Unforgettable: CBS Drops Actors for Season Two

CBS TV show UnforgettableAs we reported earlier, CBS has decided to “un-cancel” their 2011-12 drama Unforgettable and has ordered a second season. The 13 new episodes will begin airing next summer.

We’re now learning that, while the show will be back, not all of the castmembers will be reporting back to work. Poppy Montgomery, Dylan Walsh, and Jane Curtin are set to return but essentially the entire supporting cast is out — including Kevin Rankin, Michael Gaston, and Britt Lower.

The three stars were not surprisingly instrumental in Unforgettable being revived and the show wouldn’t have gotten a second season without them. The supporting cast being replaced is part of what the producers are calling a “new creative direction” for the crime drama.

There’s no word yet on who will replace the performers who have been dropped. That casting will likely be a good indication about what “new direction” viewers can expect to see next summer.

What do you think? Will you miss these performers and their characters? Do you think the changes will help or hurt Unforgettable’s chances for a third season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. ludi66 says

    Don’t like the cast change. Why keep a show when you change most of the cast??? Personally I find Unforgettable a very easy program to forget…..

    And please don’t cancel the Mentalist…..

  2. Robb1954 says

    CBS alledgedly brought the show back so TNT or USA could not. They put it back in the summer as it needed something to fill in. This is a ringing endorsement for a good show (NOT). With that said I am glad to see Poppy again as she sparkles, is a standout among so many ho hum actors. I’ll be able to give my DVR a good work out and won’t miss a show. Love Dylan with Poppy too. A word about Jennifer Esposito, yes I would like to see her too but I doubt she’ll be on TV again until her contract with Blue Bloods is ended or nullified. She walked off the set for health reasons and wanted her contract re-negotiated. From what I read I don’t believe it has been nor will it. If she claims she is too sick to work for Blue Bloods I doubt she’ll be “healthy” enough to work elsewhere. One final word, keep Unforgettable and nix the Good Wife and the wax figure who plays the title role – or better yet, slot The Good Wife into the CBS dead spot at 10 Sunday and move The Mentalist to 9pm. If I rattled anyone with my post I apologize in advance. Most of the CBS programs nauseate me.

  3. Jeri Lynn says

    I loved the supporting actors, but am so excited the show’s bk, I don’t give a **** who plays the supporting actors. Although, I do have a suggestion. They should hire Jennifer Esposito, since she was pushed out of Blue Bloods. I think she’d be great on there:)

  4. kyle says

    There’s no way they can make this crap better by adding new people, maybe they should add new writers instead.

  5. Rescie says

    That’s sad. Very happy the show’s coming back, it’s original, great acting and I missed it. However, the supporting cast played a huge part in its popularity and I’m sorry someone made the bonehead decision to drop them.

  6. matt Lee says

    If the ratings r were cbs wants them I think they should do a t hird season I am a huge fan and absultely love the show.I think they should bring back the original cast from the first season because they all had a great chemistry thanks for renewing it I feel lost without that show but iam thankful for cbs for bringing it back

  7. Diana says

    While I’m ecstatic that “Unforgettable” has been renewed, I am saddened by the cast change :+(
    I feel that “ALL” the people that made the show were on it when the show was “BORN!” I do not believe that the show was on the verge of being cancelled because of the supporting cast!!!!
    It’s so bittersweet……Happy to have Unforgettable stay & having to deal with a new cast!!!

    Well…I will just watch and see what happens….

  8. Granola Gal says

    They say ‘supporting’ actors for a reason!! While without Poppy and Dylan the show just wouldn’t be the same show at all ~ Unforgettable… but the other actors rounded out this duo. They played well off of each other and we all came to love them all. It’s so sad when great TV shows get shortchanged by ‘creative’ powers that be. If you didn’t like the original actors in the first place, you never should have started us (the consumers, the viewers, the fans, the ones who will watch this show every week!!) down this road with these great actors and their loveable characters. Shame on all networks who have cancelled shows and/or changed shows at their own whim without really seeking their audiences thoughts, feelings, or approval. I am sick of TV and Networks and will stick with Netflix!!! At least I won’t be disappointed each and every time I find a great show to watch.

    • Robb1954 says

      yes, I agree, how can the show “save” money if they still have other supporting actors ? I mean unless they’ll have “computer generated actors” it doesn’t make sense.

  9. Scott W. Spears says

    I do wonder where they are going in a new direction by dropping the supporting cast.? Hopefully, they will resolve the main character’s sub plot that has been carrying throughout the series, unless the new direction has something to do with that by changing the original ending of that sub-plot which would lead into the alterate main drive of the new series.

    I had always wondered why the main character had survived the encounter when her sister was supposedly killed. Why wasn’t she killed as well? Then it makes me wonder if her sister had really died after all, but got replaced by another child that looked like her that had gotten killed at another time. If the whole idea was to replace a deceased member of the family, then abduction was the primary goal here, making sure the deceased has the same clothes as the one they had planned to abduct that day. Then if the main character saw what she had believed was her sister’s dead body, but yet saw her kicking and screaming as men hauled her away, I suppose that could play tricks and cause havoc on a young girl’s mind. Then it would go to point as to why she was spared, because no murder was being committed at that time: they just wanted to replace a dear member of the family to ease some grieving mother that was not dealing with the loss well, and continues to disbelieve she had died in some freak accident.

    The only kind of family that would get away with abducting her little sister would probably be a transient of some sort like a gypsy or a carnival family that had some family ties in the area.

    Somehow, I think if a reunion was coming that would top any Hallmark movie, I suppose that would make “Unforgettable” truly unforgettable.

    Makes me wonder if they are going to do crossovers with another TV series like “Blue Bloods” or “CSI NY” in changing the direction of the series?

    Oh well. Who nows what tomorrow will bring? They may even change their minds again.

  10. Lucy Swiney says

    Thank You!!!!Thank You!!!! Thank You !! for renewing Unforgettable . We love this show but hate that we have to wait until next summer for the next season. Will miss the old cast, but can take change as long as they are as good as the old one.

  11. Gloria Lourenco says

    Than goodness we love this show we hopefully the new cast is as great as the old one !! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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