Ugly Betty: ABC Comedy Comes to An End. Are You Satisfied?

Ugly BettyIt’s hard to believe but, after four seasons and 84 episodes, the ABC comedy, Ugly Betty, has come to an end.

Ugly Betty revolves around Betty Suarez (America Ferrera), a sweet girl who tries to navigate through the catty world of high fashion and Mode magazine. Others in the cast include Eric Mabius, Tony Plana, Ana Ortiz, Becki Newton, Mark Indelicato, Michael Urie, Vanessa Williams, and Ashley Jensen.

The series was a moderate success for its first two seasons but then dropped in season three. It would have been on the bubble but ABC ended up giving it an early renewal, likely because they wanted to produce enough episodes for a syndication package.

This season, ABC put it on Friday nights, hoping that the devout fans would still watch. Not many did and ABC eventually moved it to Wednesday nights after Eastwick failed to catch on.

When Betty was sold into syndication, the ABC network and production company were likely disappointed that each episode only brought a “low six figures” when purchased by the TV Guide channel. If Ugly Betty’s fate wasn’t sealed before, that likely did it. In January, ABC announced that they were canceling Ugly Betty after four seasons.

On the positive side, this gave the cast and crew time to tie up the show’s loose ends and to give it a proper finale. Tonight, ABC aired the last episode and it wrapped up this way…

Betty has accepted a new job in London. After it looks like Daniel isn’t coming to Betty’s going away party, he finally shows up but can’t go in to see her. Surprisingly, he later steps down from his job at Mode, making Wilhelmina the sole editor. He says that he wants to start over and that means following Betty to London. He meets her there, on the street and says that he’d like to take her out on a date.

As Betty heads back to work, she notes that she’s going to need a new assistant and he jokes that he might submit his resume. As the music plays, we see happy Betty disappear into the crowd. The title “Ugly Betty” appears on screen and then the “Ugly” disappears.

What did you think of the last episode? Are you happy with Betty’s choices? Is there anything that you would have done differently?

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  1. Sierra says

    I cant believe there isn’t going to be a season 5!!! I loved ugly Betty & would pay to watch it on tv!!! Please bring the tv show back! It was my favorite tv show!

  2. ruweida valla says

    i really hope that there will be a movie coming next because the one thing that gets me through the week is an episode of ugly betty. plz, another thing, the finale episode wasn’t pleazing at all, i want more, i need more.

  3. helen says

    we all want season 5 to air this show is great i love it i see them all the time and dont get tired dvd show of ugly betty

  4. tessa simpson says

    I think it would have been nice if we had seen Daniel and Betty finally kiss and show that if there is not going to be a season 5 that at least we know that they will end up together. I think it would be great if they made a movie starting from the beginning but the middle, ending, being about Daniel and Betty finding love in London or wherever. After so much that they have been through it left me wanting more about the Betty, Daniel story. Also it would be nice to see Mark find love. I know this sounds a bit corny and we can probably leave the ending to our imagination and imagine Daniel and Betty out to dinner falling in love but I would have liked to have seen that bit. Thanks for reading. A fan. Tessa

  5. D_one says

    I really enjoyed Ugly Betty. The show made me laugh so much. Wasn’t really happy when I realised I was watching the last episode. Had to go on the internet to be sure it was the last episode. I want more and so wouldn’t mind a movie. I would really like to watch betty and daniel’s love story. Always new they would hook up and was looking forward to it and then just for d show to end with just a date dat we never even saw…pls I want more.

  6. says

    i was devistated at the ending what a load of rubbish why didnt daniel sweep her off her feet. the ending made me feel like one of the great moments you have on a first date the kissing is great and then just as you get to the fenally you find out he’s impotent and your left frustrated but there sod all you can do about it, if they dont make it a movie i fear i may be scarrd for life after this :-<

  7. Norma says

    There are not many shows that are as positive without being too “chesse” on TV as Ugly Betty, it was a long time since I watched something that was funny, interesting enought to follow and that it does not involve in every chapter murder, sex or any other form of violence to attract audiance. Every character has a specific roll that has developed very nicely, of course Betty evolved so great in all aspects that it is a real inspiration to not only young women (and men) but to everyone, finally there was a real person from the real world, not a skinny blond that solves crimes with her higher intelligence, great look and super coolness that works at the police and manages to have a superb wardrobe with that salary (yeah, right, we all identify to that… or not!)
    Even when the story of Ugly Betty was took from the original Venezuelan soap opera, the Americans managed to turn the show into something more colorful and actually fun, using as they do all the parafernalia and big budget scenarios that are a costum in American TV, for once, they didn’t ruin an original idea.
    Too bad that what counts the most (as usual) is money, the show didn’t win enought for their standards, who cares that they were actually winning in improving contents in TV programs? Did anyone cared for the audiances outside the States?
    Yo soy Bety la fea was a super success several years and we all remember her, even Lisa’s destiny (the German version) had a great number of fans, there was also one with a male version of Betty! and they all got to see the series final, why the followers of Ugly Betty cannot get that privilege? It’s almost a mistery.
    Well, good luck with the new series and trying to get good audiances, it seems it’s fashion nowdays that after getting people interested in a show, the TV chains just discard them, not enought money they say, we (viewers) are just loosing interest in watching whatever program we could get hook on, most likely, we won’t get to see the end of it, it’s like getting out of the cinema just after the first half of the movie!.
    I think I’m going to rent more DVDs (of films) in the future.

  8. Jrfg01 says

    Thats why I don’t care to watch TV shows . You always take the good ones off and let us suffer with the so called good shows! Get a book and read it! They are doing to cancel the shows you like anyway!

  9. nissrine says

    I was expecting a season 5 , and the ending of season 4 was nice yet was hoping that Daniel would reveal his feeling for Betty before she travels, yet it was nice but wouldn’t want it to end or to be the finale

  10. Diane says

    We had the ugly betty finale just recently here in Belgium, and I can say I was a bit shocked at first, that all the plot was wrapped up so fast, in the last two episodes, but the mysterious ending, with Betty and Daniel in London, makes it really interesting, and calls on a sequel, who knows? a movie maybe, as the rumor has it? I hope so, I was a huge fan of the show, miss u already Bettyyyy

  11. Promi says

    Please continue this show. The ending wasn’t satisfactory at all. I really really want more from this show.

  12. Lola says

    i was really upset to hear that they were pulling the plug on the show. then to watch a finale that would make it seem like there was a season 5??? that is what i am hoping for. ugly betty is an AWESOME show. times were tight when you guys were selling it in to syndication but i am sure that it would have received more! it would be even better if you brought it back…we need a little humor to get us going through the week and ugly betty does just that! what is she going to be wearing? what mess is she going to be in next? who will she be with? lots of questions…bring the show back to answer some of those questions! really is an AWESOME show!

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