Unforgettable: Season Three Ratings

Unforgettable CBS TV show: ratingsCBS initially cancelled Unforgettable after one season but then decided to bring it back for a summer season. The ratings were much lower in season two. Now, they’ve brought it back for a third year. Will the ratings continue to fall or will they rise? How low can they go before the TV show is cancelled? Will it be renewed for a fourth season? Stay tuned to find out.

Unforgettable follows Carrie Wells (Poppy Montgomery), a police detective who has hyperthymesia — a rare medical condition that gives her the ability to visually remember everything. Unfortunately, the one thing she can’t remember is what happened on the day her sister was killed. The show’s cast also includes Dallas Roberts, Dylan Walsh, Tawny Cypress, James Hiroyuki Liao, and Jane Curtin.

The ratings are typically the best indication of a show’s likelihood of staying on the air. The higher the ratings (particularly the 18-49 demo), the better the chances for survival. This chart will be updated as new ratings data becomes available — typically around 11:30am EST/8:30am PST. Refresh to see the latest.

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10/10 update: CBS has cancelled Unforgettable after three seasons. Details here.

Final season averages: 0.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.09 million total viewers.

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For comparisons: The second season of Unforgettable averaged a 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 7.06 million viewers.

Note: These are the final national numbers (unless noted with an “*”). These are different from the fast affiliate numbers which are just estimates of the actual ratings. The final nationals are typically released within 24 hours of the programming or, in the case of weekends and holidays, a couple days later.

What do you think? Do you like the Unforgettable TV series? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for season four?

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  1. Judith says

    Love Unforgettable. I hope it’s not canceled, especially since we’ve been left with a cliffhanger. Carrie has a cute husband?

  2. Amy says

    I absolutely love Unforgettable! This is one of those shows that I look forward to every week, I enjoy watching each character & how they bring the show together perfectly, there is just the right amout of flirting between Carrie & Al. I am so happy that the show came back after it was canceled & that its on regularly, maybe not the same day/time but it’s still on weekly! Thank you. I love Poppy Montgomery & Jane curtin. Please keep the show coming.

  3. says

    I do not know what happened to tonights episode (8/10/14) but it was not on. directv had it listed on channel guide but it was a rerun of “Blue Bloods” whats up with that directv/cbs? they also had a rerun of CSI on instead of Reckless and they also had Reckless listed in the channel guide to. this is from Olympia, Washington at 9 and 10 pm respectively. better not cancel all the good shows to put REALITY SHOWS on instead. Frankly speaking I am getting sick of Network tv cancelling all my shows and saying that they are all doing poorly in the ratings scams. CBS is turning into a non starter.

    • Laura says

      Yes Bruce, it is frustrating when shows are moved around, or skipped altogether. I am from Oly too so yes, CSI was on following Blue Bloods on DTV. I noticed however that there ARE more episodes coming at least the next 2 weeks. but I’m hoping they will repeat tonight’s episode at some point. Was there sports on earlier, because I know that changes programming sometimes. I wish they’d put ALL sports on specific sports channels instead of network TV.

  4. Laura says

    I LOVE Unforgettable, never miss an episode. I hope it is renewed for another season. I love the way her character meshes with Dylan’s. I don’t know how tonight’s episode was hijacked with a repeat of Blue Bloods (although I like and watch that show too) but as it is the season finale, I am mad I missed it because of programming changes. I like the week to week crime-solving, no long arcs that get tiresome (Mentalist, which I quit watching). Please renew this show another season.

  5. Peggy says

    I really like this show. I was very disappointed when it cancelled. The only thing I don’t like is Carrie’s partner (who is so forgettable, I forgot his name on the show). I think she should have a love interest with the Coast Guard agent. I liked him on the other show with Love-Hewett and there was definitely chemistry. I don’t think her partner can act worth beans and he is tooooo old for her.

  6. john says

    This is an EXCELLENT show. Both my wife and I were upset when they canceled it. Season 2 was barely publicized. This year they’re at least putting some commercials on about the show – so I’m gettting it on my DVR and watching the hell out of it. RENEW THIS!

  7. Verna says

    I love the “banter” between the main characters of the show. Very well written & acted, fast-paced show. I love this show. Please keep it on the air!!

  8. Brian Sanfilippo says

    I L O V E this show. Sure I am past the “key” demographic of 18-49. I am 54 as of next week. Give me more Poppy! More Poppy. I also like the Dylan Walsh is playing her foil or straight man to her “super” woman style. I think another show from CBS in the 70’s has that same formula or have we forgotten about Lyle Waggoner and Linda Carter (Wonder Woman). I think the sexual tension is starting to grow especially now that both of them are semi-dating. And when she mentioned to Al in their favorite dart bar that they always seem to end of together in the end, that opens up a story line that I would like to be around to see. Sure this is close to being a “Castle-type” show but who cares!? ABC is doing pretty good with their ratings (#1 drama, #2 over all). I think shifting the show as a “promotion” from NYPD (ho-hum everybody does NYPD) to Major Crimes wasd a great idea. It ups the intelligence of its crimes, the actors, the technologies available out there and the audience. Just think of it as John Reese as a sexy redhead and Finch is Al (Person of Interest). CBS can be so creative but yet cookie-cutter to other shows when they look at needing to boost their ratings on shows needing help.

  9. Beth says

    I think UNFORGETTABLE is one of the best shows on tv! I am a huge MENTALIST fan and Poppy’s character is very similar to Simon Baker’s. Both of these shows put CBS way above all the other networks!

  10. Doug H says

    Unforgettable has some continuing aspects but it’s your typical crime of the week show which is good in the summer where TV watching can be off and on… Many people take lots of vacations or possibly have other places to live or so more outside… Funny thing is that the quality of summer shows especially on cable is very strong… Unforgettable is the only network show I watch in the summer other than 24 which ends tonight… Under the Dome is also a summer show but it is going off the rails even more…

  11. says

    I like the show but don’t like the turn it’s taken. They’ve slashed the cast and made “Carrie” a superwoman who is a phenomenal shot, physically fit to leap over buildings and now, apparently a world class boxer. They’ve also got her remembering things she’s never read or seen before now. Obscure boxing stats? (Writers: stick to the remembering shtick to “help” solve crimes and bring back the real cop characters to do the procedural things.) Also, the techie kid wouldn’t have his computer monitor facing the open window because of the glare. Oh and you’re losing the vulnerable Carrie who lost her sister angle. She played well.

  12. Rose says

    Sorry… I don’t like this show. They’ve got her confused w/some super human being. I think the idea of her memory is great but the episodes have gotten implausable.

  13. Linda says

    I love that show! It’s clean and I’m not embarrassed for my kids to watch it with me! I think it’s cool how she remembers all that stuff!

    • Robbie says

      everyone probably knows this but Marilu Henner the actress is a consultant for the show. she has that same type of memory that the actress portrays on the show. 60 minutes did a segment about people that have that type of memory and Marilu Henner was one of them. Just thought you would like to know. Robbie

  14. Robbie says

    I like the show, what bothers me is the same with the show intelligence. The “solve a crime a week” scenario bothers me. I like it better when a show has a continuing mode, and just flows from one episode to the next. that you really have to watch the previous episode to semi understand the one that you’re watching at the time. Other than that I like the shows, and the actors. I give it a thumbs up, I hope it gets renewed.

    • nemo f says

      I like the crime a week format. That way I can watch when I can. one and done. no need to try and watch two or three previous episodes on line trying to catch up.

      And if you notice, shows that do those long story arcs are dropping in the ratings. People, like me, don’t want to schedule their lives around a tv show.

      • Why Watch says

        I prefer shows that both settle some aspect in one episode but also have arcs, that engage the viewer and have some substance. I don’t watch many shows, but most are of this type.

        • nemo f says

          I watch some shows like that every once in a while. I’s the ones that seem to introduce a new character, story arc or plot twist every episode and never resolve anything that I tend to avoid. Mostly because I think they take too long to do it.

          Like Crisis on NBC. It seemed to me like it was a six our mini series stretched to 13 hours. The action would have been faster paced, less filler and more engaging.

      • Robbie says

        “And if you notice, shows that do those long story arcs are dropping in the ratings.”

        oh, you mean like “Breaking Bad”, The walking dead, Mad men,
        Desperate housewives…….I get it.

        • nemo f says

          look at hostages, crisis, POI, Longmire, Covert Affairs, Extant, Crossbones et al shows that are or switched to season long stories that are getting slaughtered in the ratings.

          for everyone you name I can name two or three that have been or soon will be canceled. even the original season long story 24 is doing bad in the ratings

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