V: TV Show’s Scott Rosenbaum Talks Season Three

V TV showWill V be back for a third season? That’s still up in the air as ABC execs decide their new schedule for 2011-12. If you look purely at the ratings, it seems quite likely that V will be cancelled.

V was saved last season, despite lackluster ratings in the latter part of the season. The sci-fi drama ended up averaging a 2.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 7.44 million viewers. They were surely hoping that ratings would climb in season two but they didn’t. The 10 episodes averaged a 1.9 rating and 5.49 million viewers, a demo loss of 32% year-to-year.

If ABC does order a third season of V, showrunner and executive producer Scott Rosenbaum has some ideas on how that will happen. Here are a couple brief video interviews from his appearance at WonderCon in San Francisco.

What do you think? Will V be back for season three in the fall, mid-season, or just cancelled? After two seasons on the air, is it reasonable to expect that the ratings could go up?

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  1. Apple IIGS says

    I’d be disappointed if ‘V’ is NOT canceled. I’ve sat through and watched every episode in season 1 and wasn’t at all impressed. Regardless, I gave it a second chance and watched all of season 2 as well. Nothing changed. Poor writing, uninteresting plots, uninteresting and unbelievable characters, and just mediocre and unoriginal story telling. Most of the time I felt like I was watching a standard fare cop show, with some kind of weird X-Files twist with alien conspiracies. Would a season 3 change this? I seriously doubt it.

    I’m not even trying to compare it to the original ‘V’ mini-series and later TV show which I watched growing up, and enjoyed immensely. All this new series has done, is made me yearn to go back and watch the original.

    I hope ABC cancels it.

  2. Lynz27 says

    Beware of losing all the colors of your ABC symbol, just like the NBC peacock has lost all her feathers due to poor judgment: Example: cancelling “Friday Night Lights”.
    Sometimes it takes courage to step outside the box of ratings and listen to the viewers & blodgers (see above). V has held its own for over 30 years, and my kids and theirs will continue to follow one the greatest Science Fiction Series ever told.

    Scott Rosenbaum is masterful in all aspects of V and their is no one who can compare to his talents and abilities. Forgive the cliche, V FOR VICTORY- RETURN SOON

    • The Laughing Man says

      So true, my friend. FYI: Anna’s daughter, Lisa, played by the ever beautiful and talented Laura Vandervoort, also left her endearing mark as Kara-El on Smallville.

  3. MJ says

    If ABC cancels V, I will never watch another series on ABC again. Too many great shows that they get you hooked on and then cancel at their whim. I’m done!

    The Gates was a great show, but what did they do? Cancelled it. They don’t care about their viewers at all.

    Long list: Invasion, Farscape, Moonlighting – the list goes on and on.

    And, TJ, you are correct, most do it. Fox stayed true to 24 though for a long time. I’ll give credit where credit is due.

  4. TJ says

    We have agreed if V gets cancelled, we’re done with all new broadcast network shows. Disappointed too many times by ALL the networks, this is the line.

  5. Andrew says

    I love V. So interesting, well-written for Sci-Fi, great characters that you really care about. BRING IT BACK!!!!!

  6. Richard says

    Wow. I’m a regular reader of this site, and I was surprised — and honored — to see our interview with Scott here. Thank you for noticing it and including the “Sidewalks Entertainment” interview in your “V” posting.

    I’m glad we got a chance to interview him (we were the very last one at WonderCon and a little nervous that Scott had to leave before our turn). Additionally, I’m happy he answered the online question. Myself included was disappointed that the 2nd season of “V” was not on-line. I, too, missed some episodes and my DVD recorder didn’t record the finale either.

    A little plug for us…I’m planning to put up our interviews with Elizabeth Mitchell and Marc Singer on our website this weekend or early next week.

    Thanks again,
    Executive Producer, “Sidewalks Entertainment”

      • Richard says

        Thanks very much Kat. I appreciate the comment. I wished I had more time to talk to him — get more secret information. LOL. Surprisingly, it was a 6-minute interview. I think we got a lot out of him. I got less time with the “V” stars and “Human Target” executive producer and cast. Take a moment to visit our site.


  7. Rebecca says


    Additionally, they totally screwed up by not making episodes available online or on demand. I’m sorry if I have a life and occasionally leave the house on a Tuesday. I missed the last four episodes because i had to miss two in a row and wanted to watch it chronologically. That killed my viewership. Pretty much every tv show is available online after it airs, what’s the issue with V? ABC needs to do a better job of keeping up with the times, especially when so many people are taking advantage of online options.

    • Kat says

      Apparently Warner Bros and ABC couldn’t come to an agreement/contract for showing them online. If you owned a VCR (what is this, the year 2000?? Yeah, I know, I’m old school), you could’ve taped them. That’s what I did, since I don’t own a DVR… but yeah, you shouldn’t be punished for having a life, heh.

  8. Jeremy Rynek says

    No, they shouldn’t. They gave it another chance for a second season. They should cut their losses now. Cancel it!

    • Evans says

      Just because you don’t like a show doesn’t mean you have to diss it. All shows have a fan-base, whether or not YOU like it! It is so annoying when trolls come on a discussion board and wish a show cancelation just because they do not like it. YOU DON’T HAVE TO WATCH IT!!!!

  9. RecceR says

    You guys really need to stop saying ABC has given V a chance, or any show by that matter. They never gave V a chance at all! V had phenomenal ratings when it premiered in November of 2009, but ABC screwed up by only airing 4 episodes and then giving the show a hiatus for nearly 4 months. By the time they came back in spring 2010, people had forgotten all about V, or just had no idea it was coming back thanks to a complete lack of advertising. Then ABC released their fall 2010 pickups and V was missing, they said it was given a 13-episode season 2 order and very likely it would return by November 2010. Then, before the summer was over, they reduced the 13 episodes to 10. Finally, by November 2010, it was announced V would return in January 2011. Yet the season 1 box sets all has promotional stickers that said “Season 2 coming this fall on ABC.” The 20 second promos for season 2 did not even begin airing until December, and the stars were not on any talk shows promoting the series. Elizabeth Mitchell was on some, but weeks after the return. After V premiered its season 2, all the promos stopped. And then ABC went all out with most-likely fairly expensive marketing campaigns for Off the Map and Mr. Sunshine, with non-stop promos, talk show appearances, magazine ads, and even billboards. So saying ABC “gave V a chance” is really pushing it, considering they dug V’s grave.

    I would love to see it come back for even just another 10 episodes to wrap up the series, but knowing ABCs track record, the chances are very slim. Ratings have gone up in the last handful of episodes, but if they take another 8-10 month break they will be worse. If ABC had brains, they’d pick it up for a third season and air it in September, but they won’t. After having so many great shows canceled by ABC that I enjoyed watching, I will not be watching any new shows of theirs right away if V is canceled.

    ALSO: besides V and Castle, ABC has not given a second season to a new show since 2007. So what does that tell you?

    • Bruce says

      I could NOT AGREE WITH YOU MORE. For some reason it seems that ABC is the most lunk headed when it comes to quality scripted shows. You are absoutely correct; the network is totally to blame for V’s “low ratings.” They bray about the 18-49 “demo” but to take a fair perfoming show and put it on “hiatus” is not logical. It almost seems like someone, for some reason, wanted this show to fail. Why because it requires an attention span? It’s not “dance dance dance your butt off” or some crap like that?

      So sure you blockheads at ABC, go ahead. Do another stupid thing. You cancel shows like Life on Mars, Detroit 1-8-7, and hey I even liked Scoundrels and the Gates. Grey’s Anatomy, which has gotten SO OLD, it’s ratings are down. Why don’t you cancel that? Whatever you know what, lunkheads at ABC I have cable. So I can still get Burn Notice, The Closer, Southland, In Plain Sight, Covert Affairs, White Collar, Merlin, and other great shows. I might even spring for HBO, then I can get True Blood, and last years movies. Who needs you ABC? You are a dinosaur.

    • MK says

      You hit the nail on the head. Plus is 7 million that much worse than LOST was doing??? When will the nets realize that the market is segmented. Put on reality shows for the dim and easily amused, put on sci fi/fantasy for the ones who want to be mentally engaged.

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