Undercovers: Cancelled Series Ends Its Run; What About the Last Two Episodes?

UndercoversTonight marks the last scheduled episode of low-rated Undercovers. NBC has 13 installments of the cancelled TV show but only scheduled 11 of them. There’s no word on when or if the other two will see the light of day. So, what are fans missing?

Undercovers co-creator and executive producer Josh Reims told Blastr back in October that, “The main direction that we’re headed in the overall scheme of things is we have some mythology that’s starting to play out in the show now which will get larger and larger as we go along.”

Reims continued, “We find out in episode 12 or 13, I can’t remember which, the real reason that Steven and Samantha were actually brought back to the CIA. And it’s not just to save Leo, who was their friend. There’s much more involved in that.” Based on episode titles, it would seem that number 13, “The Reason,” holds the big secret. Episode 12 is titled “Dark Cover.”

Reims added, “There’s stuff that Carlton Shaw [Gerald McRaney] doesn’t know. He was left out of the loop by his boss. So everybody is sort of thrown for a loop near the end of the season and readjusting to what things are, as opposed to what they thought they were.” Shaw’s boss, James Kelvin (Alan Dale from Lost) was just introduced.

TV show supportOf the Undercovers cancellation, Reims told Zap2It, “I’m really proud of the show. I thought it looked amazing and I loved working with the cast and crew. We had a lot of fun.” He added, “The show turned out pretty much the way I envisioned, and when it didn’t, it was actually better.” Reims admitted that the show just couldn’t attract a big enough audience to survive.

Whether the final two installments are aired or not, the last episode of Undercovers will leave fans up in the air. Reims noted, “I think the episodes are getting stronger every week, and I’m sorry we have to stop at 13, because we had so many more stories to tell with these people. Not to mention we have a great mythology arc… and [it] ends with a cliffhanger.”

NBC hasn’t announced any plans to release the remaining episodes of Undercovers.

What do you think? Will NBC ever air the last two episodes? How would you like to see the series end?

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  1. Mary says

    Years ago TV networks began wielding power over the viewers, and we let them walk all over us, and now we are totally, totally bound to their will and their way. Well, it’s time for viewers to wield power over the TV networks. Ever heard of the word boycott? There’s other forms of family-type entertainment other than TV. They continually take from us the shows we love to watch, leaving behind the shows that teach our kids to talk dirty, speak and act rudely, be disrespectful to those in authority, and be extremely self-centered. As a family show, Undercovers taught none of these things; plus, the show gave center stage to a nice looking, young, married African-American couple whose lives revolved around something meaningful… and patriotic (can you believe it?). Like comments from Terri and Mr. Owens state – CBS didn’t market the show. HMMM interesting. I only heard about it AFTER the first couple of episodes or so. Like Ms. Szymanski comments, the intro was blank – no hook. Artists across the board know that any artistic piece needs a good hook, especially when it’s very different from the norm. It was like stepping out of a bright light into a dark room…couldn’t see a darn thing. What she suggests is absolutely what this show needed in the beginning. Hopefully, there will be a new beginning in the upcoming season (wishful thinking) giving writers an opportunity to blend some of the old stuff with some new stuff, so we can all pick up where we left off, BUT with a better idea of what’s what. I agree with everyone that the actors were getting better with every episode. I always felt that the supporting cast were comfortable in their roles from the start. The lead actors were a little shaky at first (it can be intimidating to play opposite a veteran like Mr. McRaney to be sure)- you could see they had to “find” their characters at first. Plots were good and getting even better, writing was good and getting stronger. There were even some fight scenes being added in (of course Mr. Kodjoe needs to bulk up just a tad, and he and Ms. Mbatha-raw need a little fight training– sorry but it’s true); lots of scene cuts compensated for the lack of looking like a fighter. BUT overall very good show that was getting better each time AND I watched every episode. I keep looking for it on CBS to see if they’ll run those last two episodes. Again, I hope they bring it back in the fall. Shame on CBS (and all other stations that cancel good shows)!!!!!

  2. Carolyn Malory says

    Iam very upset not diappointed, that the show was cancelled it never fails every time something great as come on television something like this happens, I did not hear anything about the show being cancelled, until now eventhough I hadn’t seen it on television, I assumed that the season had ended and it will eventually return. I feel the same way Aunty Pasto feels Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!!!

  3. Aunty Pasto says

    UNDERCOVERS: I want the show back! It was my new FAVORITE!
    Can’t you see how HOT Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw ARE?!

    Please NBC bring them back!

    Listen up out there other NETWORKS… Buy this show and bring it back!
    I demand it! No really, I’m begging you, I really, truly, seriously loved this show!

  4. says

    I thought Undercovers had great promise, but from the very first it lacked that HOOK so necessary to pull you in and make you want to know more and CARE about the characters.
    Leaving the Big News until the last Episode was not a good idea- they might have even opened the whole series with the last 3 minutes of the whole season if it was so incredible and then fast rewind to the beginning of the season… THAT would have hooked the audience more- they would not know what thy were seeing in those three minutes, but it would be intriguing! Like LOST- it was intriguing every single show until the last season and then it sort of lost it’s way- so many things never tied up. Wish I had had a chance to write this, I think I could have done a better job and it would still be one the air… not bragging but… good writers ought to know the layout of a good story and a page turned so to speak…. you can’t get interesting half way through the book!

  5. Rose Gomes says

    Please bring it back, it was so enjoyable, like a young James Bond type, positive with no foul language and a beautiful cast. The crap that is on TV now is unbearable and you go cancel this kind of show. It’s no different to No Ordinary Family…For me its back to HGTV, A&E and other informative shows. I’d really like to know WHY you guys cancelled this how!!!

  6. Roy Gutteridge says

    Another great show cancelled by NBC again!!! We in the UK love this show, It gets better & better each episode and i think a lot of fans will be disappointed now they have axed it. The cast,crew & writers are brilliant and as long as they keep producing good quality show then why should they be axed. NBC must have their head up their arse’s to keep cancelling good quality shows like this and a lot more. Whats more frustrating is why not show us the last 2 episodes instead at stopping at 11. They commissioned 13 shows, at least let the public see them.

  7. Terri says

    I wish NBC would put the show back on and invest a more time and effort into making it a hit. They did not sell it properly! Once it finally came on you did not see any more promo’s for the show. The actors were GREAT!!!! By putting this show back on and investing more time and money, they would restore my faith in them as supports of African American shows. But the question is, do they really care? And on top of that, I am really upset now because I thought I caught the last two episodes #10 and #11 but turns out I MISSED THEM. Boy I tell you!!!! Come on NBC….Lets put it back together and show you do care about African American shows.

    • Greg says

      Please don’t start the “show you care about African American show” spiel. I watched a couple episodes… thought the main actor and actress were pretty good and I like a lot of Abrams work, but the show faltered for many reasons, none of which were that the two leads were black.

  8. William Owens says

    This was a great show and the thing I always notice is that most Networks do not promote good shows when they have them. They run them on the wrong night or at the wrong time. I was expecting to see more and thought the show was just on break, but it figures that every time that I am really in to a show they cancel it for some reason. I suggest that you run the last two episodes as two hour movie where you are just running reruns of something else and see what happens the cast and crew of this show are just to good to give up on.

  9. Barbara Krone says

    I really miss this show! Why do you have to cancel the cute different shows and keep on the same-o, same-o like CSI and LAW & ORDERS. Undercovers was different and I loved the characters. Then, I just read that you had two episodes that you didn’t show! How rude of you to not even finish the series!!

  10. J. Harkins Flynn says

    This is a great show and there is almost nothing on TV on Wednesday and Friday Night that a mature adult can watch! That Human Target on Fox is good, but that is now off on a break, till who knows when.

    Comcast/NBC should put Undercovers on Wednesday-Night on cable USA station! There they have good shows on Tuesday Night and Thursday, but nothing the rest of the week!

    Don’t the folks at NBC no their history, how about “Mash” and “Hill Street Blues” and even MSNBC was not sure about giving a full committment to ” Morning Joe”!

  11. trisha says

    I miss the show and it was one of my favorites. I would like for it to come back if not om NBC then another network.

    • says

      IF the show is going to have a leg to stand on, so to speak, they might have to rewrite the beginning and see if they can grab some viewers this time and KEEP them! Just beautiful people in beautiful scenery is NOT a show- we have moved beyond that and I think the audience is more sophisticated in its taste for a show worthy of their investment of time. I LOVE a good mystery, but… where was the mystery? I don’t care about their love affair, their innuendos of sexy play, I do not know who they are…. they didn’t set the scene so to speak with a mystery right up front right away. LOVED the Professional Catering and Chef idea- and the set was fantastic- that was interesting to look at and study and they might have even worked with that more, too! Doubt we get to see it again, but you never know…!

    • Minnie says

      My roommate and I LOVE the show and I never knew it got cancelled. I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo disappointed that it is. I had my DVR set to receord it and we would watch episodes over and over and over again. NBC needs to at least air the last 2 episodes (first they should do some serious advertising) and maybe based on ratings decide if they will have another series. Please consider, I’ll be patiently waiting. Thanks

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