Vanished: FOX Series Cancelled & Won’t Return

cast of VANISHED on FoxThe network giveth and the network taketh away. FOX recently announced that it was pulling the struggling serial drama Vanished from its schedule for the next few weeks of sweeps. The upside for fans was that it was scheduled to return on December 1st. Not anymore.

FOX has officially cancelled Vanished and it won’t be returning to primetime at all. The series will be replaced by final episodes of Justice, another freshman drama that’s been cancelled.

The four remaining Vanished episodes (the last of which is called the “series finale”) will be shown online. A new segment will be available each Friday, the same day that NBC is posting new Kidnapped episodes. You can see the latest episode (episode #9, “The Cell”) right now by visiting FOX’s Vanished page on MySpace. Three episodes will be kept up at a time and the series finale will be posted online on Friday, December 8th.

There’s no word if Vanished will eventually appear on DVD. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jeremy says

    thought the show was pretty good and then you pull it towards the end. I havent been online yet to watch the rest of it, but I agree with everyone else. FOX sucks for pulling the show.

  2. Brendan says

    Please fox , release the entire series on dvd , Iam sure theres millions of upset viewers like myself , would love to have the dvd on Vanished to see how the show finishes like myself who hasnt seen all the epidsodes

  3. Brendan says

    The I am disgusted at the fox network for changing the day from monday to friday which ruined the show. I booked mondays off to watch Prison Break and Vanished. Why the hell would they change the days when the show is going strong, Once they changed the days it went down the s**tter, I Want Vanished on DVD to see how the show ends in the end, My girlfriend and I watched the show every week

  4. DK says

    Really unhappy with FOX for cancelling the show. They were almost there to finshing off with the story. They could have ended it properply and shown some repect to their dedicated viewers.

  5. Stacy says

    The “finale” was definitely not the finale. It didn’t answer any questions and they promote the “finale” because it was the last show taped. I was trying to find an interview with the writers online to see what would have happened. This was by far the best show of the new season and I’m disappointed that they pulled it. They should have just showed the episodes online every week so the people who didn’t start watching the show could have caught up and got involved in the show. Hopefully there will be some sort of interview somewhere where they will at least tell us what would have happened! I feel cheated and I am boycotting Fox. I am still mad at them for cancelling Reunion mid -way thru!!!!

  6. Jaime Cruz says

    So was that the last episode of vanished on December 8th….I’m still very unclear about what happened…She never saw the senater collins again? Very confused…that can’t be the last one….

  7. Alan Wild says

    I’m from the UK, just watched the ‘finale’
    What a waste of time, they just shot some extra scenes for the final 3 minutes and finished it.
    is it possible to find the storyline anywhere on-line, could fox release the scripts of the episodes they never made, this DEFINATELY wasn’t the end the writers had lined up for us

  8. joe w says

    I’m really getting tired of getting into a great show and then it gets cancelled. Where do you get these ratings from you sure didn’t ask us ( the viewers)

  9. says

    I am also a Mac user (x3 computers) as well as a content creator (writer-director-producer) who refuses to use Bitorrent since it is primarily an avenue that facilitates the stealing of intellectual property (which is every bit as “real” and “privately owned” as your Jet-Ski, folks) – even for the purpose of viewing freely available content that is NOT cross-platform compatible, such as the shows Fox posts online in that ridiculous Windows-only wrapper – and despite it’s numerous factual flaws (in the esoteric arena) I am also curious how they ended things.

    Does anyone know of any sites where Quicktime versions of the remaining episodes have been posted? I made a search but couldn’t turn up anything.


  10. john q1 says

    Fox sucks

    bring back the show

    you idiots kept changing the date and time and expect people to go lucking for a sho they got used to.

  11. Vanished Fan says

    I waited for two weeks see the the final epsisodes of Vanished, a very good show by the way, and checked my Tivo to make sure it was set on Season Pass for recording and find “there are no episodes” remaining. I came to this website and find out that the jerks at FOX have cancelled one of the best shows on TV. This show is and was better the Heroes! What are you knuckleheads thinking? I don’t want to freaking watch a TV show on my computer? I like to sit on my couch, relax and watch TV, so I guess I won’t be seeing the finale because I refuse to sit at my computer and watch a TV or a movie! Idiots!

  12. vanished fan says

    Fox sucks!!!They canceled vanished and I just watched the series finale on myspace and it seemed like they were wrapping it in a hurry ..the mystery is still not clear..only thing thats clear is that Fox sucks..

  13. Tyrone says

    Fox seems to cancel more shows than the others.I try not to watch much tv anymore because you never know how long it will be on.Fox cancelled the show my big fat obnoxious boss a few years ago and left me hanging.This is why I try to get complete series on dvd.

  14. angie says

    this is bullsh*t! I rarely watch tv but i love vanished, prison break and justice. they’ve cancelled 2 of the 3 so when prison break is done, so am I. Fox is stupid! They take off vanished and try to replace it with a 2 hour episode of trading spouses. To hell with the reality shows. I want vanished.

  15. ed says

    As soon as the PRISON BREAK series ends-so does my viewing of FOX.. My wife and I will not forgive or forget the cancelation of VANISHED. It was a show we were really addicted to and FOX pulled the plug! Shame on you FOX!!!!

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