings then it will be canceled but that didn’t happen because the raitings got stronger and got good raitings then the show gets renewed for many seasons same goes with Switched At Birth The Fosters Chasing Life Twisted Kyle XY but I got pissed off that paul canceled that show but there was a reason some of the crazy fans were making scripts for the Kyle XY show and it was awful and got a pink slip abc family doesn’t know how to keep their record straight for all of their shows on their network

  7. Montana says

    Please bring back twisted! One of my favorite shows, I’m tired of you canceling all these good shows. Do you guys count the people who record the shows because people work and have important things to do so they may record the shows., I am one of those people so think of that the next time you go to cancel a show please!

    • erin says

      The ‘cancellation bear’ is not an institution or something that controls the ratings. It is a fictional character made up by a website similar to ours. They also keep an eye on renewals and cancellations much like we do, and they thought it would be nice to think of a fictional character who would then give this information on their website. There is only one cancellation bear, and it is a pseudonym for someone from that website.

      The person posting messages under the name ‘the cancellation bear’ looks at the ratings of the series that are airing on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and The CW, and then gives a prediction on what will happen to them. This is just a prediction given by someone who knows a thing or two about TV ratings and TV networks. It does not influence the decisions made by the networks. Instead, it works the other way around: the cancellation bear tries to predict what the networks will say and whether that prediction is right depends on what the networks decide.

      If you are mad at ABC Family for some reason, I advice you to formulate exactly what it is that is bothering you in a comment and post it on the website.

  8. Julia says

    Please do not cancel Twisted!! It is a great show!! I will be so upset if it get thrown into the ABC show grave yard!! Please please keep it going!! My husband and kids love this thrilling dramatic entertaining show! We look forward to it coming on!!!!

    The Kemp Family

  9. Chelsi says

    You can not end Twisted with a season finale like that!!! Plus to me 1.11 million views seem pretty high to me… Sorry not everyone watches it but that 1.11 million do and you can’t cancel it like that!! Please!

  10. Jody says

    What I always admired about ABC Family is that they always finished a Story or series

    like boy meets world , The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Reba and etc.Which I

    thought was great but, now their canceling show like their no tomorrow which is really

    pissing me off. I am not going to said I loved all the shows they cancelled cause I don’t

    but, other people are putting their life on hold for hours a week to watch the shows

    that are the highlights of their week.

    To be honest it take about 4 season of a show for me to even consider a show as one of

    my favorite show which is very short list but, from about the 8 episodes of Twisted I

    know that Twisted was going to be on that listed so. I am upset that twisted might fall into

    ABC Family (show grave yard) canceling spree some victims are Ravenswood , The

    Lying Games , Jane by Design, The Nine Lives of Chloe King , Bunheads and etc.)


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