Two and a Half Men: Chuck Lorre’s Plan for Season Nine; Is Charlie Sheen Included?

Two and a Half MenAs you may have heard, Charlie Sheen is still saying that he’s interested in returning to Two and a Half Men. According to THR, Sheen is still actively working behind the scenes to get reinstated. As recently as last week, the actor was trying to set up meetings with fellow castmembers to make amends and to win their support.

Two and a Half Men’s co-creator and the target of many Sheen rants, Chuck Lorre, is said to have no interest in meeting with Sheen. Additionally, Warner Bros. sources maintain that Sheen will not be back. Of course, it may not help matters that Sheen is still suing both Warner Bros. and Lorre for $100 million over his dismissal.

Now, there’s apparently a plan in the works to “reboot” the popular CBS sitcom.

Ever since Sheen was fired, there’s been lots of speculation about how the show could continue without its star. A source now tells THR that Lorre’s plan is to introduce a new character. Details are being kept under wraps but he’s apparently met with co-star Jon Cryer and told him that the new version of the series will include a significant role for him. The studio and network are apparently aware of Lorre’s plans.

The article mentions sitcom veterans Woody Harrelson, Jeremy Piven, and Bob Saget as possible contenders for the new role but a spokesperson for Warner says that none of them are currently being considered.

Since Sheen’s dismissal, neither CBS nor Warner Bros. have officially said that Two and a Half Men will return for a ninth season. An earlier deal renewed the sitcom through the 2011-12 season but the issues with Sheen could have potentially derailed those plans.

In reality though, there seemed to be little question that the TV series would be back. The venerable sitcom makes far too much money for either side to give up on it. The real question is “When will the sitcom return?”

Sources are supposedly leaning towards a mid-season return. Though CBS would lose a lot of ad revenue in the fall, it would give Lorre, the cast and crew more time to work things out with the new version.

What do you think? Who should replace Sheen? Should he be a Harper relative or someone unrelated? A Charlie Harper clone or someone totally different? A woman?

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  1. Jess Green says

    Dear Chuck Lorre,
    I have been a fan of your many shows, Grace, D&G, 2.5 men, and BIG BANG!!!!!
    If I may:
    Have Charlie Harper get into a car accident, and Full Body Cast. Physical comedy ensues, until you get the near match for his plastic surgery reveal. New life turnaround with addiction therapy for practically everything.
    Let your pen be mightier than “the dick” YKW (you know who), because the *****
    Enjoy YOUR detox up to the tenth season of 2.5 and BB!

  2. Jeppe Brixstein says

    No Sheen, what? Thanks but no thanks, thanks for 8 great years to Two And A Half Men, may it rest in pices… (Lots of pices)

  3. samuel says

    i dont care what Chuck Lorre is going to do with two and a half men without charlie the show is doomed.Chuck Lorre should of kept his pie hole shut because he made things worse thats just what i think.

  4. Idrinksoda says

    Lol, Woody Harellson would make this show awesome. He’s a great actor, who can do both serious and comedic roles.

  5. says


  6. I_R_Human says

    Never really thought this show was that funny…..but you know CBS is going to squeeze every ounce of life it can out of this show….

  7. Olie20 says

    My wife and I totally love the show and have probably watched every rerun that was shown. Its hard to think of a new show without Charlie but stranger things have happened on TV. Personally I don’t think Jon Cryer will make it without Charlie. Jon is a great stright man but as a central figure I don’t think he has the attraction. I don’t approve of the things Charlie pulled but he sure was great on the show. If he and ABC could mend the fences I think, because of all that has recently happened, they would have a No. 1 hit, at least for the next season. I know we would watch it….

  8. KAB says

    I think they should have Rose be exposed and then committed, Charlie in a fit of rage make a mess of the house then gets in a car accident and falls into a coma. Everyone is at a lose of what to do and then Chelsea shows up pregnant with Charlie’s baby(ies).

  9. Hugh G says

    As long as Sheen is off the show I will not watch it. I for one do not care for Jon Cryer. If you like him keep watching I for one wont be.

  10. Aidan Williams says

    Yes i think they should find another actor to play another character in the show i think Steve Carell he has just come off the office he would be great for the show i love this tv show it’s awesome.

  11. Dave says

    I stopped liking the show a while ago cause it just lost that spark. But I like Rebecca’s idea of Stiles moving in with Alan. That could be really funny having a bigger role for Ryan. If they did that I would actually give the show another shot. But otherwise I have no interest.

  12. Teri says

    I think they should kill charlie sheen’s off the sitcom and have his will name another long lost realative to get his money and the beach house.

  13. Rebecca says

    It needs to be a man so they won’t have to change the title. And it should be Ryan Stiles, who plays Judith’s husband. They could split up and then he could move in with Alan in the beach house (have Charlie gone off to England with Rose or something, offscreen). Ryan is hilarious and he and Jon could play off each other with jokes about Judith, also be competitive for Jake’s attention (birth father and step father) but in a good way.

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