Two and a Half Men: Charlie Sheen Wants to Return for the Last Episode

Two and a Half men series finaleMonday night, Comedy Central will be airing their Roast of Charlie Sheen, not coincidentally, on the same night that CBS will be debuting the ninth season of Two and a Half Men. Sheen recently sat down with the Today Show’s Matt Lauer and they discussed the actor’s health, personal life, and recent career debacle. During the interview, Sheen was asked if he would be open to returning and he had an interesting idea.

Matt Lauer: What are your thoughts about Two and a Half Men with Ashton? Do you wish them well? Do you wish him well?

Charlie Sheen: Absolutely. I think he’s going to be great. I think he’s got such charisma and great comedic timing and he’s such a handsome young man.

Lauer: Will you watch it?

Sheen: Oh, of course I will. Of course I will.

Lauer: With a little pain?

Sheen: Oh yeah, but I’m also really curious about what happened to “me.” Because I don’t look at it just as what they’re doing moving forward but as what I left behind for them to continue. And how they’re going to figure all that out. So, my hat’s off to them if they can pull it off.

Lauer: The potential is there for one major guest appearance, down the road.

Sheen: “From your mouth,” you know? (laughs) Oh, absolutely, absolutely. If they wanted, or needed, or thought that was a good idea. I’m completely on board for that.

Lauer: You have some other projects…

Sheen: (interrupting) That could be the closure. Sorry for interrupting you. I’ll be in the final episode.

Lauer: You think?

Sheen: Don’t you think?

Lauer: I would do it. That would get the biggest ratings you could ever imagine.

Sheen: Unless “I’m” really dead. There was no body at the funeral. There was no urn.

Lauer: …That would be interesting.

What do you think? Would you like to Sheen return for a guest shot? Even if you aren’t a fan of the show, would you tune in to the series finale to see it?

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  1. carmella diaz says

    charlie was the show. Tried it with Ashton but it was not the same. I have never laughted so hard with any other TV show. I will miss Charlie Sheen. It will go down in History.

  2. amanda says

    yes i would love it if charlie was back, wish he was back for good. he made the show. he couldnt help it if he was sick.

  3. Shawn says

    I love the show with him so much. I laugh so hard at the stuff they say. Sheen comes back for the last episode would be incredible.

  4. says

    Yeah, it’s dead. Ashton is just a pretty boy with a horrible entitlement attitude. Sheen may have been crazy, but he made that show what it was.
    I canceled my season pass on Sunday.

  5. Eric says

    What constitutes the “last” episode? The last of the regular season, assuming the new show lasts that long? If it doesn’t, does he return for the 15th episode, or the 10th, or the 5th?

  6. bruce says

    That ship has SAILED, Charlie. YOU had a GREAT gig. and YOU f’d it up. Let me tell you if I had some job that paid EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS A WEEK, I would do my best to be the best employee there. But then again, my brain is not destroyed by drugs, and I’m not a pysch patient so……..there you have it.

    As far as people that think the show is “dead,” not necessarily. Many shows survive after the previous star is gone. Somehow CSI is still there, for instance.

    • carol says

      I feel exactly the same! The only way I may have watched it without Charlie Sheen is if they had gotten John Stamos to replace him.

  7. Kat says

    After the way he’s behaved? Hell no, he doesn’t deserve a single dollar more from CBS or a single minute of air time on Two and a Half Men!

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