V: ABC Cancels Sci-Fi TV Series; No Season Three

V season three canceledSadly, the Visitors aren’t among us any longer. After two short seasons, ABC has cancelled their V TV series.

A reimagining of the original V, this series tells the tale of what happens when an advanced alien race arrives of Earth professing their desire to help mankind. Fortunately, not everyone trusts them. The second season features the talents of Charles Mesure, Elizabeth Mitchell as Erica Evans, Joel Gretsch, Laura Vandervoort, Logan Huffman, Morena Baccarin, Morris Chestnut, and Scott Wolf.

For season one, V ended up averaging a 2.25 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic and 5.7 million average viewers. It was “on the bubble” but ended up being renewed for a 13 episode second season. The network was hoping that the show would catch on and the ratings would improve.

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ABC later reduced the episode order to just 10 installments and debuted them mid-season. Unfortunately, ABC’s gamble didn’t pay off. Season two of V ended up averaging only a 1.9 in the demo and 5.49 million viewers.

Though the network and producers maintained that the show was still in contention for next season, it was clear that there would only be a third season of V if ABC was willing to gamble once again. In the end, they weren’t.

ABC confirmed today that V has been cancelled after two seasons and 22 episodes. The series finale aired on March 15th and, unfortunately, there were lots of unresolved cliffhangers. Hopefully the producers will someday share what they had in mind for season three.

What do you think? Are you sad that V won’t be returning next season? Why do you think the series didn’t catch on?

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  1. Mike says

    I enjoyed the series. I even bought the DVD Disc for both seasons. I feel that the network sold me out without caring or even considering anyone else for that matter. Hopefully, season three will happen. The network should care more about the individuals who make them rich. The viewers ended up paying the price for this canceled show.

  2. jim c says

    It was axed because it paralleled criticism of Obama administration. The Blue energy, healing centers, manic love of the V and suspension of reality and suspension of critical thought and the fervant wishful thinking that the V-philes engage in, etc, all mirror Obamamania, obamacare, etc.
    The heros of the show are resisting the V; they parallel obama critics today. Networks can’t have that; networks are pro-Left. The heros of the show include a priest, and the saving quality of the resistance is the soul, villains include religious leaders who conspire with the V. Networks can’t have that: as pro-Left, they cannot tout the value of the soul, they cannot tout that religion may be a good thing.
    They had a great good vs evil show. But they HAD TO cancel it because the evil were paralelling what they are and what they stand for. They HAD TO cancel it because the good was paralleling everything they are against. They HAD TO cabnel it because, oops: they wrote it backwards (backwards to their perspective). And it got popular and got away from their narrative.

  3. Eric says

    The first 2 seasons went too slow, and finally the 3rd season is what everyone wanted to watch and they canceled the show??? I wonder who made that decision, vvvveeerrryyy

  4. mike craig says

    Personally I loved the show, it kept u on the edge of your seat at all times but I guess alot of people are hooked on dumb reality shows

  5. Anonymous says

    ABC only gets me angry! Why even bother watching a tv show when the suits are most likely going to cancel it and leave the viewer with shiitloads of cliff hangers and irritation. ABC U SUCK BALLS.

  6. Rodrigo says

    What!!!!! I just finished season 2 and now I can’t watch the next season because you ppl at abc decided not to . How unprofessional you are!! This is the best tv show I’ve ever watch .

  7. tom says

    !!!!!wth?? I bought these 2 dvd because there is to much crap on tv with to much commercials and to much reality tv. Do people really love to watch cooking and people arguing and al that crap they forget after 1 day…common..I just love this V thing and never heard of it before! Now i feel like crap and never heard of abc i already hate what they did.
    If you make abc then make defghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz till its finished or dont start. What about the people who see this on other sources or other countrys???But ok we learn fast. You will cut your own hands off in the future or be left with a dumb public slapping their faces on the ground of stupidity instead of a growing crowd who’s interested in that something more.I loved this because if you think of it it could be a possible thread. Well at least to open minded people. boo on you- abc sitting in a tree- laughing i wont get my 3d dvd.lowkick, hikick i killed my tv after the 2 dvd’s.Make a 3d season, ill buy a new tv.

  8. Hilary says

    This is insane how can they cut it of i just watched it now and so many people are watching it frm other source .+1 Viewers duh

  9. an-sofie says

    wel i liked the show alot really its a good tv show
    i still hope they will make a third season ..
    im 100% sure if they publish more on tv etc about the show it will make ppl watch even more this went wrong and the teaser of season 2 isnt really a teaser a teaser should be a short part of the episode that stops on a moment where ppl still need to wait their awnsers till it comes out if they did all that right ppl would be more intrested

  10. S C C says

    I was a fan of the original 2 miniseries and series that were done in the 80’s. Really liked this one too, extremely disappointed that it wasn’t renewed and all the questions that were left hanging.
    Pretty much I buy series, etc. on DVD/BlueRay when I like or have an interest in them. Since I’m on an archaic system of indoor antenae for television reception. Now I have that much more reason to keep with the status quo and not support the networks that make the axing decisions they do.

  11. Danita says

    It’s a shame about V being canceled with all of its potential. The internal struggle with emotions by the Vs highlights the the notion that an advanced race or civilization has a lot to learn from the host world. The self determination issue. The family divide when a major change is introduced. The Queens’ position up for grabs for three generations. The historical references to our own first (and subsequent) encounters. Outer space…need I say more? Shame.

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