V: Diana and Other Familiar Faces May Be Back

VMany fans of the original V have mixed feelings about ABC’s upcoming reboot. They may feel better knowing that the producers of the new show aren’t totally abandoning the sci-fi story’s past.

At the recent TCA press tour, one of the new show’s executive producers, Scott Peters, told Sci Fi Wire that Jane Badler may actually have a role in the new V. Badler, who lives in Australia, played one of the original V’s most memorable aliens, Diana, in both the mini-series and the weekly show that followed. Peters noted that Badler actually contacted them, has kept in touch, and may have a part in the new show.

Peters also says that the team is also considering inviting other V veterans to the new series as well. The ABC show is still in the early stages of production so he noted that there’s nothing concrete yet, saying, “I haven’t had a chance to actually sit down or talk to anybody face to face, but I would love to.”

If the original cast involvement does work out, Peters wants to be sure it’s worthwhile for everybody. He said, “I don’t want somebody to just walk by in the background and then feature them for a second… I want to find a really interesting role.”

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That could mean that a V veteran might find themselves on the other side of the fight between the humans and aliens. He said, “It’s either a really ironic role for them, based on what their old role was, or just something really fun or interesting. I want them to have fun doing it. I want the fans to be excited about it. And I think it’s just a fun thing to be able to tip your hat to the old show.”

Prior to the start of filming, Elizabeth Mitchell believed that the new show will have distinct homages to the original. The actress told Digitalspy, “I know that they’re gonna try and take the most iconic moments and make sure that they do service to them. I think that all of the ‘Oh my God!’ moments will all be in there.”

The ABC remake of V is set to premiere on November 3rd. Are you excited for the new version or should they have left the concept alone?

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  1. chris vanhoose says

    the new series could be a temporal mutation to be the actual begining of the v legacy with the arrival of the visitors great enemy arriving first in 2010 then diana of the sirians killing annas mother and taking her identity and wearing her face as a trophy with a time travel twist of the sirians traveling back through time to arrive at earth first in 1983 bringing the original cast from 1983 in asthough the first invasion never happened showing the original uninvaded 80s with ironsides militia and the whole 9 yards with earth to be the temporal stomping grounds hybridizing both series with a reaired re vamped reairing up through the v the final battle and the 85 series sequel we had all hoped for in 2010 and continuation of the clash with the realtered arrival of our non cannibalistic vee friends

  2. sean swisher says

    while viewing ones opinion i believe they done a fanastic job with keeping the viewer hook at watching the new V tv series, i think it would be great to see Jane Badler as Anna mother on the new series she had alot flair to old series.

  3. sean swisher says

    I have really enjoyed the new show, they have shown that they can take any old show and make a remake and can keep it fresh for the view, i think it is cool that they are bringing bac, Diana as anna mother in think it will make show better.

  4. john says

    I dont think they should remake it based on the original series the original 80s series was brilliant and should not be copied they should carry on the story from where it left off they left it on a cliff hanger and for some reason they never made another episode after the return they should at least get all the original cast from the 80s and make a one off episode that continues from the return so we know what happens 2 the star child and the leader of the v after she went into the shuttle then if they make new episodes after with other actors i would watch it but not if they are just gonna remake the original

  5. says

    If the original cast makes appearances on this new “V’ and the directors dont let them keep to there same roles or aleast close to them,then they just as soon keep them out of it because us being such hardcore fans of the original think of Jane Balder I think of her as “Diana as a head in charge alien” ,,aleast and alien anyway.and the others as freedom fighters.Which is easy cause you can have alot of freedom fighters.Having them in other roles would just be too fustrating. and a wrong move.This new one is just too “out there” for my liking.But with so many lousy shows on today,its refreshing to see a good sci fi series on tv.I do hope it much success for all those that love this new remake.

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