Twisted TV show on ABC FamilyNetwork: ABC Family
Episodes: 19 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: June 11, 2013 — April 1, 2014
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Avan Jogia, Madelaine Hasson, Ashton Moio, Kimberly Quinn, Sam Robards, Kylie Bunbury, and Denise Richards.

TV show description:      
This mystery series revolves around charismatic 16-year-old Danny Desai (Avan Jogia). He killed his aunt at the age of 11 and was held in custody for five years. He returns to his hometown and tries to reconnect with his two female best friends from childhood — while facing the challenges of a community of judgmental peers.

A murder occurs the day after he returns so Danny becomes an immediate suspect. Realizing the town does not care about the truth and only wants to see him convicted, Danny becomes determined to clear his name. At the same time, he must keep another secret — the true reason he killed his aunt.

Jo Masterson (Madelaine Hasson) is an offbeat and tough yet vulnerable girl who was Danny’s childhood best friend. She became a social outcast after discovering the body of his slain aunt and becomes Danny’s biggest supporter. Her best friend is Rico (Ashton Moio), the resident class clown.

Tess Masterson (Kimberly Quinn) is Jo’s mother and she tries to give Danny the benefit of the doubt. Jo’s father, Kyle (Sam Robards), is the town sheriff. He believes Danny is a cold killer and wants his daughter to stay away from him.

Lacey Porter (Kylie Bunbury) was once Jo and Danny’s best friend. She’s beautiful and intelligent and has found the popularity that eluded Jo. Lacey appears to have a perfect life but is very guarded and secretly misses the closeness of her former friendships.

Karen Desai (Denise Richards) is Danny’s mother. She once ruled the town’s social scene, but now struggles to put on a brave face when her son returns.

Series Finale:     
Episode #19 — A Tale of Two Confessions
Kyle’s investigation culminates with a series of shocking and contradictory confessions and potentially deadly consequences. The complicated triangle between Jo, Danny and Charlie comes to a shocking head. Karen and Tess uncover more of Vikram’s secrets, including a piece of evidence that has major implications for Tess and the Masterson family. Meanwhile, Whitney’s mother Gretchen (Elaine Hendrix) shows up to bring her daughter back to the city, and her candor about Whitney’s past causes Lacey to question her friend. And Rico makes a major faux pas in his first meeting with Andie’s parents.
First aired: April 1, 2014.


What do you think? Do you like the Twisted TV series? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for another season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. chocolate says

    a beautiful chocolate man, chocolate hair, chocolate skin, chocolate eyes and most importantly chocolate lips. BUT it’s all about jo, jo and tyler get a bed and privacy, and conversation, Danny and Lacey the COLORED cast members, no privacy for their picnic, no privacy for their intimacy, no bed. They are not as relevant as jo or should I say the jo and her family show.

  2. Maya says

    I think TWISTED is interesting although the characters often discuss important events that were NOT actually shown in the episodes. I agree with the poster about this show being better than the others on abcfamily. The Fosters are ok, but most of the storyline and characters are too unrealistic to be interesting. Anyhoo, can’t wait to see the finale of Twisted. Hope they don’t make viewers wait til spring to find out all the answers!!

  3. Bee Ard says

    I look forward to this show each week. I like all the build ups and twists and turns. Please do not cancel. Please give us more weeks to enjoy the best show of summer 2013.
    Hope to see Twisted in summer of 2014.

  4. Natasha says

    I think twisted has a really good storyline, I am hooked on the show and I have become attached to the characters. Overall, I think it would be a big mistake to cancel it now.

  5. jo ali rey says

    Give Twisted at least five more episode, great show, ABC’s executive must can get some writers to make the sure as interesting as it is now in five years time. If not guess they need new people in charge great show.

  6. jo ali rey says

    Omg this is a great show, are the executive at ABC mad? This is better than pretty little liars, switched at birth, the foster, baby daddy and Melissa and joey. Therefore its obvious I watch a lot of their movies. Give it at least five more seasons. GREAT SHOW.

  7. Olly says

    For the moment, i absolutely don’t wish twisted to be cancelled. he killed his aunt for a reason (I think i may know why) & i’d like to know that reason!

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