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VanishedDebuting back in August 2006, Vanished was one of many failed shows from the 2006-07 season. After the immediate success of ABC’s Lost and Desperate Housewives, the networks thought that viewers wanted to see more serial dramas and filled their schedule with them. The strategy didn’t work out very well and most didn’t last a full the season.

Vanished centers around the sudden disappearance of Sara Collins (Joanne Kelly), a teacher and the wife of Senator Jeffery Collins (John Allen Nelson). Though she truly loves him, it turns out there were a few things that Sara couldn’t bring herself to share with her husband. Once the FBI gets involved, the secrets of Sara and those around her start to come spewing out and many people have possible motives for wanting Sara out of the picture. They include her husband’s political enemies; her alcoholic under-age son, Max (John Patrick Amedori); and her formerly-pregnant daughter, Marcy (Margarita Levieva).

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FBI Agents Graham Kelton (Gale Harold) and Lin Mei (Ming-Na) lead the investigation of Sara’s disappearance. Kelton is eventually pulled from the case but keeps working to uncover the truth. Before he can tell the Senator what he’s uncovered, he’s suddenly murdered. His former schoolmate, Agent Daniel Lucas (Eddie Cibrian), takes over the case. Other performers in the series include Rebecca Gayheart, Christopher Egan, Esai Morales, Leslie Odom Jr., Penelope Ann Miller, Joseph C. Phillips, Jeff Michael, Christopher Cousins, Josh Hopkins, David Berman, Robert Hoffman, and Robin Pearson Rose.

As the freshman drama began to fail, writers on Vanished were told to wrap up the abduction story in 13 episodes. The final installment, “Hot Springs”, wasn’t shown in primetime and was only released online. Some of the audience found it, most didn’t. Because there were so many other continuing storylines in Vanished, few viewers who did see it felt very satisfied. Last season, there was talk of revisiting the case for an episode of Bones but this idea seems to have been derailed by the writers strike.

What do you think? Are you satisfied by this ending? Would you like the studio to produce more of a conclusion? Would you like to see the whole series released on DVD or should Vanished just be forgotten?

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  1. emma says

    iwatched all 13 episodes and i still don’t know why sara Collins was kidnapped. Is there episodes 14 or final?

  2. NIck says

    Just finished the series last night. So much more to the story. This was a great show. Still made it’s gone.

    This and a few other shows from Fox are the reason I will not invest any time in a series from Fox. They get cancelled way to fast. Have to make room for more and more American crappy idol.

  3. laura says

    i watched this series strictly because of Gale Harold. When he was killed of that was the end of Vanished for me.

    I would not puchase this DVD if it were released. I taped it off of TV, and besides why exactly would I want to put more $ into the hands of the people who fired Gale in the first place?

  4. jen says

    i wasnt even able to watch all episodes because i live in canada and the links are not out, but i did see all episodes except for 7,8,9,10,11,12 . and i was so dissapointed when the show got cancelled from fox..

  5. jane says

    When you killed Gale Harold’s character you killed the show. Stupid move by stupid people who don’t know or understand loyality.

  6. Suzie says

    I couldn’t agree more with the commenters above. “Vanished” was okay, but I would never have continued watching it after the first few episodes if not for Gale Harold. He was far and away the best thing about it, especially his scenes with Yara Martinez. Once they killed him off, I watched only out of morbid curiosity, knowing the series was then doomed. It was like watching a car wreck in slow motion — horrifying but hard to look away.

    Resurrecting it would be laughable, but I’d probably end up buying the DVDs for Mr. Harold alone.

  7. Lorie says

    I’d like to see it on DVD only for Gale Harold’s performance. Like many other people, he is the only reason I watched the show. He is a wonderful actor and I would watch anything with him in it.

  8. kd says

    Yes , I would love it released on DVD! I’ve been waiting since the series
    was cancled for Fox to release the series on DVD. I have all but a few of
    Gale’s performances and was hoping to add this series to my collection.

  9. Ine says

    The only good thing about the show was Kelton and they killed him off… I would buy the DVD to complete my collection of Gale’s DVDs but I didn’t really like the show. When Gale left, so did I.

  10. Wirthwoman says

    Yes, I want it released on DVD because I own every movie or series that Gale Harold has been in. He was the star of the show and they killed him off and lost all his thousands of fans and the show tanked. I don’t care about the episodes after Kelton was killed but I want to have the ones he was in. I think even those fans who hated Vanished because of what they did to him will buy it for Gale Harold’s performance.

  11. jh says

    I’d like it released on DVD, only to complete my collection of Gale Harold DVDs. He was never used to full advantage on the show, but in my opinion he was all it had. The real plunge in the ratings came when they inexplicably replaced him. The show was byzantine but shallow, and Graham Kelton was the only character with any complexity or depth. And a couple of scenes (rare) in which he interacted with his ex-wife (Yara Martinez) were by far the best scenes in the series.

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