Twisted: Cancelled or Renewed for Season Two?

Twisted TV show on ABC FamilyLast year, ABC Family introduced three new dramas — Twisted, Ravenswood, and The Fosters. Ravenswood (a Pretty Little Liars spin-off) has been cancelled while The Fosters has been renewed. What will become of Twisted?

Airing on Tuesday nights, Twisted is a mystery/thriller series that revolves around 17 year old Danny Desai (Avan Jogia). Six years ago, he was charged with killing his aunt and he ended up spending five years in juvenile detention. Now, he’s been released and has returned to his small hometown in New York. As he tries to resume his life, a classmate is killed and Danny becomes a key suspect. The cast also includes Madelaine Hasson, Kylie Bunbury, Ashton Moio, Kimberly Quinn, Denise Richards, and Sam Robards.

The pilot episode aired as a special preview in March 2013 and drew 1.19 million viewers. It wasn’t a great start but the ratings picked up when the regular season started in June. They quickly fell again but ABC Family ordered 10 additional episodes of Twisted anyway. That decision may have been influenced by the fact that they had recently cancelled Bunheads and The Lying Game.

When the second half of the season kicked off in February and viewership nearly hit a new low, despite the fact that it had popular Pretty Little Liars as a lead-in. Last week, when Twisted no longer had that strong lead-in, viewership hit an all-time low with just 726,000 viewers.

The second half of the season averaged 1.11 million viewers. Ravenswood was cancelled with higher viewership. Based on these numbers, it’s looking unlikely that ABC Family will order a second season of Twisted.

But, what do you think? Are you a fan? Should Twisted be cancelled or renewed for a second season?

8/13 update: ABC Family has cancelled Twisted after one season.

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  1. Keri-lynn says

    Twisted is one of those shows that has a lot of things going on. But the story line isn’t just a repeat of another show, which has been going on since the 1950’s. The same story line is being brought up in different ways and people love it every time. This show is original, and it at least needs to be picked up for a second season.

  2. Anonymous says

    Twisted should be on at 8pm. That would help the ratings. I am an adult who enjoys the show. The time is an issue for me since I must wake up very early in the morning

  3. Carmen says

    Twisted should not be canceled no matter how many viewers it has. It is so well written, intriguing, and intelligent. I have never watched a show that had me so on the edge of my seat during every episode. The writers and everyone that has taken the time and dedication to put it all together deserves recognition for it and if this show is cancelled, I will forever be disappointed in whoever idea it was to do that. Whether they care or not, it will be one of the most outrageously idiotic decisions they have ever made. And to the actors in this show, you guys portray every emotion in the best way that bring it all together. You make it come alive and make me freak out on my couch talking to myself when the next secret is revealed. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not cancel this show. Anyway, where is this petition at?

      • Mindy says

        Right now it looks like Twisted is cancelled because there is no summer premiere scheduled. They are filling the Tuesday night 8/9pm slot with a new show called Chasing Life and PLL will be on before it at 7/8pm. So as of right now, I believe that Twisted is cancelled. Whether or not they plan to renew it, I don’t know, but it doesn’t look promising at this point :(

        • erin says

          Paul Lee is now the abc family vice president and from what he saying which is true the abc family network raitings are danger therfore we don’t know if there will be a second season of twisted I have a feeling twisted will be returning back in 2015 or 2016 but I think they will put twisted on hold until the abc family network repair their falling raitings and it is that bad

  4. Connie says

    I agree with Samantha. Too many good shows ARE being cancelled and it IS getting to the point where why watch and get into a show that is just going to be cancelled. Don’t these channels care about viewers or is it only about the numbers and $$.. So what if the show has less than a million viewers – don’t the 700,000 count??? That is still ALOT of people watching so RENEW it!!!

  5. LOLComments says

    Fact: The failing of this show had nothing to do with bad promotion. Clearly, everyone knew about it. If you didn’t know about the show by now, you weren’t paying attention or you just didn’t care enough to watch it. There was plenty of promotions and advertisements. If you knew about and/or had time to watch Pretty Little Liars, Fosters, Switched at Birth or anything else during those times, your @ss is lying about not knowing about Twisted. This **** was everywhere.

    Fact: Putting this show in a different time slot is not going to save it. The JoShow: Danny and Jo’s love story – will still suck, still bring down the ratings and still keep Lacey fans away. Time to change some ****. Somethings not working here and if you think putting a low rated show on a random @ss Thursday is going to help, you are clearly delusional…..

    Fact: Ratings shouldn’t “marinate” over time to get better. If your show has to “brew and cook” to get better, your plan for the show is whack. Ratings should’ve been higher than they were for this show in the second part. I think it has something to do with the writing… Just saying.

    Fact: The show failed because of bad writing. The second half of the show was piss poor horrible. This is what happens when you switch good writers who had great ideas and the perfect concept from the get-go, with bad writers who are shipping people who shouldn’t be together and just throwing **** together and hoping for the best…for the Jo fans.

    Fact: You Jo shippers ruined the show by promoting the JoShow and #JoIsTheOne bullsh!t and pushing all the Lacey fans away to not watch anymore. You Lacey shippers ruined the show by not watching anymore and bringing the ratings down.

    Fact: Lacey & Danny = High/er/est ratings. (Viewer Rating = 1.624)
    Jo & Danny = Low/er/est ratings (Viewer Rating = 0.726)
    First half good. Second half bad. Why the f#ck are we promoting Jo again??! If something doesn’t work, STOP USING IT!

    Fact: When the f$ck did this show become about shipping?!? It needs to be about Danny. This is a d@mn murder/mystery show. Go back to it.

    Fact: As noble as this petition that’s going around is, it’s not going to help. If most of the fans are Lacey fans and no one is trying to rectify the situation or give them any sign that the show will be better next season, none of this is going to work out. There are 1. 624 known fans that watched, and 979, 909 on Facebook and 111, 089 on Twitter and I don’t know about other websites, but only 2, 500 something people have signed so far? Ya’ll better hustle hard or start kissing some Lacey fans @sses during these next few months, cause at this rate, ya’ll are doomed.

    Fact: Stop saying this second half of the season or the last few episodes were the best. No, it f%cking wasn’t. Look at the ratings. They weren’t surprising, shocking, exciting, new, grand, great, awesome, wonderful, or worthwhile. It had nothing to do with dvd/online/store sales or people not watching on Tuesdays. It f&cking sucked and it was a disaster. No one wanted to watch Jo and Danny’s fingertip – ET moment or their grand 5 second hugging moment. This second half was a f#cking train wreck. So, if there’s a next season, lets all get our minds straight and promote real **** that works and doesn’t cause low ratings. Lets try that!

        • LOLComments says

          I already do, darling.

          Fact: The show’s on the verge of being cancelled because you fans aren’t the brightest bunch in pack with your shipping wars, and horrible writing that makes no sense and doesn’t connect.

          Opinion: You Jo fans with your low rating episodes should’ve just stuck with fanfiction instead of messing with the majority of the female fan base’s (Lacey fans) favorite character by degrading her character to a side chick.

          Hmm, looks like it doesn’t matter if it’s opinion or fact. The result is still the same: CANCELLATION. So, anything else? Or do you wish to continue being oblivious to the facts? Unless you want the show to be cancelled, then you know that’s cool too. It’s already on the verge of cancellation anyways. But, you already knew that.

          Just saying.

  6. 2Much4Me says

    Lol, I don’t think it should be cancelled. I just think it needs to be fixed. Season 1, part 1 was different and diverse, that’s what people were drawn to. It broke the cliches and stereotypes. THAT’S what people wanted. THAT’S what was advertised. For once, the caucasian girl is JUST the friend and not the complete lead of the show or the popular, utterly “beautiful” girl who gets everything or the nerd who gets the guy just because she wants him. Jo’s character was just fine as the cute little nerd. Now she just looks desperate to fit in and be with EVERYONE in anyway possible. She didn’t have to have the lead male. She could’ve been great with Rico. Instead they replaced one nerd, with another nerd (Andie) to fill in. What was the point? Jo was the perfect as she was: she was smart, pretty, different, innocent and then it went all down hill and the “switch” wasn’t needed. They should’ve just kept Jo as the nerd then. Why find another one? And the popular girls were actually a bunch of minorities (with Phoebe being the exception) this time and it was different? You know how awesome that was? It was new from what people are used to seeing or know of. It was a different look on things and a different reality that people don’t talk about often. So, although I wouldn’t have said it like SuperFan or TGIF, I have to agree with them. The show was much better off in part one. Episodes with Danny and Lacey in the first half were better. The ratings clearly show that and I think EVERYONE needs to own up to that. If your storyline doesn’t work, you shouldn’t be promoting it. If you’re shipping a “couple” that’s not popular, or agreed upon by the majority of the viewers, I’m sorry, but you need to stop forcing it, especially if your “couple” is the one causing so much problems and issues and putting a whole show on possible cancellation. I’m sorry, it’s just ridiculous. It’s ok to ship a couple you like, but sometimes you need to keep those thoughts to yourself. Meant to be and THINK should be, are two different things and now that’s what this show has come down to to save it. I can’t even look on the Facebook page because it’s so biased and full of Jo fans crowding up the page and blaming Lacey fans and now all, or at least the majority, of the Lacey fans have left. All I see is: #JoIsTheOne or “That moment when Danny told Jo she’s the one!” All of that, is not helping the show at all and I don’t know who the administrators of that page are, or Twitter, or maybe it’s ABC who tell them to do it, I don’t know, but they are just as biased for Jo. Even those who are trying to save the show are Jo fans and they aren’t helping either by not truly being neutral. Why would Lacey fans want to see that or deal with that? I don’t blame them for not watching or complaining or not wanting to participate or get involved anymore. Who wants to watch a show that doesn’t work anymore since it was just fine previously or has the “possibility” of getting better if we give it a chance? If Jo fans weren’t so caught up in their fantasy ship, we wouldn’t be here. I mean, if you’re going to make it the “Jo Show”, do it completely and just let Lacey’s character go. We’ll find a better show for Kylie Bunbury to star in. Just let the show be about Jo and Danny and call it a day and work it from there. That’s what Jo fans want, right? So, then do it. Don’t tease and mess around. It just wasn’t worth downgrading Lacey’s character into a side character the equivalent of Archie. I mean, come on. Rico’s character with Andie, have had more show time and everyone thinks that’s ok? Jo fans are just sitting there like, “Oh, well. Lacey’s character wasn’t that important. More for Jo!” Even Danny’s screen time has been reduced and this show is about him! You all (Jo fans) are shoving Jo’s character down everyone’s throat saying Lacey should not be shown or needs to die or other hateful things and you think everyone (else) was just going to accept it and move on? That’s not realistic. If you think that’s ok, YOU are the problem. YOU are the reason this show is failing. This is why the show is possibly cancelling and it’s a shame. Seriously? With these petitions and donations and everything, what are you really saving? Because there’s not much to save if it’s only going to be about Jo and Danny. If they have a second season, something is going to have to be done about Lacey’s character. They’re going to have to make that whole season or half at least, about her or something. It has to even out somehow and make it back to the storyline of three character leads again and go back to making it about DANNY! This is his show! Some things just should’ve been left alone because other things just don’t work.

    • Keri-lynn says

      The first half really did break the status quo. Everyone expects the pretty popular girl to have everything going for her, but she is human like everyone else. Her life too, came crumbling down. The second half had a lot of crazy drama to it. Unlike the first half, which was more suspenseful and people trying to cover things up, and no one knew who was lying or telling the truth.

  7. Samantha says

    ABC Family has a bad habit of cancelling shows, it’s a wonder why they’re still able to run. It’s a shame they do this, they get you hooked onto a show, and drop it like a bad habit. Too many shows that I’ve enjoyed on ABC Family has been cancelled and I’m tired of it. If they cancel one more show that I like, I will more than likely never watch their channel again, it’s pointless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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