V: Season (Series?) Finale Will be a Cliffhanger

VThough V hasn’t exactly been a big success for ABC, it seems that the producers have no plans to wrap up the series by the end of season two. Rather than giving some resolution, just in case it’s cancelled, EW reports that the season (and potentially the series) will end with a big cliffhanger mystery that involves Lisa (Laura Vandervoot).

As mentioned previously, V has not been performing all that well this season. The three episodes that have aired so far have averaged a 2.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 6.02 million total viewers. That’s down by 11% when compared to last season’s average.

That’s not terrible but it was on the bubble with a higher average last May and currently ranks 12th out of 13 on the list of ABC’s scripted shows. When you look at the numbers that way, it looks fairly likely that, unless the ratings pick up, fans of V are going to be pretty upset at the end of this season.

What do you think? Should V producers give the series an ending, just in case, or should they act as if they know the show is coming back next season.

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  1. Teresa says

    Frankly, I don’t know why we are all so surprised.

    Of course they are going to cancel the series prematurely! This is ABC, and the one thing they do well is SCREW UP! (Although NBC is just as bad, remember the whole Last Comic Standing fiasco?).

    Nevermind that the networks still use an inaccurate and antiquated system for tallying ratings (Nielson boxes? Really? Are there not enough people with dvr’s and cable boxes to get a more accurate tally than random Nielson boxes?). Nevermind that they move things all over the timeslots, without notice or advertisement. Nevermind that they advertise poorly to begin with. Clearly, the failing ratings are the SHOW’s fault!

  2. Let It Die says

    I will be glad if the show ends because its not very good and it contaminates the awesomeness of the original series which was one of the most amazingly crafted TV shows ever. This version seems like it is made to appeal to really , really young kids like 8-10 years old. It has no depth and the characters are all so flat and predictable and unexciting that it just fails to have any real appeal to me. I would say please don’t leave a cliffhangar ending because if you do not only does the story go to limbo but, even worse, there is a chance that someone may pick it up again someday……. besides with ABC you know they do not care about thier shows or how they end…….. I will never forgive them for the LOST series finale……… what a rip off…… who cares about this version of V anyways? Let it die.

  3. Fan says

    If they are going to end the season then end it. Don’t leave it hanging. If it does not come back then we are all wondering. It is definitely better than some of these talent shows.

  4. says

    V is a great sci-fi show with great acting. You have to give it a chance. A lot of my friends and family never heard of it, but once you tell them they tune in and love it. Don’t cancel it, cancel some of the reality shows. There are too many of those shows and I think they are soooooo stupid. It isn’t entertainment. It just gives you fake people trying to make money, no acting. I read most of the main actors are being killed off, if that is the case, then you may as well end it. That is so stupid…

  5. says

    FireKnight’s comments in post #3 are definately correct. Well said.

    Also have to agree with Tyler’s post #9, about the ‘******’ reality shows that seem to be everywhere on the tube these days… so tired of ‘reality’ and ‘talent’ shows that the networks continually pump out.

    Networks execs need to pull their heads outta their asses and have a look around.

  6. Pekelo47 says

    I would have watched the series this year if the network would have spent more time advertising the air time. As it was, while I was looking forward to the post holiday showings I missed the new episodes and likely the demise of the series.

  7. Tyler says

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m even unable to buy Season Two episodes on iTunes. WTH?

    I was unable to watch the first two or (three?) episodes of the new season and quite frankly, at this point, am quite disgusted with ABC with their handling of V. First you moved Boston Legal from it’s time slot, eventually canceling it, then you canceled Fast Forward, now you’ve completely mishandled the re-imagining of V.

    For what it’s worth, I enjoyed every show on Tuesday nights, but after learning of NOF’s pending cancellation (it does have some issues) and no doubt 1-8-7’s, I find it hard to justify watching anything else ABC has to offer.

    The only freshman dramas on Network TV that will be left for me will be the reboots of Nikita and Hawaii Five-O. Thank goodness for cable networks like TNT, USA, HBO and Showtime.

  8. nathalie says

    the V series it self is very good but is competing with great shows already in place for many months, I think that for the fans it should remain for one last season because it ‘s gonna be sad to just stay like that and know nothing about the end of it, many shows remain because it’s there for so long we have to give a chance for the V series to end

  9. says

    V is the greatest sci-fiction show in long time, extremelly good actor, well thought out drama, lots ogf content, great animation and picture.

    I expect many seasons of this great show.

  10. N. Wiles says

    Big problem is the audio for V.
    Those of us with some hearing loss, the background music is too loud and drowns out the voices when the frequecy of the music match the frequency of the voices.

  11. FireKnight says

    I think the producers have the right idea in which they have a story to tell and they need to tell it. Granted they need the networks to pull off any story created via hollywood producers, however, I am tired of these networks calling the shots 24/7. The ABC network has been KILLING “V” since it began. In Season 1…they put on four episodes and then stall it for some odd months running something else it in “V’s” time slot. Then they air it again only to find people are not tuning in like they originally did…hummm….do you think it could have been because by the time you continued with episode 5 people forgot what took place as it was MONTHS before the show aired again…(Great planning on ABC’s part)…

    Then Season 2 starts….or wait…does it? Well, it does but just not with the regular fall line-up in september, but rather…you guessed it…V Season 2 debuts on Jan. 4 2011 (the following year I might add). Then some executive from ABC reads off a list and says, “Well looky here…it seems like “V” is not taking off and not doing so well in the ratings”. I’m not asking for rocket science technology here ABC…I’m looking for some reasonable assumptions made by the network. If you put the damn show on and let people get a feel for it it will succeed, but if you put on 4 episodes, take it off for months, put it on again, then stall the second season all together…you are setting yourself and the show to fail. The show is working and it did need to find it’s legs (and it has been a slow process, even more over since the show has been compared to the 80’s “V”. What I’m saying is give it time to breathe and you might be surprised by the ratings increasing. The only ones that really knew about “V” and the mis-managed time slots and airings were it’s true followers of the show…you give people the show full force, and a little more promo…and you will have a great show!!!!! I know if ABC cancels this show…I will cancel the network off my cable box! (Not the only show ABC has done this with and frankly getting a little tired of voices being ignored and forced to watch stupid reality shows of who has the biggest breasts, who can eat the most amount of insects in the time allotted or who can lose more weight in one episode…I hope people join me in the fight against this show…it’s worth the fight!)

    • Lynn says

      “V” is dynamite! The idea of possibly cancelling it is ridiculous! I think there are more viewers than are being counted–No one asked US if we’re watching, and my entire family plus numerous friends are glued to it EVERY Tuesday!

  12. Adamant says

    Networks need to stop putting so much emphasis on first-season results. Scripted, long-arc
    shows, rarely have a stellar first season — they have to find their legs and characterizations settle first. This held for most of the Star Treks, and even the premiere of Babylon 5. “V” actually picked up speed fast, and what networks should look for is first season performance that is credible. The same blindness often endangers even crime drama and more standard plot shows that also need time to build word-of-mouth or online audience, like Detroit 1-87 and Castle.

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