V: TV Show’s Scott Rosenbaum Talks Season Three

V TV showWill V be back for a third season? That’s still up in the air as ABC execs decide their new schedule for 2011-12. If you look purely at the ratings, it seems quite likely that V will be cancelled.

V was saved last season, despite lackluster ratings in the latter part of the season. The sci-fi drama ended up averaging a 2.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 7.44 million viewers. They were surely hoping that ratings would climb in season two but they didn’t. The 10 episodes averaged a 1.9 rating and 5.49 million viewers, a demo loss of 32% year-to-year.

If ABC does order a third season of V, showrunner and executive producer Scott Rosenbaum has some ideas on how that will happen. Here are a couple brief video interviews from his appearance at WonderCon in San Francisco.

What do you think? Will V be back for season three in the fall, mid-season, or just cancelled? After two seasons on the air, is it reasonable to expect that the ratings could go up?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sane says

    _Well I think, that the story of the series, might have affected some true “V’s” that exist on Earth for a very long period and has exposed them irreversibly, as far as their nature is concerned !
    _And since Mankind’s drop and exile from what was named after “Paradise” ( some million years ago, when “the Serpent” walked on his feet, according to the Bible ), was due to the temptation of the “Dragon”, to abstruct Mankind of their mission, ( to guard and sustain the garden, which God himself was farming and wasn’t like the other part of the creation in nature, where God comanded and happened ).
    _The “Serpent” was, according to the Bible, the most intelligent creature that Lord God had ever created, yet cunning enough to “incite”, the innocent untill then Humanity, to rebell against their Creator, in order to have “access” to what was untill then, forbidden for their species to “consume” ( which provided the ability of knowing good and bad and distinguish clearly between them).
    _Those “guys” are very long on this Planet and nobody has ever told us, what is truly going on …
    _And since the “Armagedon” or “The end of our world” or the “Battle of all battles”, is prophecised to happen, in most religions, as diverting as they might appear, whe should take seriously into account the fact, that “a might be” intrusion of an alien species, isn’t an imaginative science – fiction bubble, but a definite, unavoidable, existing threat !
    _All that, would be at stake … with all humans being sceptical enough, after all that focussing on their malignant character and their equally evil nature, with their devious policies and their selfish disdain about the existence of the other species (using them just for their purposes, declaring them expendable towards their own race).
    _So if any disclosure of a mass-encounter of a third type, would ever happen, that would never lead to an unbiased, interracial communication, not involving anxiety and distrust, let alone a subconscious doubt about their real intentions …
    _The notion that such an advanced, in matters of technology species, would drift from one Solar system to another, seeking for the opportunity, to thrieve upon the extinction of another inferior one, does not comply with the general aspect that it would be possible to happen -especially by a more evolved and developed “Culture” – but such a threat, can equally not be ingrored !
    _Finally, since the Lord God our “Creator” is referred to as “Elohim” which in translation from the -Aramaic- (ancient Jewish), means “Heavenly beings”, it would be very comforting, if … according to Anna’s wish, which she ironically gave to the Priest, and indeed is Mankind’s hope, The Lord would appear (as a guest-star), just to put the “Serpent” for another time in place, “kicking her as” and teaching her species the Gospel of love, which they undoubtedly need, to fill their … inner emptyness !
    _That would undoubtedly be, the most unexpected and dramatic happy – end, ever shown in the show-business !!!

  2. Eddie says

    Bring v back because the show was getting good you don’t stop a show like that when it is getting good brings back

  3. Paul Schafer says

    My two favorite sci-fi shows were canceled, Flash-Forward and ā€œVā€. I enjoyed the original V back in the 80ā€™s, and with the advent of CGI, it made this series even better.

  4. Paul Ayala says

    I believe ABC causeed V’s demise. There was too much lag tome between Season 1 & 2. They did the same thing to the epic series “Commander-in Chief”. V is of the same calibur as STAR TREK. Market it, promote it schedule it on a Sunday evening. The WILL come!

  5. Donna Tatman says

    I loved V and am so upset to hear it won’t be on again!! I agree that they should do a series 3 to bring finality and not just leave us “hanging”. I even put all the episodes on my DVR so I could watch them over again and bring myself up-to-date before the new shows started. PLEASE bring it back!!

  6. says

    I love the new V series! It’s about time ABC gets a tv program that’s sifi orriented like V is. I’m sure season 3 will be kick ass and ratings will soar. Its time to get rid of some of the reality shows.

  7. Alberto Gallegos says

    At least give us season 3 to bring a finale to it, instead of leaving it up in the air.

  8. BIGVFAN says

    If you are going to cancel any show, which is perfectly understandable, how come you cant provide a proper ending to the show with closure and finality? Where is the respect for the viewer?

    • Danny Zee says

      You must be one of the “people” who watch all the (Non) Reality CRAP the networks are so into airing. Just because your taste doensn’t devolve to a series like “V” isn’t a reason to want it cancelled.

  9. testy says

    You guys are missing the point. What is so complicated about seeing that 20 episodes over 2 years makes one season. no online means that in a serial drama like this, you miss one showing and you are lost. I tried for weeks to leagally find one of the first episodes of the second season after a dvr failure. I eventually just skipped it and watched the rest. the disjointed schedule really screwed this show. again 10 episodes are not a season. how are you supposed to get in to a watching schedule of a show that is only on 20% of the year? I support any scifi that is watchable, I get really tired of reality tv showing people making stupid choices or mindless drivel like sitcoms that show people that would not act the way they do on tv. why is mundane good enough for most people?

  10. BringBackVfor3 says

    V is a great series. It would also make a great major motion picture. My family will watch a season three if there is one.

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