Two and a Half Men: CBS Sitcom Ending After 12 Seasons

two and half men endingThis morning, CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler announced that the upcoming 12th season of Two and a Half Men will be the show’s last season. Word is that the network is planning a season-long send-off and that the show’s co-creator/executive producer Chuck Lorre will cap the comedy with an event that spans the 12th year.

Many expected Two and a Half Men to be cancelled following the very public departure of Charlie Sheen but it continued to prosper for the network and its studio, Warner Bros, with the arrival of Ashton Kutcher. The show is very expensive to produce however and the ratings have been dipping over the past few years. It’s currently CBS’ fourth-highest rated comedy.

What do you think? Do you agree with the decision to end the show or do you think they should make a 13th season instead? Who would you like to see return in season 12?

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    • BJ says

      Now there is to much drama. But, it was very funny before ashton. You are the type of persons who look around all night for places to post comments about things you don’t like, right?

  1. Ilja says

    It was about time. Walden was cool and everything, but Alan was extremely annoying, which was ruining every episode.

  2. kctobyjoe says

    Watched from the beginning but where on Earth can it possibly go anyway. We have Allen the conniver; weasel who makes $50 k a year as Walden’s board member; STILL runs the chiropractic when he feels like it; regardless how much he is paying wife #2, he can’t get his OWN place? Then Charlie’s daughter who really has NO RIGHT being there…NOW Walden’s assistant living there (?) How much is ENOUGH already !
    It has jumped the shark LONG AGO

  3. Davidh says

    I don’t like Charlie Sheen at all, but I have to say that the first four seasons of THM were the funniest, season 5 was OK and then in season 6 when he gets with Chelsea that was the more boring season ever and it kind of went down hill from there. I watched a few episodes after Sheen left, they were OK but nothing could top those first four season.

    I’m not fan of the show or Sheen but he made me laugh for a while, and I still laugh if I come across with an episode of those seasons.

  4. Grandizer says

    I watched it in reruns to catch up all the way to the season that Charlie Sheen left. I then watched 4-6 episodes of the Ashton Kutcher episodes, sorry, he just did not pull the show like he could have and how Charlie did. And with a cast member talking bad about the show? Bad Karma there.
    Yes I will probably sometime in the future catch the Kutcher episodes, but it is not high on my list.

  5. Dan Uff says

    It’s about time. The show hasn’t been the same when Charlie left.

    Just give Alan a women and let him MOVE ON HIS OWN!!!! :-)

  6. erin says

    It’s about time to cancel this show for good two of a half men has been on the cw network for too long CBS should be notify that the cw network has been repeating two of a half men episodes from the beginning to season 1 through Season 9

    and it’s causing an emotional distress to the cw network and the cw network can’t find space to put their cw Fall and Summer lineup shows on their network

    I agree with the decision to end the show or do you think they should’ve not make a 12th 13th season

  7. Amy says

    I watched the pilot of two and a half men the very first night it aired. I watched every Monday night after that. It truely is/was one of my favorite shows. I own all 8 seasons. When 9 first started I tried to watch. I couldnt like it. Without Charlie. …its not the same. It is time to pull the plug.
    I hope…very much that Charlie is made a part of the final 12th season! !!!! I can’t imagine a closing without him! Please Barry the animosity and bring Charlie into the story line of the final chapter. I have watched and seen every episode of srasons 1-8 at least 100 times each…. I really want to see the original cast members all be a part of the final season. .. please Chuck?

  8. Teresa says

    I never ever wathed Two and a half men when Charlie Sheen was in it,it just didn;t seem interesting to me,but when Ashton kutcher was put on it along with a few others it just seem so much better,I think Mr.Kutcher is so funny as are the rest of the cast,it seems to me if something is going good then stick with it,I really hope they change their minds about canceling the show but we will still see the stars in bigger and better things to come,thanks for the laughs

  9. Baylady says

    I agree with their decision, 12 seasons is enough. I’m an avid watcher of the show (including reruns on other stations) and glad they put some thought into the last season. Looking for to watching.

  10. Donna says

    I’ll be honest. I barely got through the first two or three episodes after Charlie left and haven’t watched it since.

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