Unforgettable: CBS May “Un-Cancel” the Poppy Montgomery Series

cancelled Unforgettable may returnIt looks like Unforgettable may not be forgotten after all. Word is that CBS is in talks to bring the cancelled series back to the airwaves. According to Deadline, the network is discussing the possibility of bringing Unforgettable back for a 13 episode second season for next summer.

Starring Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh, CBS cancelled Unforgettable in May after one season of 22 episodes. By the end of the freshman season, Unforgettable had averaged a 2.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 11.3 million total viewers.

It was the highest-rated CBS drama to be cancelled for the 2011-12 season and, had it been on any other network, Unforgettable would have likely have been renewed. At the recent advertiser upfronts, CBS entertainment president noted that it wasn’t “what went wrong with Unforgettable but what went right with the new pilots.”

Following the network cancellation, CBS TV Studios and Sony Pictures began shopping the drama to other channels — including TNT and Lifetime — but apparently didn’t find any takers.

What do you think? Would you like to see Unforgettable return for a second season? Do you think its rating would be better in the summer months?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Patricia Rush says

    I fell in love with this show. I’ve always liked Poppy Montgomery & on this show she definitely brought her A game. Please bring it back for a second season.

  2. Porky Jameson says

    Please, please do not cancel. One of the better suspensful shows on. Possibly may become a big summer hit. Please, please do not cancel.

  3. Louise Lucas says

    This is a great show and should not be cancelled. At least it should be considered for a summer replacement. This was one of the few series I watched.

  4. Patricia says

    I’ve never seen such a foolish, cancelling a success like Unforgettable. I live in Brazil and I don’t miss one episode. Let’s write to CBS! Let’s send lots of e-mails! I wrote and asked if they are nuts.

  5. says

    It is so frustrating when networks cancel good shows. The fans of The Finder are finding themselves fighting to bring the show back and hoping Fox networks reconsider. If you ever watched the show and fell in love with it as we did, join the fight. http://www.savethefinder.org. Also find us on facebook.

  6. Gee santi says

    I am so disappointed they cancelled “unforgettable”. It is a great show and so much better than CBS’ other shows. This concept is so different then anything else on tv. I LOVED this show ans hope it comes back! Maybe the summer would interest more people because there isn’t much variety during this time. BRING IT BACK!!!

    • Jeremy Rynek says

      I couldn’t agree more. I’ve said that myself, just like Lie to me. I hope they do bring it back.

  7. Sheila Boice says

    YES!! Please!!! Don’t watch much tv, but this was a must see for me! 49 year old woman with 4 kids and 3 grandkids-I spend money-advertisers! Too high rated to cancel. The chemistry between Walsh and Montgomery was sizzling! Bring back!!!

  8. The libster says

    Bring it back..i looked forward to it every week…love the actore, theme, and writing..always kept my interest..best show ….bring it back

  9. Cathy says

    ABSOLUTELY!!! A heck of a lot better than most of that reality crap they put on during the summer. But I would still prefer a full season two!

  10. Craig says

    I record all my shows, and I get a pretty good idea about how much I enjoy a show by how quickly I watch it after I record it. I would always watch Unforgettable within a day or two of recording it, so I seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.

  11. Myrtle Pietsch says

    Wednesday nights have nothing of interest so Unforgettable and Harry’s Law should do well there. I am shocked Ms. Bates was axed. It was on par with Boston Legal.
    Summer is iffy because kids don’t go to bed early but 10 p.m. would work for those listeners with families.

    An 8-11 viewer.

    • Tcbogu says

      I was really really really upset about Harry’s Law. On the 2nd to last episode, Harry’s associate calls her and wakes her up and she stumbles out of bed and says, “God, I wish I was young again – between the ages of 25-49″. I’m sure Cathy Bates wrote that herself. Anyway, David Kelly has been working on another show so that might have been part of the reason. About “Unforgettable”, even if someone didn’t like it, it was in the top 25 every week. NBC is renewing “Grimm” which is dragging at 60 andCBS has the luxury of cancelling “Unforgettable”. Wierd.

  12. says

    They damn well should bring it back, there was no excuse for cancelling it in the first place! As for the Summer, while I agree that it’s an odd move I do see where it might benefit, more people are home from work and school in the Summer than during the year and if they do rerun the first season during the year to get people caught up then it should work out fine.

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