Unforgettable: Should It Be Cancelled or Renewed for Season Two?

canceled or renewed TV show UnforgettableIn March, CBS handed down a lot of early renewals for next season. The network is doing very well so there weren’t any surprises in the bunch. One show that wasn’t mentioned was Unforgettable. Does this series have a chance at being renewed or is it doomed to be cancelled?

Unforgettable revolves around Carrie Wells (Poppy Montgomery), a woman who has an incredible memory. She can recall every place, day, and conversation that she’s ever had — except some key details of the day her sister died and it haunts her. The rest of the cast includes Dylan Walsh, Michael Gaston, Kevin Rankin and Daya Vaidya.

The show debuted last September to a 2.9 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic with 14.09 million total viewers. Over the course of the hour, 13% of the viewers who started watching the premiere tuned out before it was finished. That’s not a great sign but still, Unforgettable easily won its timeslot, airing opposite two established shows; ABC’s Body of Proof and NBC’s Parenthood.

In week two, Unforgettable not surprisingly dropped 14% in the demo. It was still doing quite well and ended up getting a full season pickup. Over the course of the season however, the ratings have dwindled downward. The latest episode registered a 1.8 demo rating and 10.66 million viewers.

Should Unforgettable be cancelled?

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While Unforgettable’s total viewership is still impressive, the demo is not. CBS shows tend to skew older and the network has many shows that get a better demo with more viewers. On our CBS Ratings Report Card, Unforgettable gets a “D+” for its relative demo rating.

If CBS weren’t doing as well as it is, Unforgettable would probably get a renewal. That’s not the case and, coupled with the fact that the show’s ratings have been slipping, it looks very likely that the show will be cancelled instead.

CBS has already renewed most of their current shows for next season and they realistically need the rest of the timeslots to try new programming. In addition, it looks like CBS is going to try a two-hour block of sitcoms on Thursday nights so that will leave one fewer hour for dramas.

It’s really competitive to find a spot of the CBS schedule and it would seem that Unforgettable just hasn’t measured up.

But, what do you think? Do you think Unforgettable is strong enough to be renewed or, do you think it should be cancelled instead?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Suzanne Bhattacharya says

    Please do not cancel this show!! I look forward to it every week and the actors as well as the plots are good. I’ve even gotten my husband to watch it, which is quite an achievement, believe me. This is a great show; keep it on!!

  2. Sarah Prestemon says

    I am in the 18-49 demo and I have never missed a show! Sure I DVR it but so many people do these days. It’s nice to watch whenever I want. If CBS is so bent on reality then be proud that they have such realistic drama. I’ve learned so much from ALL the CSIs especially NY and Miami because the characters have scenes where they teach their coworkers so we learn too. In Unforgettable I’ve learned to be more attentive to details because I don’t have the perfect recall that Carrie has. I’ve been a Poppy Montgomery fan for years. Also, no matter how long the show runs, I want to see Roe finally loosen up enough to let love in. Tanya tries so hard. I’m glad they have shared intellect but she wants more. I hope she can show him that he’s loveable on screen.

  3. FromNYtoHI says

    No, it shouldn’t be cancelled. CBS has always been one to give shows a chance, as long as they are quality. This show is. It should be given a chance to grow.

  4. Pat says

    Unforgettable is amazing! Please keep it! I am a mother of 4 and I don’t get much tv time, but I was hooked when I saw just five minutes of unforgettable! I record it and get to watch when everyones in school and that’s my 1 hour I look forward to each week!
    Please keep!

  5. Nicole McCoy says

    Please don’t cancel this show….it’s awesome!!!
    I love the characters & Carrie Wells is one of the best
    female cops on TV….CBS made a big mistake taking JJ off
    of Criminal Minds (and then realized it & brought her back!)
    Don’t do the same with this show! It truly is

  6. KAB says

    Please renew Unforgettable I have never missed an episode. This episode did great in the ratings. Please take that into consideration.

  7. denise says

    I would like to see it stay on, it’s a good show, but as usual the networks won’t listen to the audience, I look forward to this show every week, it’s in my tuesday lineup, ncis, ncis-la and unforgettable, but I still watch body of proof to, I usually take turns taping one or the other, I love body of proof, I hope that isn’t cancelled either.

  8. Kimberly Campos says

    Unforgettable is one if the few great shows left on TV. If CBS cancels this show, they will be making a huge mistake. I believe the only reason the ratings fluctuate is because for no apparent reason, CBS will go two weeks or so without a new episode. It confuses viewers when they don’t know when to expect a new episode. I’m a faithful viewer, but this even confused me. I mean look at the poll above!! At least 74% of the voters said the show shouldn’t be cancelled. That’s a great number! All I’m sayin is if this show gets cancelled, I’m petitioning the network! Who’s with me?

  9. John Brown says

    It is a terrific show because of its unique theme. I am 63 and both my wife and I watch it. As to the demographics that the network is supposedly targeting, those folks are out at the bars and not watching TV there except for sports! CBS just needs to get the common sense to know these things and they too can make much better decisions! REALLY!!!!!!!

  10. michael Milton says

    also who cares about the demographic if it is winning the timeslot and it’s overall viewrship is in the 10 millions. i know sucky shows that get renewed on other networks and their overall viewer ship is 6 million or less.

  11. michael Milton says

    Unforgettable would still be doing very strong on CBS if they would not have interrupted it a couple of times on the schedule. they need to leave this show alone especially if it is winning the time slot they put it in. when you stop a show in mid stride to show other crap or a special that is when you hurt your viewrship for a show. people get frustrated and decide to find something more consistent to watch. CBS you need to show good faith with this show and leave it on for a 2nd season. 1o illion viewrs is big time.

  12. says

    Unforgetable definately SHOULD NOT be cancelled. It is an extremely interesting show that makes the viewer think, rather than just sit and watch a reality show. It is very good and the cast, especially Poppy Montgomery, is very very good!!!!! My husband and I wait for it every week to see what is going to happen next.

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