Vanished: FOX Series Cancelled & Won’t Return

cast of VANISHED on FoxThe network giveth and the network taketh away. FOX recently announced that it was pulling the struggling serial drama Vanished from its schedule for the next few weeks of sweeps. The upside for fans was that it was scheduled to return on December 1st. Not anymore.

FOX has officially cancelled Vanished and it won’t be returning to primetime at all. The series will be replaced by final episodes of Justice, another freshman drama that’s been cancelled.

The four remaining Vanished episodes (the last of which is called the “series finale”) will be shown online. A new segment will be available each Friday, the same day that NBC is posting new Kidnapped episodes. You can see the latest episode (episode #9, “The Cell”) right now by visiting FOX’s Vanished page on MySpace. Three episodes will be kept up at a time and the series finale will be posted online on Friday, December 8th.

There’s no word if Vanished will eventually appear on DVD. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. gerald says

    All has been said and said except this; FOX , u need someone lik me on board to have the final say in all decisions concerning yo shows.
    Power to the people.

  2. G N H says


  3. Susan says

    This sucks! I cant stand TV for just this supid things. They get you hyped up for shows, you start to watch them, they pull them and don’t even end the show or announce to the ones who were watching that its over – like it didnt matter we all loved the show!!
    Now I have all these questions that were never resolved. Why not squeeze 30mins of such shows instead of having shows like America Idol results show drag for one hour -> yes i have watched American Idol for all seasons but the results show should just be to the point!

    I miss Vanished and it sucks that it was cancelled plus one of my other most enjoyable show on ABC, Six Degrees

  4. Chris S says

    Sorry to hear this show was
    cancelled. It was definitely one of the better shows on TV.
    It kept you wanting to tune in each week to see what was going to happen. I haven’t been like that since Melrose Place was on!!!! Maybe they
    need a different group to reivew the shows.

  5. Jannick says


    How do FOX expect their viewers to keep up with them when they waste their time like this? You would never, in any other business, experience that the provider treats their clients like this. It is deeply unprofessional and unacceptable.

    It are decisions like these that could ultimately mean the end of FOX – the viewers know that something like this would NEVER have happened on NBC (or any other TV station for that matter).

    What hurts me most, is that by the end of the day FOX will get away with this. In half a year they will launch a new hit-show, and people will have forgotten this major f**k up. The only way FOX could learn from this mistake, is if people would CUT OFF FOX until they view the last episodes of the season. Giving their viewers some sort of closure is the least they can do, and I don’t care how much it will cost them – they can think of it as trying to save a bad investment by ensuring that their clients will stay faithful.

    I’m not only disappointed by the fact that they’ve cut the show – i’m disappointed by their lack of business knowledge.

  6. megan says

    Agreed! I lost track of the show when they switched nights. I found the episodes online and was excited to find out what happened. I was overly disappointed when there was no real conclusion. So what? She just stays in MA and nothing is resolved? A load of crap!

  7. Jeremy Truelove says

    I’ve just finished watching the series online. I didn’t even know that the show exisited until this week. Fox needs to realize that sitcoms & reality shows are fun & all, but a strong series keeps people on there network. Maybe if they advertized the series better it would have gotten better reviews. This series was good & Fox did a hit & miss by canceling the wrong series again. I realize that shows like American Idol bring in alot of money before the airing of the show but most people don’t even like the show anymore & fox still keeps on producing it. Maybe 1 of these days fox will give a new show with alot of potential a fare chance.

  8. Pernille Rosendahl says

    I live in europe and have no access to the website posted on the page. I am deeply disappointed – I liked the show a lot. Sad.

  9. Alex Shelton (Ms.) says

    I got hooked on QAF because of Gale Harold. I was so happy to see him in Vanished. Typical FOX to go the the Dark Side and cancel a good show. Hope we see him somewhere else. Maybe another network can pick up Vanished….

  10. Deb Chips says

    With all the rubbish on TV these days I can’t believe that Vanished has been axed. This is not a week to week show like a sitcom. This show has had me addicted from the beginning and now I will never know what happens. Us Aussies can’t even access myspace. Come on Fox at least give us worldwide some resolution to the story in some way – don’t leave us hanging like this. It’s like reading a murder mystery but someone has torn out the last few pages.

  11. Allan Hall says

    Seriously, one of the only good shows I’ve seen in years, the only one that caught my attention, even when I don’t WATCH tv, and what does Fox do? They don’t even resolve the series… They only needed ONE more episode! >:/

  12. marline wright says

    it ok to pull shows from the air i mean you guys make it but, the show that you take are more valuable to viewers than the one’s left you could replace the winner, standoff, the talk show the loop or till death no one doesnt watches these show’s vanished was a great show and if i was all viewers and sponsors of tv shows i would sponsor any show u=on tv besides prison break and vanished these are two of the best tv shows fox aired and there gone now prison break has only 3 episodes left what can you possibly replace with prison break

  13. Pauline O'Connor says

    I loved this show, anybody who watched it loved it, you didnt give it enough time, when do we get to see all the final series, being in Australia we cant get on the Myspace!! but I hear you didnt give any conclusions anyway, how disappointing!!

  14. kate says

    just watched all 13 of the series. I am gob smacked that they have left it like that with so many loose ends to tie up. Did they catch all the villians, did she go back to her husband or stay with paul.Did the cheif fbi agent get caught. Fox needs a good kick up the rear end for leabving it like this.

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