V: ABC Cutting Season Two Episode Order; Doomed?

VWe recently reported that ABC had decided to hold the second season premiere of V until January 4, 2011. It had looked like the network would bring it back in November but fans of the series will have to wait until next year, nearly seven months since the last original episode.

Now comes word that the network is cutting the episode order from 13 to 10 installments. Season two of V will air on Tuesdays at 9pm, taking the place of the Dancing with the Stars result show. It’s lead-in will be the compatible No Ordinary Family.

If V had returned in November, ABC would have needed at least 13 episodes to fill the timeslot until the next cycle of DWTS begins on March 29th. Because it won’t be returning until January 4th, and there are only 12 Tuesdays until March 30th, ABC doesn’t need as many episodes. The network is reportedly already planning a pair of preemptions.

The cast and crew are still filming so the scripts will be adapted to bring the season to a close after 10 episodes.

How does this bode for V’s prospects of a third season? Not very well but then, the show has always had an uphill battle ahead of it.

V was barely renewed last May because of low ratings and last season’s finale brought in just a 2.1 rating in the all-important 18-49 demographic. It’s a science-fiction serial drama with lots of ongoing storylines so V is unfortunately not very conducive to new viewers to start watching. Even if everyone who watched the season finale returns to watch season two, V will be one of the lowest rated shows on the network. If it were on the schedule right now, it would only be beating The Whole Truth, a ratings disaster.

What do you think? Do you think the series will last long enough to see a third season or is it sure to be cancelled? What would you do to get the TV show some new viewers? Is it possible?

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  1. Yanti says

    I think the show is great and I would love to see season 3. There are ways to catch up on season 1 & 2 by renting the dvds at the store. I personally like each show to have a cliff hanger and V has maintained that and leading to a great one at the season 2 finale.

  2. Dave says

    first season was excellent. 2nd season is ok but not up to the writing of the first season. I just feel the writing could have been kicked up a notch.

  3. Anonymous says

    first season was excellent. 2nd season is ok but not up to the writing of the first season. I just feel the writing could have been kicked up a notch.

  4. Michael says

    I think they need to keep shows like this seems like all we get on tv anymore is perverted comedies or dumb animation thats why everyone pays for cable to get away from those horrible shows ..then abc or nbc comes out with a good show they want to cancel it right away ..

  5. says

    Not impressed with this series the original wipes the floor with it, the charecters do not stand up to the originals and i am afraid this is another classic programme ruined by TV execs who should leave well alone.

  6. Bonnie says

    I really enjoyed the show!! I get so sick of the hackem up junk shows with blood & guts I know its not a real life show but it takes you away from real life drama.
    I for one would love to see more types of series like V, but I love syfy shows,
    I loved Batlestar Galicita, Capria & now thoes series are off the air,I hope they don’t
    take Merlin off the air. Sorry I hate Blood & guts movies, oh I do like
    Beinghuman, Hey ABC whats the matter with you people wake up!!! your loosing

    • says

      ya i hope they do eventually. what sucks is they have to wait for 7 yrs under the reinstitution of previously produced shows act of 1997, unless the creators consent to let syfy (or any other channel for that matter) start producing new episodes. so im with ya on that one, i hope the creators of the 2009 V are smart enough to let someone do it, its a unique stary that deserved to be told correctly, without taking any substance from the show, if i had the money to get it going i would make new shows for the V series lol, but i dont have 3 hundred million dollars to spend, im about 299,990,000 dollars short loo, maybe if i save ill have enough in 2 or 3 hundred years lol, anyway, i wish everyone good luck at abc, for the continued succsess in my opinion with the rest of the story, the producers said that season 3 is very possible and very likely so maybe we WILL get to finish the stary, i mean after this season the story will be coming to and end, and unless they screw up and try to make the story more than what it is and put in a bunch of filler thats not necessary to move the story along, i cant see a season 4, the story is almost finished as it is presently, and we r only 4 episodes into season 2 so i dont see how they can stretch the story far enough to do a season 4, read the 3 books written 5 yrs ago that tell the story we are just now watching on abc and u will see why i say that, at the point we are at now in the tv series, the book only has 9 chapters left so we are really close to the series finally, so thats just food for thought, to all the V and true science fiction fans out there keep ur head up and stay positive about the show and voice ur opinoin to the public, weather it be by leaving comments like on this page or blogging or however u can, let it be known to the world how u feel about it and maybe if enough of us do that we will ge results, good luck and may the force be with you, live long and prosper, and in the famouse words of dr. who ,”alon- ze”! (which means, hang on, in french-cajun) its gonna be a long bumpy ride!!!!

  7. Michael Wellington says

    ABC is notorious for not giving shows the ability to gain any traction. Then they also do stupid things like cancelling 10 shows this last fall. The only good shows on ABC that are not reality or news are Detroit 187, Castle, The Gates (which got cancelled), The Middle, Off the Map, Rookie Blue, and My Generation (which I haven’t watched). Cougar Town is already boring and has that annoying voice from friends.

    • TONY says

      the “only” good shows? dude you just named 75% of the total shows on abc lol, come onits not abc’s fault the show is doing bad, there is a demographic showing that sci-fi shows/movies have taken i hit in popularity since the star wars saga was completed, and this is worldwide, there just isnt any interest in science fiction like there was 10 yrs ago, everything has been done, there isnt anything original anymore, except V, and it isnt getting the credit it deserves, its the best sci-fi show out right now followed up by dr. who and torchwood. and the 2009 star trek movie was awesome as well, its the best trek movie ever done, zachary quintos played the spock character as well as leonard nimoy did in the original trek, and chris pine as kirk was perfect.. and alot of people dont know it but the girl, Natiri, the one jake sully hooks up with at the end, from the avatar movie (part 1) her name is Zoe Saldana, she played a great role as Nyota Uhura, but i digress, my point is, with all the sci-fi shows out now, its virtually impossible to come up with something new, so i think the creators of V have done a perfect job of creating a new story for an old show, its harder to do than you think, i give props to the entire cast and crew of V. they are gods as far as keeping the story intense and unpredictable…

  8. Junie says

    The new v series is great.I enjoy watching it.there are some movies made for movie theaters but were forbidden to be realesed regarding this v series. Wake up people!!!! 2012 is almost here…..

    • TONY says

      what does 2012 have to do with V? and fyi, there were 3 movies, and they were realeased in the early 90’s. people kill me, u want to complain about the movies not being released, yet they were, get ur facts together, there was -V, the untold ministries,- V, conflict at sigma alpha 7, and ,V, the fight for freedom, they all 3 had the original cast except the fight for freedom as they replaced jane badler as diana and brought in tonya roberts as diana, as Badler and the tv network had creative differences supposedly, noone really knew till 10 yrs later she had a drug problem and missed all the rehersals for the last movie so she was replaced by Roberts for the final installment. plase get the facts correct, and people wander why the show isnt getting very good ratings, if people were as informed as they thought they were and actually paid attention to whats going on on the show instead of complaining about its downfalls and shortcomings, alot more people would be watching and i wouldnt have to be the one to lay the facts down and get aggravated by the fact that half the things ive read on this page is not correct by a longshot, if knowledge is power, then there are some powerless people on here, study up on V and email me, and btw, im not trying to dis anyone or be disrespectful at all, i just get aggravated when people say things that isnt correct and turn around and complain about V movies being forbidden to be released when they were released in the 90’s, if you (not you specifficaly, people in general) dont know about a V fact 100% dont say or imply that you do, that makes you look really uninformed and youll get made fun of by the immature idiots out there and noone wants that lol…

  9. sal says

    Just when I really find a series worth watching, instead of reality or “dancing” shows, it sits on the cusp of cancellation. I don’t get why scifi just doesn’t get renewed. There is enough of us out here who want such a type of series.

  10. Alyssa Rodriquez says

    It should not take all of that to get more viewers. If a show is good–it is good. If the show is dead–it is dead. The show has everything that has been seen before. There is nothing unique about the new V. I can wish and wish and hold my breath all I want for this show. But if the show does not have a good story line, what is the point? I know that Jane Badler is back. (wonderful idea). Thank God. And if I was ABC, I would have aloud everyone from the original to come back and or I would have had new actors, some of the original cast with the same writers, directors, producers, and creators from the original. When the original first aired on NBC, it was convincing. It captured the imagination of the viewers. There was no show like it and it was unique. Yea… it did have special effects, but the story line and acting was soooo convincing. It scared viewers and it peeked their imagination. I would compare the original series V to when listeners of radio back in the days first heard, “War of the Worlds.” They were terrified. But it caught their attention. When the original series aired, everyone the next day talked about it. I don’t hear or see the same thing happening with the new V series. Do you know why? because there is nothing unique about it. It’s been done before, and i don’t say that because it is a remake. I say that because the concept, the violence, the special effects, and the weak story line has been seen by this generation before. You have to respect and trust the fans enough to give them what they want if your going to give them anything at all. They should have respected the original creators of the show enough and allow them to strongly influence the show. This show has fallen short. I don’t know the future of this show. But the Original is a hard act to follow. Especially when your relying on special effects and modern looking scenery to carry the show. We have seen that before. People said that the original was scary and almost like a soap opera. Yep and the ratings were high, and people were talking about it the next day. I don’t see or hear people talking the new V series.

    • TONY says

      actually the ratings were crap in the original miniseries, thats why they did the 2 hour movie to wrap up the series, it was cancelled the day after the series finally, they were going to do another season but the ratings were so bad they cancelled it and ended it in the movie 2 months later, and thats the last of V till it came on ABC last year, and the only time its been done is the 1983 series there has never been a story like V, idk where your getting the new series isnt unique, its continuing the story from the 80’s, trust me, sci fi is my life, i review new sci fi stories for a living its all i know, its 1 of the most unique series ever done. and there are people talking about it the next day, you just dont see or hear everyone in the world that talks about it, ur comment is long and seemingly genuine, but your facts are a little off, if people would get things right and pay attention to the facts, i bet the series would be more popular, things are alot better when people actuallt take time to understand the story and actually get into a story, its the uniformed people that get shows cancelled for their lack of insight, u need to understand whats going on and not look at the show as just another alien flick, the story is deep and intense and very articulate, it takes a certain kind of mind to understand the whole concept of the show, there are things they put in each episode that is critical to the story and you can only find out what those things are by reading the weekly online review on syfy.com and i bet most people dont even know that, without that review, your not getting the entire story, there are things they say that complete the story for each episode, and if you dont rwad that u will never have the entire V story, FYI.

      • says

        You know, I might have found your rejoinder to Alyssa more interesting to read if it hadn’t been written as one long run-on sentence. And you claim to write science fiction reviews for a living?

        Bad spelling, grammar, and punctuation are nigh unforgivable — especially if your stock-in-trade is writing reviews.

        But never mind that. I’m going to assume you’re an amateur reviewer (i.e., not really making a living at it), or else engaging in hyperbole as most do on forums such as this.

        Alyssa is right — the new V series is not unique. It’s a rehash of the original V, with a different emphasis. (The original V miniseries and the follow-up “V: The Final Battle” were an allegory about the Holocaust; the visitors in that were essentially Nazis, and their symbol was a modified swastika. If you don’t believe me, just go fire up a browser, point to Google, and start doing some searches. Or at least read the Wikipedia page about these two miniseries. I was lucky enough to have grown up watching them as well as the spin-off TV series in the 80s.)

        The new V series on ABC is most definitely NOT a continuation of the story line from the original miniseries on NBC. There are some sly references to the original show, but Jane Badler’s character has nothing in common with her persona from the original series except for the name Diana. Marc Singer will be coming to the new V as a completely different character. If the new series were a continuation of the storyline from the 80s, there would be some worldwide memory of the original arrival of the visitors — and that’s just the most glaringly obvious discrepancy in your theory. Oh, that, and the creators of the new show are billing it as a reimagining, not a continuation of the storyline — just like Ron Moore did with Battlestar Galactica.

        I pay attention to detail in shows at an obsessive (as in OCD) level, especially science fiction shows. There’s not much that’s good here. Being as OCD as I am, I am constantly catching plot holes and overall problems with the premise that only serve to make me cringe. This new season of V on ABC really went off the rails IMHO when it started going on about the soul, and Anna’s quest to eradicate it. Whatever promise the show had in season 1 (and I thought the acting and the science fiction premise were both rather weak), I feel has been squandered.

        I am especially pained by the knowledge that a better science fiction series that debuted on ABC at the same time as V got canceled — I’m speaking of FlashForward. True, the show had some issues, but the acting was far better than what we’re seeing in V, and the issues were not too numerous (nor were they insurmountable). So ABC kept V, but jettisoned the far-more-rewarding and enjoyable FlashForward. Very sad.

  11. jaszie_coco says

    all i can think of is to avdertise it more on poppular channels, websites, magazines, billborads, talk shows, i.e. get dat show noticed maybe if people start seeing it enough u might get more viewers

  12. brendan says

    10 epsiodes !!?. thats it. i wait a year for just 10 goddamn episodes. u bet they will wtill charge the same price for the dvds..

    • TONY says

      sorry, but there will be no DVD realease for the V series, the producers and creators have said they will not allow it to be released on DVD because they wont make enough money from it, go figure. And in reality its only been 7 months since the last episode of last season, but it seems like a year.

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