V: Finale Will Be a Bloodbath But May Not Be the End

VA few weeks ago, we reported that, despite low ratings, the producers of ABC’s V had no plans to give fans any kind of closure in the season (likely series) finale. Now, TV Guide reports that the finale will actually be a blood bath, killing off as much as a third of the show’s series regulars.

Executive producer Scott Rosenbaum says that two or three of the following actors have been let go from the ABC series: Scott Wolf (Chad), Logan Huffman (Tyler), Morris Chestnut (Ryan), Joel Gretsch (Father Jack), Laura Vandervoort (Lisa), and Jane Badler (Diana). He’s hoping that this “bold move” (also read: cost cutting) will help convince the network to renew V for a third season. Rosenbaum said that he made his decision of who to get rid of based on “what would be most devastating for the characters I want to continue.”

Vandervoort says that viewers will be shocked by what happens, as the cast and crew were when they read the script.

While it was looking like the new V was doomed to be cancelled after two seasons, it looks like there could be hope. The ratings have started to pick up in the last two weeks and the 18-49 demographic ratings rose nearly 6% each episode. The series is still averaging a poor 1.9 rating in the demo and 5.7 million viewers and there are just four episodes left in the season. If the numbers keep rising, ABC could see this as encouraging enough to give it another shot. A similar thing happened last season when the show was on the bubble.

What do you think? Who won’t survive the season (or series) finale? Do you think ABC will take a chance and renew V again?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    Please!Please! Don’t cancel V! There is so much boring stuff on TV. I am not a big tv watcher, but I love watching V. It is interesting and I look forward to watching it every Tuesday night. The finale was really great, but I don’t think they should get rid of Lisa or Ryan. Please at least keep this series for another year so there can at least be a closure at the end of next year. I am very sadden that for once there is a great interesting series on and it may not make it. I liked the old series of V, but I love the new series of V. I also feel there is not enough advertising for this series. I didn’t even know when the second season was going to start. I looked it up to find out. That is how much I love this series. I really like all the characters. I really feel everyone involved with this series should be proud. It truly is exciting and interesting. Hey, you all could make a really exciting and interesting motion picture out of it. Well, please just keep it for one more year. It is excellent like the series Firefly and the motion picture Serenity. At least, there was closure on this series. It is so sad that the best series get cancelled. I wish people could have a broader imagination then watching the same old tv (cops, doctors, and reality). Thank you and consider keeping V on for at least a final closure for a third season. Oh, yes, hopefully, Anna will reap what she sowed!PS: If you do decide to cancel, can you at least do one tv movie to finalize the series?

    • says

      Please, don’t cancel the series V! I absolutely love it! I don’t even watch TV. I get sick of comedies, cop shows, doctor dramas, and reality shows. V is exciting and interesting. I actually look forward to Tuesday nights to watch it. Please keep this series for a third season so we at least get a closure of the show. If that is not possible, could you at least do a tv movie in closure of it. I just want to tell you all who are involved in this series, you all did a great job! You all are winners! Thank you!

  2. G. Parks says

    Cancel it! Do not put us through the pain of a crippled season. As a fan of almost any Sci-Fi show, many that were cancelled prematurely (Space Above and Beyond, Earth 2, etc.) I was excited and thrilled to see this new take on the Original V series. To bring back Diana was awesome but the season finale just stunk up the place.

    If you bring it back, you have killed your options. (1) you should NOT have killed Diana and let her escape from the ship. (2) you should not have killed Ryan to have some type of counter with his daughter who has not blissed almost all of humanity. (3) you should have killed Tyler sooner – he stunk up the place and deserved to die and (4) you should have made a stronger tie into the original series.

    Just go ahead an put V out of its misery because with the season finale, you have just cut your options exponentially and you will not be able to come up with a believable 3rd season.

    You had much promise…

    • says

      G.Park, You are right in what some of the events that took place in the season finale, but let’s see what they can do for a third season?

  3. says

    Come on season 3, Please ? I love the show like no other, but like many others just when you get hooked, start looking forward to it, it’s gone. I’m really starting to haate t.v.

  4. Harold Bolling says

    V can blow the frame out Tv…. All they gotta do is keep it all together and not have viewers wait like 6 months to see the rest of the series… That is what kills it…..Keep all the shows together like Smallville or Supernatural…… Nobody wanna wait….. Come time on Tuesday we wanna watch that show every time on Tuesday…

  5. John says

    I love the show and have watched from the start, however I would not be interested in watching a third season if they kill off either Lisa or Tyler. They are too central to the story. If they indeed do go, then so will I. Couldn’t care less about the others on the chopping block.

  6. Barbara says

    PLEASE don’t cancel this show!! I love V. It’s my favorite show on TV. It’s total escapism and I absolutely look forward to watching it each week to see what’s going to happen. I’ve always loved science fiction and this is so well acted and such a fabulous and captivating storyline.

  7. Gail says

    Please, please, please DO NOT CANCEL “V”. I think that the Networks should give shows more of a chance. Thinking back to yester-year, who remembers when a TV season went from September – May WITHOUT any interuptions (or as the new buzz-word/phrase “is on hiatus”). If the Networks went back their original format, more shows would survive by giving viewers a chance to get to know the show and develop a following. How can any one show hope to survive if it’s only on for a couple of months and disappears from the next six months? By this time, viewers have forgotten about the show and have now become interested in another show. Come on Networks – when you originally start with a winning format of September – May, why go and change it?

  8. Kerry says

    This show is great! My wife got me hooked and now we watch together. Look forward to each weeks episode while eating popcorn and drinking a Pepsi. One more season please…

  9. Candace says

    I love this show! I watched the original in the early 80’s and this is obviously so much better. I do not think it is slow at all. I have loved it since the first episode and I look forward to each week. Each episode is a cliffhanger. This is now my favorite show. This series reminds me of the show ‘ Invasion’ that was also on ABC and it also was cancelled. I was so disappointed because they cancelled it at the end of the first season and I did not get to see what happened after the finale show. I think I actually shed a tear because I was so disappointed and ticked off. The lady who plays Anna plays the role perfectly. Please, please do not cancel. One more season would be great!

    • Bubba says

      If yu like morena baccarin(anna) checkout firefly(castle from castle was in it too) ive only seen couple episodes summer glau is in it too( i probably spelled names wrong)

  10. Rita says

    The series are uneven, but have a great potential. The show is very engaging. The actors are very good. I would miss this show, if it gets cancelled. I haven’t missed one episode, and eagerly vait for the next one. Please keep it.

  11. Nick Knight says

    It’s finally getting going. They should have started season one like this! Getting rid off Laura Vandervoort, would be beyond foolish.

  12. Lauren says

    I love V! I just hope they don’t kill off Chad or Lisa. They are great characters. V just needs more advertising. I hadnt heard about it until last season when it aired after Lost, ever since then I’ve been hooked. Such a great show, I hope it gets renewed!

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