Unforgettable: Season Two Ratings

Unforgettable: canceled or renewed for season 3?CBS cancelled Unforgettable in May 2012 but later decided to renew it for a summer run. Will the ratings be strong enough to get it renewed for a third season or will it be cancelled again? We shall see.

Below are the TV show’s ratings for the second season. Unforgettable typically airs on Sunday or Friday nights and there are 13 episodes this time (vs 22 in season one). These figures will be updated as the weeks progress so check back to see how things are going:

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9/27 update: This show has been renewed for a third season.

Final season averages: 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 7.06 million total viewers.

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Reference point: The first season of Unforgettable averaged a 2.3 rating in the demo and 11.3 million viewers.

Note: These ratings are collected by the Nielsen company and are the final national numbers. These are different from the fast affiliate numbers which are just estimates of the actual ratings and are reported on by most other outlets. The final nationals are typically released within 24 hours of the programming or, in the case of weekends and holidays, a couple days later.

What do you think? Do you like the Unforgettable TV series? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for a third season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    Every single person that I have asked about the show loves it, yet it gets cancelled.
    Do you really trust the people that are doing the rating, or do you suppose that money talks here as it does in politics?
    Do the people that pay for the commercials put their money on the shows that they like, or the ones with the highest ratings, which could account for a lot of ratings hanky-panky. I guess that would depend on which came first, the money or the high rating.
    Did payola really end with the disk jockey scandals of the 50’s

  2. d dalton says

    I really hope it comes back. This summer 13 episode season seemed to go so fast, especially since CBS and Time Warner were fighting and not allowing most major cities to even watch this great show.

  3. carol says

    i loved every episode of unforgettable since it began. i couldnt believe it when it was cancelled. everyone i talk to that has seen it loves it. where does cbs collect its statistics? whoever it is it is not capturing the viewers true opinion or taste in tv. i am thinking the move to more reality shows cuts cost and increases profit. who cares abou t the viewers. the attitude is they will watch what we give them. i am just about done with cbs. there are many more channels to choose from.

  4. Anonymous says

    I am really frustrated with CBS and its treatment of Unforgettable. They took a show that once had a viewership in the 10 to 11 million range and moved it to the sluggish summer season and this was unfair to a show that was consistently bringing in the numbers for them and was well written. To me this shows a full blown on effort to dump a show that the fans faithfully watched and supported and a lack of loyalty to its stars and fans. I understand the need for new shows to premier but why is CBS continually doing this to good quality shows. Restructuring the cast and not putting this show back on at its regular time slot has hurt it and will most likely cause it to be cancelled again. CBS owes it to the fans to at least make sure all 13 episodes are aired so that the second season is complete. The last thing I can say is what a poor effort to preserve such a good quality show.

  5. michael milton says

    I am very disappointed with the way CBS has treated Unforgettable. They were unjustified to cancel it after the way it performed in its first season. They have taken a show that once averaged 10 to 11 million viewers and through restructuring the cast and scheduling the second season on the under performing summer schedule have totally decimated its viewership and chances at being renewed for future seasons. why would they do this? Is it because they seek to explore more comedies in the prime time schedule or other programming? Really it does not matter . The episode shown on the 18th of august was one of the more thought provoking and suspenseful episodes of the new season. I just know that if it had been aired as part of the regular 2012-2013 season it would have been huge for CBS. They had cancelled enough of the other shows that Unforgettable still had a spot and even would have had a steady and strong viewer ship if aired along side other hits such as Person of Interest and Elementary. The move to the summer schedule is a deliberate move by CBS to bury this show so it can move on to what they think will be the next big thing. In doing this they have shown disloyalty to the fans of this show and the actors and actresses that have made this show a success.

  6. B. Robert says

    I hope they renew Unforgettable. However, knowing CBS and their lack of concern for viewership they most likely will cancel and leave 7 million viewers in the dust. I for one, am quickly turning my interests toward other channels because of CBS forward interests in reality shows being their only renewals. Where is the same marketing for other shows as their reality shows? CBS seems to lack insight and vision.

    • Kate Fredericks says

      I have no love for CBS for a number of reasons, but taking Dexter and Ray Donovan away from us because they were greedy and Time Warner stood the line, is definitely my biggest reason. Because of their amazing hubris, I sincerely hope, for the first time, they fall from grace and follow their low rated CW network! I admit to being a grudge holder, and was annoyed when they canceled Unforgettable the first time, and heartily agree with below poster that advertisement had much to do with it. You couldn’t watch a 4:00 a.m. nothing show on CBS last May without tripping over an ad for Under The Dome. I hope the other networks, including some far more excellent shows on cable and the other networks knock the ego out of CBS this year! But I do hope they renew Unforgettable. Despite it being summer, and competing with vacations and cable shows, the finale was the number 5 rated show that week! Deserves to be renewed for that reason alone. But I won’t bet on it!

  7. Carol A says

    I definitely think Unforgettable should be renewed for a 3rd season. I like everything about this show! Keep those super episodes coming!!

  8. Kate Fredericks says

    Nina Tassler was involved in cancelling Journeyman, a show I still miss! So, don’t expect this one to do the right thing and renew Unforgettable again. I have found executive’s favorite shows get renewed as I was involved in trying to get Journeyman, moonlighting, and Jerico put back on the air years ago. The execs renew the shows they and their families watch, regardless of Nielsen ratings. How about Vegas?? CSINY? Both were in top 20 consistently, both were cancelled. It’s always a crapshoot, which is why I now don’t watch the first year of ANY new shows. They would rather put on cheap, stupid reality shows because they don’t cost much to make. However, viewer ratings are getting lower and lower as time goes on. The PEOPLE are voting by walking away from TV and the networks STILL give its audiences garbage to watch. And then they wonder WHY ratings are on a down swing. REALLY?? They keep cancelling excellent shows and keeping nonsense shows! I have little respect for the networks and their dense executives!!

    • Lisa C says

      I totally agree. I stop watching CBS, NBC and ABC television and started watching more premium channels. CBS and others suck and rarely put a show on where your mind has to do analytical thinking. I so tired of the reality shows I want to scream. Besides this show I love Chicago Fire and Blue Bloods. But i bet they cancel them too down the road.

      • Kate Fredericks says

        Lisa, Chicago Fire came so close to being canceled last spring. I watched carefully because it’s one of my faves too. Hopefully, the numbers will be better this season so I don’t sweat the next cycle. Blue Bloods was also on the block, but they took out CSINY instead. I think the actors on NY wanted off the show, so by default, CSINY, generally the number 10-12 Nielson rated show went off and the lower rated, but excellent, Blue Bloods was kept. Do you see how careless the thought goes into what gets renewed and canceled on network shows? Used to be fans favorites mattered. Ever since Fox canceled the low rated, but brilliant show, Firefly, in 2002, it seems like everything changed in the network world about what to keep and what to cancel. Today, just put up a dartboard and throw. You’ll have the same chance of predicting renewal/deletion as if you looked at Nielsen numbers and fan statistics!

  9. Rick D says

    I watched the first three episodes of season one and quickly tired of it. The main character’s cocky attitude was annoying. She needed to be taken down a peg or two. I guess she must think it’s sexy to act that way. I think it’s arrogant.

    I watched the first two episodes of the new season, hoping the revised format would improve things, but I was even less impressed. If anything, she is even more obnoxious than last season.

    I won’t watch another episode. I could care less if it gets cancelled.

  10. says

    Considering how VERY LITTLE this has been advertised, 7 million for a summer show is a big audience (likely add 1, maybe 2 million more for DVR and on-demand viewings).
    Compared the fact that this was barely marketed, against the fact that UNDER THE DOME was advertised incessantly, these numbers are good. It would be moronic for CBS to expect season 2 to start right back at 14 mil viewers (in the summer!, and barely advertised!)

  11. Mark II says

    Tassler put the show on in the summer cause no one watches tv then. She took it off when it was a huge hit and made us wait – no one buys the line that we had to wait cause Poppy was pregnant – that’s old news and hype – it had already been put into the summer slot for 13 episodes – i think cause Nina said that she was finding the shot “creepy” I may be wrong but that’s my recollection.
    Other show audience share are also slow because everyone doesn’t bother since they are off or re-runs. I don’t think CBS is really pushing and expects it will end this summer.
    I don’t see ads like there are for other shows – no promo – except for newspapers all across US but there is a loyal following who love the show and fought to bring it back.
    I hope that not all TV is about $$ but about brains and continues with some smart shows like Unforgettable! Go Carrie!

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