Undercover Boss: CBS Reality Series Renewed for Season Two

Undercover BossIf you work for a large corporation, keep your eyes peeled for any newbie employee that looks out of place. CBS has just renewed Undercover Boss for a second season.

A reality series, Undercover Boss follows high-level chief executives as they slip anonymously into the rank and file of their companies.

The series debuted following the Super Bowl and 38.7 million viewers stuck around to watch. That ranks as the biggest audience to watch a series premiere since 1987 (ABC’s Dolly) and the most-watched debut of a reality series in history.

Thus far this season, Undercover Boss has been averaging 18.74 million viewers with a 7.1 rating for adults 18-49. That makes it this season’s most successful new series. CBS is obviously delighted with the show’s performance and the renewal is a no-brainer.

“We are thrilled with the overwhelming response to the series and how audiences seem to connect to it on several levels,” said Jennifer Bresnan, Senior Vice President, CBS Alternative Programming. “The wish fulfillment of seeing the top boss perform jobs of the rank and file is universal, and the employees’ stories discovered at each company are often relatable and inspirational.”

The current nine episode season of Undercover Boss is expected to wrap on April 11th. CBS hasn’t announced when season two will begin airing but it’s a safe bet that it’ll be on the fall schedule.

What do you think? How long do you think this show will last — two seasons or many years?

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  1. Annika says

    it should gave never aired!! its interupted my recorded shows of csi miami! and the newest one from yesterday!!! its a real stupid show!!!

    • says

      @Annika: That happens because of a sports game running long in the afternoon. It causes time shifts for all of the network’s shows.

  2. Dave says

    I hope this show goes on for many seasons.. It shows that the CEO’S of companies have heart. there are so many companies i would like to see participate..maybe they will realize that the heart and success of EVERY company begins and ends with the underpaid personnel.

  3. swil says

    The Frontier Airlines is a prime example of how “out of touch” CEOs and other executives are about their employees. On that show, Frontier Airlines employees had to take a 10% cut out of their pay when they merged with another two airlines. Did the CEO and other executives have to take that same pay cut? Probably not. This is the problem with our system. Although he did do some good for a few people he didn’t show the generosity I would of thought being a christian man. He lived in a huge huge house and it looked like he would never suffer like his employees. Out of touch people.

  4. Skye says

    I wish more people would do what these bosses are doing the reality is that when you walk in someone else’s shoes you find out it isn’t easy for anyone and when you hand down rules as a CEO without having to follow them yourself you have no idea how they are applied or how they effect the workers. I hope that if nothing else people who are managers and CEO’s who watch this show take into account that maybe the problems they see these other companies having are there problems as well.

  5. says

    I love the show and look forward to each new episode. But, I don’t know how they are going to continue it without making changes. Soon people will begin to catch on when a new temporary employee comes to work with a camera crew. Got to have a good reason for the camera crews or operate covertly. I have now doubt it can be done, but whatever changes are made will only last for perhaps one season then a new method will have to be used. It will be intersting to see how this progresses.

  6. Kaye says

    I hope next season’s shows will show how overworked and underpaid today’s workers are because not enough people are being hired, even though the neconomy is recovering in many areas.

  7. Jeremy says

    Never watched CBS till this show came on. I think they are doing a good job with the show. Don’t know how they are going to pull off a season 2 since alot of people know about the show. Some of the CEOs should really give more then what they give toward the end of each show. Some people just get a pat on the back or something retarted. If they do a good job they should get big pay raises!

  8. says

    Yes indeed it was a wrap for the new reality seris Undercover Boss and its first season on CBS. The CEO and President of 1-800-flowers who the audience followed in the final episode managed to DISGRACE and further embarrass Corporate America which is already under fire. The two brothers and owners offered nothing from their wallets aside from a slice of pizza which was bought for an employee. Clearly their goal was to get as much free publicity as possible without offering anything in return. Their idea of gratitude was to name a flower arrangement after an employee. Let’s be clear, these two gentlemen are CHEAPSKATES, shame on you! I’m fairly confident in my opinion that the owners of 1-800-flowers managed to disgust most of their viewers. “Gentlemen you OWE your employees an apology.”

  9. Trina says

    This is a great show and I look forward to many more season. It would be nice to see a follow-up with the people to see if changes were implemented and the results.

  10. Sandra says

    I love this show… it is very nice knowing that someone cares about the consumer! Please continue it!

  11. Jan says

    This is a great show. These COOs and CEOs work in their offices everyday and have no idea what it is like to work on the front lines. By spending time working shoulder-to-shoulder with their employees, they see what goes on. They get a better understanding of morale issues, staff turnover, and so many other problems that they would otherwise know nothing about. The executives who have gone undercover so far have received a huge eye-opener, and have increased wages, ensured that employees received incentives to do better, helped out those that needed extra assistance, and so much more. I know of several CEOs of companies I would love to see get into the trenches and experience first-hand what goes on in their organizations.

  12. Anonymous says

    I love this show but I don’t know how these bosses are going to keep getting camera crews into their offices without people catching on. They are going to have to get way more covert or something.

  13. Hannibal says

    The show is an insult to hardworking people everywhere. These Bosses have no talent, and no qualifications to be CEO’s. They only got the job because their father died/retired. When these corporate princes become paupers, they “learn” such fake lessons and go about a prearranged course on the life boardgame squares. Its all so fake that nothing they learn hasn’t be prearranged for them to learn. The CEO’s then pretend to care that their employees hate them, and pretend to want to change this.

    The worst part of the show is when the CEO’s are afraid their employees will recognize them. This will never happen if this show runs for 100 seasons. The employees are too busy working for minimum wage (or not much more than that), and they are too concerned with paying bills, to care what dumb f*@k is making them wear those dumb hats and paying them so little. As much as the employees hate the corporate executives, they would not waste what little free time they have on the SOB.

    • Ann Talley says

      I enjoyed the two episodes 7-Eleven and White Castle. It was heart-warming indeed and tear-jerked for sure. I would like to more companies who are willing to go UNDERCOVER.
      I would like suggest a few: Wal-Green, Target, Bath and Beyond, & Meijers

      • Anonymous says

        bob Evan’s south county for $3.42 an hr there busing running food taking orders making drinks filling drinks running to refurbish things that there out off wiping tables making coffee salads etc, and filling the needs and requirements of customers seating the front door answering calls and then finding managers several times as well as taking carryout orders and now running it curbside to there car all day.Now i ask with so many job cuts and all those jobs now on the server how would you think this reflects tips quite a bit I’d think corporate needs to tuck those ideas under the desk were they are somehow valuable ideas that of course are harder on workers and customers needs.With all these new jobs on servers once a minimum wage job or jobs for a single individual you would think pay or manager help would be increased or more sufficient considering some hard working experienced servers can’t handle this overload of job duties , disrespect unhappiness and overload of multi-tasking ,With such a lack of employment cut there jobs work on teamwork and hiring management who’s willing to help the restaurant and the five things at once with two hands all with a smile.I’d love to see a few of them wear there shoes and perform whats expected .What labor rights what’s happened to AMERICA LAND OF THE FREE .Wake up and smell reality it’s time to fight back!!!

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