Unforgettable: Cancelled; No Season Two

no season two for unforgettable on CBSIt turns out that Unforgettable didn’t live up to its name. CBS has cancelled the police drama after one season on the air.

The TV series revolves around Carrie Wells (Poppy Montgomery), a female police detective with an unusually detailed memory (hyperthymesia) that helps her solve crimes. The cast also includes Dylan Walsh, Michael Gaston, Kevin Rankin, and Daya Vaidya.

Unforgettable started out the season with a 2.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 14.09 million total viewers. Over the course of the season, the drama’s ratings declined. At the end of the season, they fell as low as a 1.8 demo rating with 9.45 million viewers.

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The season ended up averaging a 2.3 rating in the demo with 11.3 million viewers. While the total number of viewers is impressive, the demo number (and its decline) is not. CBS already has several other shows that deliver lots of viewers but the advertisers gravitate towards the younger demo.

On our CBS Ratings Report Card, which measures the relative success of shows on the network, Unforgettable has a “C-” grade and is #15 on the list of CBS scripted shows.

If CBS wasn’t doing as well as they are, Unforgettable might have been renewed for a second season but, as it is, CBS cancelled the show instead.

What do you think? Are you going to miss Unforgettable? What made it unique? How does it compare to the other crime dramas on the network?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Bob says

    I can’t believe you idiots0! I’m really upset with this move you dummies made.I hope like hell another network picks them up. There aren’t to many good and interesting shows on. Its all reality shows anymore, there like forced down our throats but the few good shows out, balance its all out . My girlfriend and I fell in love with Poppy Montgomery and cast. It has a good story line and now you boneheads pulled it! Smooth move and we don’t even get to find out who killed her sister. We like watching other programs on your network and for my girlfriend she never got into TV programs other then News. Now after I got her to watch one show Unforgettable, she’s now watching and looking forward to other show on your network. We both decided we will watch other programs on the other networks . So instead of gaining more viewer with that slick move, you have lost them.

  2. irene says

    Are you nuts??? This is one of the best shows on TV – So keep all the junk and take off the good ones. Hope another network picks it up –

  3. anonymous says

    ok why the hell are you guys freaking cancelling the goods shows on but leaving the crappy ones on bring back this show because unforgettable is AMAZING and its the best show why decide to cancel it when its a really good show that sucks you into it once you have started to see it like i said it should have never been cancelled and YOU GUYS SHOULD BRING IT BACK FAST!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    also another great show, who decides what to cancel, I could come up with a few… Enjoy the fast paced show and the writing is great, Bring it back

  5. Alison says

    I’m sad, this is one of the many good shows being canceled this year. It seems like the only shows that the networks want to keep around are the stupid ones. I’m very disappointed. I’m getting tired of really enjoying a show and then it ends up canceled. We pay cables companies so we can watch these shows and in return the networks cancel all the good ones, so it’s like we r paying for nothing.
    I liked unforgettable, and I really would of liked to find out who killed her sister. It’s a mystery that won’t be solved now and CBS has many disappointed viewers because of it.

  6. WilliaminMaine says

    The almighty young demographic. Who cares what us middle-aged people like. Unforgettable had a warm and wonderful cast and was well done. We enjoyed it in our household tremendously. But, the star wasn’t twenty-something with high fashion. Two things that I know for a fact. First, CBS will not allow any of its characters to be happy (there’s no drama in happy people) and second…well…I don’t want to get into swearing like I feel like right now. Upset.

  7. ATP says

    What goof cancels the hottest redhead on tv? All it needed was a bit better writing, the cast was fine. One of the few non-cable series I watch.

    Although I do watch Criminal Minds and NCIS on CBS , they are both getting tired out, like it gets more difficult each episode to find a story line and keep the dialogue going.I’m afraid the mentalist will get that way in a season or two.

  8. steve says

    I too am saddened by this decision. It was a very clever and well written show, and shot in Queens! There was great interplay with the characters, and great crime solving. My wife and I did not miss a show, and watched a few more twice. I too hope NBC or SOMEBODY picks up the show, I am uber sad.

  9. Laura Cotter says

    Agree with everyone else………..you keep the crap and get rid of the good. Unforgettable is exactly that……different…….has a twist. And where do you get your demographics numbers……up to age 49???????????? You are stupid. We’re in our 60’s and watch a helluva lot more tv than our kids in their 40’s. They are too busy raising families and too tired. We also have a helluva lot more money to purchase your Season DVD’s. And how accurate are the numbers when people use their DVR’s to record and watch later. Does it affect your info???????
    Whatever………….we will not be getting involved in anymore of your shows if you are in the habit of cancelling without giving the entire population at least 2 seasons to get involved with a show. I certainly hope another network picks them up. Fantastic show.

  10. Gavin S says

    I will miss this show. Maybe Netflix will pick this up. Netflix has been trying to get original programming. If possible try to pick up this from CBS and continue the legacy for us dedicated fans!

  11. Donna says

    All of the networks are losing their marbles. They cancel the shows worth watching and keep on the crap like 2 1/2 men…mike and molly…whitney…how I met your mother…big bang theory. Really??? Those shows are class A stupid. Please, Please rethink Unforgettable.

  12. Vickie says

    Obviously, CBS thinks that the viewer is expendable and that they will survive without us. Why else would they renew The Good Wife, (the MOST stupid and boring show on their network) and cancel Unforgettable?
    At least they did away with CSI:Miami, but wow it took them long enough! Also, how they thought approving iRob for even 8 episodes was a good decision amazes me. I love Cheech Marin, but this show was completely beneath him.

  13. Joyce says

    I’m sad to hear they have cancelled this show, I loved it and looked forward to it every Tuesday night. It is a bummer.

  14. jeff G says

    I’m bummed.. never missed an episode either.. and will never know if they got the guy that killed her sister.. How are they dumping a top 20 (usually top 16 show).. i guess if we voice are opinion then maybe CBS will listen.. Networks have done that before.. Lets al write CBS.. if that doesn’t work then maybe another network will pick it up. Jane curtain was a great addition.

  15. Carlee says

    EVERYONE EMAIL CBS ABOUT UNFORGETTABLE!!!! I am pissed off at them so much for CANCELLING this show, but if a lot people email them maybe they’ll re think it


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