V: ABC Cancels Sci-Fi TV Series; No Season Three

V season three canceledSadly, the Visitors aren’t among us any longer. After two short seasons, ABC has cancelled their V TV series.

A reimagining of the original V, this series tells the tale of what happens when an advanced alien race arrives of Earth professing their desire to help mankind. Fortunately, not everyone trusts them. The second season features the talents of Charles Mesure, Elizabeth Mitchell as Erica Evans, Joel Gretsch, Laura Vandervoort, Logan Huffman, Morena Baccarin, Morris Chestnut, and Scott Wolf.

For season one, V ended up averaging a 2.25 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic and 5.7 million average viewers. It was “on the bubble” but ended up being renewed for a 13 episode second season. The network was hoping that the show would catch on and the ratings would improve.

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ABC later reduced the episode order to just 10 installments and debuted them mid-season. Unfortunately, ABC’s gamble didn’t pay off. Season two of V ended up averaging only a 1.9 in the demo and 5.49 million viewers.

Though the network and producers maintained that the show was still in contention for next season, it was clear that there would only be a third season of V if ABC was willing to gamble once again. In the end, they weren’t.

ABC confirmed today that V has been cancelled after two seasons and 22 episodes. The series finale aired on March 15th and, unfortunately, there were lots of unresolved cliffhangers. Hopefully the producers will someday share what they had in mind for season three.

What do you think? Are you sad that V won’t be returning next season? Why do you think the series didn’t catch on?

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  1. says

    “V” is one really good film i like it from the first epizode. And i really under whay FOR GOT THEMNED **** THEY STOP IT. RETURN IT BACK FOR THE NEXT SEASON.

    If somebody is whit my contact my on

  2. Werner says

    I REALLY REALLY enjoyed V…it brought a fresh new look other than the old V with its noticeable fake effect! BRING V BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cynthia says

    I liked the show… and a fan since the original V series. Most of us viewers are not only watching prime TV, we have cable as well, and I belive that the SciFi Channel should pickup the series and we will follow…ABC don’t know a good show. You have no faith in a good show…so you care for the viewers, well listen up! Bring back the show and it does take time for shows to develop…it was developing great until you cut it at the knees. Very unsatified w/ ABC.

  4. critical thinking a must, even w/ tv says

    Good points above…

    Some cons about the show, mainly the second season:
    1 – the effects got a bit sci-fi channel cheesy
    2 – the plot moved a bit quicker than it probably should have, resulting in some story choices that hurt the

  5. CHUCK says

    I believe that the show would have been more successful if it was produced on the Sci-Fi channel vice ABC. The Sci-Fi channel seems like a more natural place for the show. Right now all the Sci-Fi channel is good for are horror movies, no Star Trek or any serious Sci-Fi. Sad.

  6. Marisa Macnow says

    sad to not see a season 3 but kind of knew it was coming- consider the finale- they killed almost everyone off including Erica’s son Kyle- who would be left for season 3 except the Vs and Erica?

  7. says

    V was great why the hell they cancel it I just buy both Sesons and want seson 3 so f@$’%k and is dum they need to stop canceling any show give it a dam good run stop curing shows off so dam fast !

  8. oracle says

    I can say that i unfortunately never got a chance to watch any of this TV series on ABC. I actually learned of the series by looking at the top 10 rated sci-fi shows aired in the last 5 years. This show was one that came up so i thought i would try it out. Turns out i REALLY liked it!!! then after going back to Family Video to pick up the third season, i was told the show ended after season 2. O.o how i thought! then i read up on the reason why! they did the same thing with SGU :( all the good sci-fi shows seem to never reach a 3rd season. Really a big shame. Maybe someone will relight that flickering flame and make it brighter again!

  9. Lynz7272 says

    I still play the 2009- series of V- Poor judgment to take it off the air- I can almost bet that any of those people who turned against the third showing, are no longer with ABC. If they are it validates WHY ABC has such poor ratings- Lynz2727

  10. says

    I can not believe! they are not giving us the finally of the V show , i grow up with it, i never miss a episode.
    And , Morena Baccarin you are a fantastic actress , i hope to see you in the next V show.

  11. melissa says

    plan and simple it just wasn’t as good as the original, did not keep people interested my family liked the first way better.

  12. peter says

    The subplot that the writers of the 2009 V: TV series developed during both seasons was supurb and intellectually stimulating on a number of levels that were way over the average viewer’s comprehension. The average viewer, the viewers that abandoned the series midseason and those that avoided the series altogether were trapped in his/her own intellectual superficiality and never appreciated the deep and provocative subplot that was really the central message the admiring viewer actually took away from this fabulous series, which by the way was in an entirely different “universe” compared to the B-rated 1983-84 version.

    The eternal cosmic battle between good and evil cleavery unfolded with subtle theological overtones that the writers of this V series reminded me of the timeless classic by C.S. Lewis, “Screwtape Letters.” Morena Baccarin played Uncle Screwtape to a T. And the general response of the masses to the Visitors in this series was archetypical to a certain segment of mankind throughout history when faced with major movements and pop culture. This series and its writers masterfully and artfully demonstrated the classic weaknesses and vulnerabilities of mankind, throwing it right into our faces, relating to us and drawing us into a sense of humiliation, mortification and shame over our gullibility to lies. The only thing that was not fully developed or explored was the thematic basis of the “Great Lie” and how I believe it played the underlying modus operandi of the Visitors. This “Great Lie” was only briefly entertained in one episode when Queen Ann visited the Vatican and threatened to replace the “universal church” with the scientific promises of the Visitors.

    In summary, the writers of this 2009 V: TV series were extraordinary and exceptional like those of the early Star Trek series who also explored classic themes of good versus evil. TV critics should write more about these extraordinary themes that the writers of the 2009 V: TV series dared to bring to us.

  13. Mario says

    It is very sad that we enjoyed the old complete miniseries in the ’80 but now we are cut short of the better series and newer technology that this new series had, may be they could surprise us with a follow up movie or some final episodes and reveal the ending in a better way.
    I am a very dedicated fan for movies like this; I hope the producer one of this days will change his mind a produce a follow up somehow; I am sure there are people that will pay to see a better ending.

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