V: ABC Cancels Sci-Fi TV Series; No Season Three

V season three canceledSadly, the Visitors aren’t among us any longer. After two short seasons, ABC has cancelled their V TV series.

A reimagining of the original V, this series tells the tale of what happens when an advanced alien race arrives of Earth professing their desire to help mankind. Fortunately, not everyone trusts them. The second season features the talents of Charles Mesure, Elizabeth Mitchell as Erica Evans, Joel Gretsch, Laura Vandervoort, Logan Huffman, Morena Baccarin, Morris Chestnut, and Scott Wolf.

For season one, V ended up averaging a 2.25 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic and 5.7 million average viewers. It was “on the bubble” but ended up being renewed for a 13 episode second season. The network was hoping that the show would catch on and the ratings would improve.

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ABC later reduced the episode order to just 10 installments and debuted them mid-season. Unfortunately, ABC’s gamble didn’t pay off. Season two of V ended up averaging only a 1.9 in the demo and 5.49 million viewers.

Though the network and producers maintained that the show was still in contention for next season, it was clear that there would only be a third season of V if ABC was willing to gamble once again. In the end, they weren’t.

ABC confirmed today that V has been cancelled after two seasons and 22 episodes. The series finale aired on March 15th and, unfortunately, there were lots of unresolved cliffhangers. Hopefully the producers will someday share what they had in mind for season three.

What do you think? Are you sad that V won’t be returning next season? Why do you think the series didn’t catch on?

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  1. Victor says

    I still get sad every day that I remember that V was cancelled. It was simply my favorite show, and it deserves to go on. The acting was amazing, so was the plot. The last episode was poorly done just to try to close it, which left me very unhappy. Please, some other network just pick it up, ignore the last episode, and keep the show going!

  2. Michele says

    I think it’s just rather crap!!! I hoped 2 years later just been enthaled again!! And no other series has been commissioned!! Silly abc!! Massive gb base!!! Huge!!! Well which company
    Will take advantage??? Hmmmm……. Wait and see!!! Your masssiiiiiive loss!!! :-/ ………..

  3. Greg says

    I’ve just about decided to stop watching mini series or programs such as V and wait until they have completed them and then watch them on DVD or record them. That way I’m assured there will be a beginning a middle and an ENDING. And I wont be DUPED into watching something that will leave me hanging.

  4. Joel Matherson says

    Getting really sick of Networks cancelling series and not finishing the storylines. they expect us to buy their DVDs and just leave everyone hanging. Im now overly cautious watching and Sci Fi as it seems none are safe. When are these Executives going to take responsibility for something and finish what they start.

  5. Marcia says

    I also was so excited to see V on Sci-Fi. Only wish they would finish what they start. This happens way too much. I am still upset about The Event. A great show, but no ending. I wish the tv execs would put these good shows on at times when the most popular shows were not airing. They all seem to compete for the same time and date slots. I’ve noticed that there will be a bunch of good shows on at the same time and so you have to choose what you watch. This is how I think I missed The V when it was on. If something like the Bachelor or Amazing Race is on, I’ll watch it because it doesn’t come on another channel at another time later. Also, it is never on Amazon Prime or Netflix. The execs shove all the best tv shows on at the same time and at the same time of the year instead of spreading it out throughout the year. There are so many times when there is nothing good on tv. Why don’t they put good shows on then?

  6. Waters says

    I LOVED THAT SHOW! When I saw it on Syfy just the other day, I was excited thinking another series is a coming, So recorded the earlier ones to get caught up, then I go to find out that V was canceled……So, So sad. got me excited and all……thanks

  7. Teresa Wilson says

    SyFy would be the perfect avenue to continue where ABC sadly dropped the ball on the the”V” series in 2010. From the numbers & interest I’ve seen, it should do well. Even if continuing the series from where it left off, they should at the very least give some closure on the many questions that were left unanswered – by means of a mini-series. SyFy has become an equal at the vertu least & superior in many ways to the networks in the quality of shows being produced. SyFy is in the top 5 of all channels I watch every week. SyFy could easily produce this & because it’s fairly recent, probably get most, if not all of the original cast. Add your requests to this in hopes of SyFy being able to come through!

  8. Anonymous says

    I Loved V and was dissapointed to find out it wasn’t coming back. Whats wrong with people! Bring it back with those Awesome actors please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. says

    I had never seen the V’s before, however Syfy channel ran a few episodes and i must say it caught my attention. I searched for the series and watch majority of them, and was greatly saddened that it was canceled. I hope that one day they can give the summation of the ending or pick back up, possibly with new writers.

  10. Mary Shultz says

    I am a big fan of both of the V series and ,I hope they bring it back.The network should at the very least finish the series,so that fans can get closure.Perhaps they just needed better writers with a little more humor.Every good series needs a balance of emotions,such as fear,joy,tranquility,anger,rage,mayhem,chaos and of course humor.Well,I do hope they bring it back.I guess,that I will just watch the reruns.

  11. IAN says

    I’m gutted it was a fantastic series , it should never been took off our screens, after all there’s a lot of carp on tv and there still on, I will miss it watched the repeats ,

  12. Edward Taylor says

    I’m devastated that there won’t be a 3rd season. It had a really interesting theme. I really hope the produces have a change of heart in the future.

  13. Sam says

    I was a massive fan of the original series. But have to say I really enjoyed the new version, such a shame that the networks can’t see things through these days. Bring it back see how well Dr Who has done ….

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