Undercovers: A New Spy Action Series for NBC; Cancel or Keep It?

UndercoversThough NBC’s action/comedy series Chuck has found a devoted audience, the size of the show’s audience hasn’t been big enough to ensure its survival year to year. Now, the network’s trying a more traditional spy series in Undercovers. How will this one fare? A big success or a candidate for quick cancellation?

Undercovers revolves around a married pair of former spys who are pulled back into service after their close friend goes missing. The new series features the talents of Boris Kodjoe, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Mekia Cox, Carter MacIntyre, Gerald McRaney, and Ben Schwartz.

The premiere of Undercovers attracted a disappointing 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 8.7 million total viewers. That put the new show in fourth place in the coveted demo and in third place for viewership. It’s certainly a disappointing start, especially if you consider a new show’s premiere is usually as good as the ratings are going to get.

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On the positive side, viewership did rise a bit as the hour progressed. That’s generally a good sign that it won’t lose much steam for episode two. Unfortunately, the numbers aren’t very good to begin with.

To put this in perspective, Mercy premiered in the same timeslot last year and got a 2.3 in the demo and 8.38 million viewers. As you may recall, that show was cancelled after one season and only lasted as long as it did because of The Jay Leno Show fiasco and NBC’s need for original programming.

TV show supportUnless Undercovers bucks the trend and starts to attract some more viewers, it looks like this one will be cancelled after one season as well.

So, what do you think? Did you watch Undercovers? Why do you think it’s not attracting viewers?

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  1. Kathleen Minnix says

    This is a smart sexy show in which African Americans star, but race is not the issue. I love it and I hope it stays around a long time! The time slot may be the problem.

  2. Sean says

    This is a stinker– writing, acting production all crap– right down to the rich using Ladas in present day Moscow.
    Too cheesy– not sure if it wants to be a drama or a stinker of a comedy. Glad there are other things to watch.

  3. Victoria says

    I, personally like the show. I think it has great potential and you have the brilliant JJ Abrams behind it so it can’t be bad; The lead actors are both European. Boris is half German and half African, and Gugu is half English and Half African so they bring an authenticity to their cultured characters. Love how they slip in out of languages and they do it better than Jennifer Garner (loved Alias but cringed at some of her scenes when she had to speak in other languages).

    This show has the opportunity to make it to the next level if they are wise enough to give it another chance.

  4. Tanya says

    Keep the show! You don’t come across many shows like this. The writing is good, the chemistry of the cast is great, and I love that the show takes us around the world. Boris and Gugu can act, they’re intelligent, and their language abilities and accents are spot on ( which is more than I can say for those actors on Covert Affairs (USA network). This is a groundbreaking show. Don’t sleep on it!

  5. Kenny says

    Love the show. My family and I watch every week. Keep this one, please. It is funny, has great action sequences and the actors are absolutely stunning. What’s not to love?

  6. PeggyHayes says

    The actors are great…the stories are boring. Way too much time spent on their relationship. Their chemistry was established on the first show. Enough.The supporting cast is pathetic…not their fault. It’s all predictable in a comedy sitcom way. Ugh. It doesn’t matter to me how glossy the show looks.. it’s obvious a lot of money has been spent..but if there is no story and you don’t connect with the characters who cares.

    The lead actors deserve better.

  7. Lynn says

    I think it is the time. Slot..it come on in AR at 7pm..lil early. I’m one of the viewers that tune in at half time tend wind down around 8pm

  8. j says

    I like this show. Good chemistry between the two actors and not a lof of profanity and violence. I think this show will evolve into a special show. It is much better than the mindless reality shows and violent crime shows.

  9. Jackie says

    I Love this show. It’s funny, yet serious and exciting. I think it deserves a chance. As for the ratings, many people do not have time to sit down in front of the tv to watch the show when it’s on. I am one of those people. I record and watch most show on DVR when I get a break.

  10. says

    Keep the show. Outside of comedies when is the last time two Black actors had the lead in a series? The show is funny and a great escape. In no way does it make up for the cancellation of 24, but I’m handling the cancellation much better because of Undercovers. I think NBC did a good thing with this show and it should have the time to prove itself like Chuck did. If not, ship it over to USA network.

  11. Amidly says

    I loved Alias, that’s why I thought Undercovers would be good since JJ Abrams is on the project. It really failed to impressed me. It’s not even half as good as Alias. The acting was poor despite the pair are very good looking and sometimes there are smiles and grins that are just off…the script lacks drama and suspense. Since it doesn’t stir interest or any kind of emotions, i opted for Nikita which also lacks a good script but the acting part was much better than Undercovers, much more believable and intense.

  12. says

    A total crap show that is overly dramatic and tries too hard, then it turns right around and gets overly cheesy.
    Die, you dreadful show. Die a thousand deaths and be gone from my TV!

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