V: The Series: Aliens Planning Return in New TV Show

V: The SeriesThe aliens have landed. Well, sort of. ABC is greenlighting a pilot for a new version of V. Back in the 1980s, the V miniseries spawned both a sequel, novels, and a short-lived TV show.

The original 1983 mini-series stars Jane Badler, Michael Durrell, Marc Singer, Jeff Yagher, Blair Tefkin, Robert Englund, and Faye Grant, and focuses on a race of friendly and helpful humanoid aliens that land on Earth. Referred to as “The Visitors,” these aliens offer up their advanced technology in exchange for the chemicals and minerals their ailing world desperately needs. Unfortunately, they’re not what they appear to be. Journalist Michael Donovan eventually discovers that the human-looking aliens are actually reptiles who prefer live meat. Before he can get the word out, the Visitors take control of the media and soonafter, the world.

The miniseries spawned a second miniseries, novels, and its own weekly TV show that ran in 1984. V: The Series ran for only one season. Many of the actors from the miniseries returned and were joined by Jennifer Cooke, Jeff Yagher, June Chadwick, Michael Ironside, and Lane Smith.

NBC cancelled the show after 18 episodes and the finale ended on a cliffhanger that left many storylines unresolved. DC Comics published a comic based on the weekly series that also lasted 18 installments but didn’t resolve any of the show’s storylines either.

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In 1989, Warner Bros. considered producing a new series, V: The Next Chapter, that would have picked up the TV show’s storylines some five years later. After numerous script drafts, the project was ultimately abandoned due to expected high production costs.

Now, Warner Bros. wants to try again and ABC has given the project a greenlight. This time around, The 4400’s co-creator/exec producer, Scott Peters, has the reins. Kenneth Johnson, the original’s writer/producer, isn’t involved with the ABC project.

The new series pilot will focus on a Homeland Security agent named Erica Evans. She has an aimless son who attaches himself to the newly-arrived aliens, causing lots of tension at home. Like the original, the new V will center around aliens who say they’ve come to Earth to help but have other motivations. Because this is a reworking of the original story, it’s doubtful that any of the performers from the original will reprise their roles.

If the pilot impresses network execs and gets a go-ahead, will the new series outlast the original? Other recent remakes of NBC 1980s shows, like Bionic Woman and Knight Rider, have been critical and viewer disappointments. Perhaps the new V will be different. One way or another though, these aliens just refuse to go away.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  5. says

    Hello Sir/Madam… I love to watch Homeland Security on ABC channel but they stopped the program because of Auto Races almost every weekly on Sunday since last early Falls. I want to know if Homeland Security will come back on the TV (ABC) again. I hope so. I hope they would NOT cancel it. Please let me know when it will start back again or in 2010. Thank you, P J.

  6. SHANE says

    Well, I was only 8 years of age when this aired and I remember my parents watching this tv series. I thought it was a pretty good sci-fi series. Just got done watching the 4th episode, and i can not wait till March 2010. This is good family time for my family and I to watch something that can keep the kids interested. They are 13 – 12 – 7 and they enjoy watching this . I would love to see some of the old actors in this. Really the only one that I remember is Robert Englund just because of nightmere on elm st. lol!!!! Come on March 2010. Hope this series taks off well.

  7. Jamhog says

    I hope the writers “re-imagined” this incarnation of “V” with some better acting and directing! The original mini series was great but they would be hard pressed to be any worse than the original series. They can only go up from there. The original series has got to be the worst thing ever to air on television! (sorry)

  8. tman says

    I would like a better premise for the aliens taking over the planet this time. Here
    -Humans as food makes no sense since cattle would be a better option.
    Humans have little meat on them.
    -Using humans as slaves makes sense if you believe the aliens
    would not have the technology to make robots to do their
    work. If they have the technology to traverse billions of miles across the universe to visit us, why can’t they make household robots to do their bidding?
    -Taking over the planet for its resources would make most sense than any other
    reason. Kinda like independence day.

  9. Mike J. says

    Hollywood revisionists “re-imagined” and totally changed 1978’s Battlestar:Galacticia into a weird and much darker/morbid series with major characters changing gender and one became a spy for the aliens. A principal actor in the new series said that he didn’t care if fans of the classic series don’t like the new series. In the new Star Trek movie, they changed the introduction of all the major characters, had too many completely coincidental meetings among them, killed Spock’s mother and destroyed the planet Vulcan, and left the end of the movie in that alternate timeline which never happened. They re-made “Lost in Space” too. Nothing is sacred anymore. I don’t expect modern Hollywood to do any different with this new “V”.

  10. Jim says

    Actually, I am surprised that they are re-working the series, they should just continue on with where they had left off ….. in the series, I believe that when the Aliens were defeated back in the 80s, someone in the series had mentioned that they would be coming back in twenty years.

    Well, here it is ….. twenty years (and change) later …… just continue with the original story with the Aliens coming back as expected.

  11. Sumai says

    Information on questions posted here based on some of the V comic books published by DC Comics, V novels officially published and widely recognized fan based novels.
    Anonymous:Comment 1. William , played by Robert Englund, was a dearly loved character, with the mind and innocence of a child. A practitoner of the peaceful ancient Visitor religion, he guides Elizabeth Maxwell, the Star Child, to her destiny as the Disciple of Amon. It is unlikely the new V series will explore this religion or the Star Child until sometime after the first season when the Resistance is well underway ,after the first season, according to the publically annnounced story board. And if they do, it is unlikely they will follow the Los Angeles story as they did in the first V series, and rather follow closely the New York story on the East coast.

    KUnityy8659:Comment 4: Robin Maxwell’s 2 younger sisters, along with many other children of the resistance fighters, are moved to northern camps with friends and family, above the Red Dust line so they may not be captured by the Visitors in direct raids. This is briefly mentioned in novels , but never explaine din the original series.

    Other comments pertaining to actors and characters from the original series: Again the focus will be on the New York story, but some mention of favorite resistance fighters such as Michael Donovan, Julie Bishop and Ham Tyler, is not out of the realm of possibility according to public announcements. Due to some minor changes in the overall story flow, and key changes in the way the Visitors come to Earth, the heavy focus will be the New York Resistance as it occurs somewhat simutaneously with the already solidified story the original V series in Los Angeles. If the new V series makes it past the first full season without being cancelled, there is talk among the writers and producers of unifying the New York story as it develops with the LA story, where it left off, of course with some changes to better fit with the key elements of the new series. As the entire series is set in present day, just as the original series was, the same actors will not be possible. As Anna now is both the roles of John the Supreme Commander, and Dianna, the LA Mothership Commander, minor reworking of the story is needed to accomodate, for Anna is in direct command of all ships in all cities. It is most likely, however, they are taking the elements of the LA stroy,and rewroking them into the New York story. Erica Evans will replace the role of Michael Donovan, and her son Tyler replacing the conflict Michael had with his son Shaun.

  12. Sumai says

    Everyone says Star Trek, or StarWars, or some other great Sci- Fi classic is the ultimate
    Sci-Fi story. You could argue Dune, Space Odessy 2001, Red Planet, Riddick Chronicles, Farenheit 451, 1984, any number of Zombie movies like 28 Days or Dawn of the Dead, oh my goodness the list goes on and on. But I find the Sci-Fi that truly hits home is a story that takes place today, in our world as we know it today, for we know this world intamately and can identify with it most, allowing for a sense of realism and refelction on ourselves and the human condition as it pertains to the interaction with forces greater than ourselves individually. The same could be said with Sci-Fi like any number of Zombie movies , but these films are less about the human condition, and more about survival against a primal force, instead of a force of great intelligence and technological superiority. Zombie movies, psychologically and symbolicly, are cave man versus stronger beast threateninmg the home, I’m smarter and faster, if not stronger, I use a tool, and traps, I kill all who oppose me. In the case of advanced technology and intelligence it is more like, holy crap look at the size of that spaceship, and my gun and missles are useless!!!
    This concept was first realized and employed by H.G wells with his radio broadcast of War of the Worlds. So effective entire towns where preparing a resistance against immenent alien invasion for a week! This was considered the first truly shaking and real Sci-Fi of all time. This concept later evolved to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, a covert invasion instead of an outward one, still tapping into human fear, but in the end human resitance to a threat. And since then, Alien Invasion movies have been popular, Man versus the overwhelming hostile alien force, such as Independence Day and so forth.
    But what if the overwhelming alien force was not hostile? What if they came in peace AND offered their technology freely, and cured all illness and human ailments and offered repair of a crippled atmoshpere and reparition of a deteriorating world? What if they came as angels or gods to bring humanity to a new pinnacle? What if they came as emissaries of galactic peace only people started to disappear? What if something wasn’t right but no one believed you because they bring nothing but what seems best for the human race? What if you woke up or came home one day to find the people you loved where missing, never to be found again? What if the new alien Visitors where everywhere covering your town with propoganda posters and media, and recruiting the human youth to help enforce their new order? What if you saw entire truck loads of people being taken out of their homes ,with no trial, as suspected disendants, never to be seen or heard from again? What if, to your horror, events where spiraling out of control in your town for the first time since the Nazi regim in europe? What if a stranger came up to you, revealing a horrible truth, that humans where being rounded up by the Visitors, like cattle, as food? Would you not believe them, and hide or play along for your own survival? Or would you takes up arms in a resistance against an impossibly superior rival with almost no hope of Victory, and little chance of your own survival?
    This concept was realized in 1983, with the critically acclaimed Mini Series, V. Without doubt the most successful Sci-Fi to air on network television since Star Trek. The darker side where the good guys didn’t always win, and their were always casualities. The most realistic Sci-Fi ever to grace the TV waves in history. And V? She is Back, and this time, there may be no way to get rid of her…

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