Ugly Betty: ABC Show Cancelled, No Season Five

Ugly Betty cancelledAfter four years on the air, ABC has decided to pull the plug on Ugly Betty. There won’t be a fifth season but will longtime fans get a true series finale?

Ugly Betty debuted in 2006 and follows young Betty Suarez (America Ferrera) as she navigates her way through the world of high-fashion, working at the trendy magazine Mode. Others in the cast include Eric Mabius, Tony Plana, Ana Ortiz, Becki Newton, Mark Indelicato, Michael Urie, Vanessa Williams, and Ashley Jensen.

After being a modest hit for its first two seasons, the series’ viewership dropped to an average of eight million viewers and a 2.8 rating in the 18-49 demo last year. That would usually put a series “on the bubble” but ABC gave it an early renewal. It was pretty clear that the network wanted to try to keep it going to accumulate more episodes for the syndication package.

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The network assigned the series to a Friday night timeslot this season, hoping that the loyal fans would follow it there. Not many did. After cancelling Eastwick, they moved Ugly Betty to a better slot, on Wednesday nights. The ratings haven’t been very good there either.

The show’s fate seemed essentially sealed by Ugly Betty’s syndication deal. While episodes of The Mentalist and NCIS: Los Angeles sold for about $2.2 million each in syndication, Ugly Betty episodes have been licensed to the TV Guide Network for “a low six figures.”

TV show supportToday, the network and production team made a joint statement, saying, “We’ve mutually come to the difficult decision to make this Ugly Betty’s final season, and are announcing now as we want to allow the show ample time to write a satisfying conclusion. We are extremely proud of this groundbreaking series, and felt it was important to give the fans a proper farewell.”

What do you think? Are you surprised that the show’s been cancelled? What would you like to see happen before Ugly Betty goes off the air?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. ayisha says

    i think we should have another series, because i absloute love ugly betty and i was so disappointed when i heard there was never going to be anymore series. I think you should do a final series or make a movie, because i think we all know whats going to happen with betty and daniel, and i think theres a bigger story that could be done! I think a lot of people are disappointed in the fact its not on anymore! So i give a big vote of considering to do another series or a movie, and expand on the story line – as it shouldn’t of ended where it did and still a lot more to be revealed 😀 !!!!!1

  2. Elvin says

    As we know in previous Betty la fea, Betty and Armando finally got married, and now we want to see Betty & Daniel finally get together, please dont cancel the season 5, or make a movie of it..

  3. Marcie Mann says

    Its the usual. It has to appeal to the masses to keep going. And the usual trash is what the masses glom to. Guess we were lucky to get 4 seasons of smart writing and fabulous visuals. This series was so rich in content I knew it was doomed. It even provided enough sappy sentimentalism to hold a good percentage of the average TV viewers level of attention…YOU WOULD THINK

  4. tania says

    how can u i love ugly Betty it ‘s a good TV show and the season 4 was very disappointing . i think Betty and Daniel got married in new York . Hilda gets pregnant . and betty and daniel does a business together and it better than the mode .

  5. Cindy says

    The best thing ABC would do is to make a movie if they can’t make a finale series i loved watching betty and season 4 let us hanging, i know that if we all come together and ask for a movie and maybe ABC would give us fans our wish. I am so routing for betty and daniel getting togther, that is my wish lived the series please give us closure.

  6. says

    How could you cancel ugly Betty it was my favorite show I watched it every day on Netflix and then look it up for season 5 and it is canceled.and the worst part is I found out on my birthday (14th).how could abc do this there are people who love this show and want to see what happens next can’t you at least make one or two new episodes so that the last episode does not leave you hanging.

  7. Mellisa says

    Hey well i heard it cancelled and it wont have a season five i am very upset about this and i think if there is a season five it wont leave all the fans from the ugly betty upset i mean common everyone wanted to know what was gonna happen with daniel and betty im sure others still do i finished watching every episode and honestly think there should be the season 5 even if it means that in that season it has to be the finale i think it would be a good closure to the viewers thank you.

  8. victoria osorto says

    hello ugly betty fans ! im sad because ABC cancel i mean ugly betty has inspired me to go big on my dreams and never give up i mean i really wanna know what happens with her and daniel it would be a good i dea if they get toguether and matt comes back from Africa looking foward a loong relationship with betty … i mean betty its an inspiration for everyone and we really want seanson 5 …… now that i watch it on netflix it makes me wanna do what she does and never let no one stop you from doing your dreams i mean i would love getting started with a blog that would be a big start like betty anyways yeah i hope everyone a good time and ILOVE ugly betty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Chastity says

    Omg , me & my sister loove Ugly Betty we were non stop watching the episodes on nextflix & were so excited to watch the next but they canceled season five ? WTH ! Thats not fair i really want to know what happens between her & danieel ! IT’S JUST NOT FAIR ! ! ! ! >:O

  10. Sam says

    This really was disappointing ending the show at season 4! It was so great and it could have got even better watching what would happen to her and Daniel! They needed to end it a little better and not leaving its viewers wondering.

  11. LAUBOOO says

    I was dying to see the next episode on netflix and then I find out there isnt one ! I WAS DYING TO SEE SEASON 5

  12. paulina says

    what hell i really like the show. I wanna know what happen with her and daniel !!! I mean it just cant stop form there. Im 14 years old and i love ugly betty…. i need a season 5 !!!

  13. Vikky says

    This is ridiculous!!! Ugly Betty is an amazing inspirational show! We all wanted to see daniel and Betty together at last… And I know I wanted to see how Justin and his boyfriend got along! They should make a season five of the hit show! I’ll even give them a starter, Betty’s job stinks and she has to move back to NY her and danial hit it off. Hilda gets pregnant and Justin and Austin are a great couple, but on the streets and at school they truly get bullied! I’m going to try to write a book about what season five should be…

  14. Tashy says

    Come on! the series is amazing!! it made me laugh so many times when I needed :’) we fans didnt even get to see Daniel & Betty together!! I mean that’s what all fans were waiting for! the’s a shame that there is no season 5 ..

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