Unforgettable: CBS Orders Season Two of Cancelled TV Series

Unforgettable renewed for season twoGood news for fans of Unforgettable, CBS’ cancelled crimes drama series. The Tiffany network has decided to “un-cancel” the TV show and has announced season two will debut next summer. Word is that they’ve ordered 13 new episodes.

CBS cancelled Unforgettable in May after one season of 22 episodes. By the end of the freshman season, Unforgettable had averaged a 2.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 11.3 million total viewers.

Starring Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh, the crime drama was the highest-rated CBS drama to be cancelled during the 2011-12 season. Had it been on any other network, Unforgettable would have likely have been renewed. Following the network cancellation, CBS TV Studios and Sony Pictures began shopping the drama to other channels — including TNT and Lifetime.

What do you think? Are you excited to hear that Unforgettable has been renewed for a second season? How do you think it will perform next summer? Well enough to get a third season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Lannie says

    what happen to heartland?has CBS canceled it? This was a great show!!!It was great for the whole family to watch!! Please bring it back!!!!!!

  2. Dale says

    I absolutely love this show. I’m really glad to see it coming back. CBS STOP CANCELLING GOOD SHOWS!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Cathy says

    I am so happy someone that knows a good show and actors picked up unforgettable. They keep on shows like how I met your mother and so on to many to mention.

  4. Gerlinde Page says

    I am extremely overjoyed that unforgettable is returning to the screen. Could never understand why it was cancelled in the first place I wish CBS would cancel Big Brother, Two Broke Girls, and that is just a few. I am sooooo tired of watching Big Brother three (3) time per week. I have been made to start going to under stations, which is something that many of my family & friends are doing.You are loosing many viewers.
    You might consider making some changes in your programming……


  5. Yogamamma53 says

    I was so disappointed this show was cancelled as it was one of my favorites last season. Then I was hopeful one of the cable networks would pick it up. But now I see CBS has had a change or heart…sort of. Really, CBS? Worried you might have made a mistake, so you are going to keep it as a second stringer for next summer? Hmm, I kind of wish it had gone to TNT or better yet USA, where the show would have been fully appreciated! However, I will watch because the show is that good….even though CBS execs suck.

  6. Mel says

    Yeah I was so mad to hear they cancelled this show. There are many others they have cancelled that most of us feel are good shows. But no the crappy reality shows stay on, who cares about 3 girls dating, or bachelors or bachelorettes. I don’t even watch Survivor or Amazing Race. I actually like NYC22 and they are cancelling that after one season, they don’t even give shows a chance anymore. Cancel the Good Wife that show wasn’t that great and you could save money there.

  7. Mary jo ruebusch says

    You cant cancel Unforgetable. Poppy is so good in this show. Why do you always cancel the good shows.

  8. says

    I was so happy to hear Unforgettable is coming back. It is such a good show. These networks cancel out shows that should be left on, and keep all these reality shows. Some are good, but 80% stink. I wonder if it because it is cheaper to make the reality show? Just a thought.

    • jessica says

      i could not agree with u more Debbie i was so disappointed when i saw that they cancelled Unforgettable then i saw that they uncancelled it. we have to many reality shows on air and they stink. Unforgettable is just like a show i watched on lifetime and after one season they go and cancelled and left all the viewers haning on who the main character picked on the season finale wanting more and did not tell viewers that it was the series finale. that sucked big time as well

  9. katz says

    So, Glad They UNcanceled UNforgettable, because the show is unforgetable and it would be UNforgivable to never see it again. It is my favorite show next to the ‘Mentalist’.
    I get so tired of investing what little spare time I have, which isn’t much, into a show only to have them canceled and yet they keep crap shows on for season after season.
    Wonder what prompted your change of heart?

  10. oxlid says

    Glad to hear UNforgettable has been UNcancelled. My real wish is that these network morons would UNconnect their heads from their UNmentionable regions (listen for the audible pop when it comes out) and stop UNsupporting shows that are doing well in the first place. Very UNsmart to make decisions to cancel, then UNcancel, then look like morons… oh wait, they ARE morons.

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