Two and a Half Men: Charlie Sheen Fired

Charlie Sheen firedCBS’ most popular sitcom, Two and a Half Men, may be back next fall but Charlie Sheen won’t be on it. Warner Bros. has fired Sheen from the TV show.

Warner Bros. sent Sheen a letter today letting him know that his services are no longer required. As one of the highest-paid stars on television, Sheen was making an estimated $1.8 million per episode and had one season left on his contract.

Two and a Half Men was shut down in January with the idea that it would resume production after Sheen sought help. Late last month, after Sheen publicly blasted executive producer Chuck Lorre, CBS and Warner Bros. mutually decided to shut down production for the rest of the season. Sheen’s erratic behavior has continued to flood the airwaves and make headlines.

Even though the studio stands to lose millions and millions of dollars, they’ve apparently decided that they’ve had enough of Charlie Sheen. The studio and network haven’t made any decision about the future of Two and a Half Men but Sheen won’t be a part of it.

Sheen had been planning on suing over the shutdown and hasn’t made a comment about his dismissal yet. Based on his recent behavior, one would guess we won’t have to wait too long.

What do you think? Did Warner Bros. make the right decision? Do you think there’s a chance Sheen and the studio will make amends?

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    Attention Mr. Chuck Lorre: There is no Two and a Half Men show without Charlie Sheen. He is the Show. If you think you can replace him THINK AGAIN! You have just terminated the show and the rest of the cast with it with some lame replacement. YOU DON’T SEEM TO GET IT. THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT!! WAKE UP! MAYBE THE ONLY REPLACEMENT SHOULD BE YOU!!!

  2. Miranda says

    Of course Sheen is the bad guy, the media always needs someone to pick on. Sadly he is the pick of the entertainment media as well. I would say that if Charlie doesn’t come back with the show, the show will not go much longer. Charlie is the wit and the humor and at some times the super funny sarcasm. There are other actors who are as funny (I know this working at DISH and knowing movies pretty well) if not funnier than Sheen, however he is the face of the show. The last episode I saw, I watched on my Tablet (I was waiting for a friend at dinner) and I had no idea that I would not be seeing another one. I know it sounds silly but with my Sling Adapter, I stay in touch with all the news and gossip funneling around Sheen. I hope he comes back.

  3. says

    should have fired him sooner -he is not the only talented actor around-bravo CBS and warner brothers-I am a fan of this show and would continue to be so with another actor in this role

  4. Jenny says

    CBS has done a huge mistake!!……..Charlie definitely needs help but when this person is showing up for work and being part of making this show what it is today! A HUGE SUCCESS – you try with all you have to help him get through this rough phase of his life! Two and a half men is made up of 3 brilliant actors…….it will never be the same with one of them gone!! It was great till it lasted.

  5. says

    long overdue–the issue is not that a stars personal life is none of the networks (or publics) business–it is that because of his self promoted high profile of all his personal antics, it becomes an issue of watching a network enable a persons imminent self destruction to the degree that have already, all for the almighty buck. That is just plain evil.

  6. adam says

    I’m not a fan of the show, having never made it through an episode.

    But I’ve started watching shows and quit when the star was being such a douchebag that I couldn’t separate my dislike for him/her as a person when I watched the show. It’s ruined professional sports for me. I know that’s *my* problem, but the bottom line is that a show needs an audience.

    His rants were very arrogant and insulting to his viewers. If I’m the producer and someone (even the big star) is alienating my viewers, it’s going to drag the show down eventually. If I run an auto shop but my most talented mechanic puts off my customers, I’ve got a decision to make if I want to keep my shop running.

    Considering how many people are struggling in this day and age, you’d think he’d have a little gratitude and humility for the opportunities he’s had. There are many people who have worked much harder than Charlie Sheen who haven’t been as fortunate with the blessings he’s abused. Success ruined him, and I really wouldn’t want to contribute to his “hooker and cocaine fund” any further.

  7. Darius says

    Obviously his cries for help should have been heard loudly through his rants of denial and betrayal, but I am sure CBS and Warner Brothers are not so innocent in this never ending drama either. As they could have controlled this situation more effectively from the get go with a more hands on approach with Mr. Sheen, by making sure he was given proper treatment and that he had a spin doctor with him at all times until his stability was assured. Than all parties involved could have made light of some of Mr. Sheen’s offscreen antics and simply moved on all while preventing him from making so many outlandish remarks and off the cuff attacks. By letting him dangle out there in the wind, they have created this situation, and will now pay the penalty as their money making show will either be cancelled or go off the air with some truly lame replacement like John Stamos. What would be next, firing the Talented young actor that plays Jake, and replacing him with the Olsen Twins. Get ready for another major star lawsuit as Sheen sues CBS and Warner Brothers for the remainder of his contract. As if the Networks didn’t learn already from Last years NBC / Conan O’Brien Debacle.

  8. Genise says

    Apparently Charlie did not want to work anymore and had all the money he thought he needed for the rest of his life. The show is and was great, but he really needs to clean up his act or go from TV completely.

    He is a bad example for any one. Two and Half Men is one of my favorite shows and I love all the actors on it, so he can be replace and if he thinks not, he needs to think again, we all can!!! We are all replaceable and he is no different, but what he really needs is help whether he is bipolar or what, he just needs some serious help and get out of the publics face for a while and clean up his act.

    He is so embarrassing himself, his family, children and anyone that cares for him and or loves him and evidentially himself.

  9. Jane says

    Dumb idea to cancel the show. It is not worth watching without sheen. Sorry he made the show what it is.

  10. Yvette Akau says

    No disservice to the other two talented actors of Two and a Half Men, but Charlie Sheen was the cherry on top of the Sunday. What a great show, hate to see it go. Should it stay on air without Charlie Sheen, it will not be the same. It’s Abbot minus Costello.

  11. Michelle says

    Dumbest thing CBS could have done! Who would watch that show without Charlie? He made the show! Goos Luck, Charlie! Go after everything you can get from Chuck Lorre. Take back your money that you earned for him.

    • Alice says

      I agree. Why is Chuck Lorre so touchy about his name. I don’t get offended when people call me by my NAME and neither should he. CBS is really messing up with this one. There is a lot of crap on TV but this show is a very good program. Funny, entertaining, and not at all phony like most of the crap on TV. It makes me not want to subscribe to cable anymore if MEN is going off the air. Not much else worth watching. IN FACT, that’s the only show I watched on CBS. So, Chuck Lorre, I guess you just lost a viewer.

  12. says

    if they do come back with it next season without charlie it wont be the same charlie made the show so i wont be watching it, unless charlie will be able to get back on it. He is a very funny man he just has a problem and made a mistake and you know everyone makes a mistake and i dont understand they are so hard on charlie and look at all that **** Lindsay is doing and she is getting away it. so give charlie a break.

  13. Tina says

    Bad decision bad decision. Who cares what goes in in his personal life… as long as he can show up and film the show as asked.

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