Vegas: “An Enormous Hit” That Will Be Cancelled

Vegas cancelled hit?In a recent installment of Larry King’s web talk show, Larry King Now, the host interviewed Dennis Quaid about the actor’s CBS TV show, Vegas. They talked a lot about various aspects of the show and Quaid gave King a tour of the impressive set.

On two occasions during their discussion, King described Vegas as being a successful series. The second time, he called it “an enormous hit” and asked Quaid if he would stick with the series if it ran for eight years. The actor seemed a bit uncomfortable and was careful not to agree or disagree with what King was saying.

Here are the clips:

As readers here know, Vegas is definitely not a ratings hit and is almost certain to be cancelled after one season. Despite having expensive sets and top actors, the ratings were pretty bad on Tuesday nights and are now terrible, even by Friday night standards.

There are 21 episodes in this season and, given Vegas’ numbers, it’s a bit of a surprise that the network let them all air. Tonight’s is the 20th installment which means that next week’s episode, titled “Sons of Nevada,” will surely be the series finale.

CBS will announce their plans for the 2013-14 season on or before Wednesday, May 15th. As we do every year, we’ll have all the latest news on renewals and cancellations as soon as they’re announced.

What do you think? Are you enjoying Vegas on CBS? Is it a hit? Are you hoping that it gets renewed somehow?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. PWonderful says

    NO don’t cancel it! What is with the powers-that-be at the networks these days? They promo the hell out of new shows, and then by the 2nd episode its already on the chopping block? Not a way to run a profitable business. And look at all of the schedule changes and juggling these brand new struggling shows endure and what is to be expected? DUH. I mean are these “powers” just ignorant or are they just that stupid. Give these new shows a chance at least. Look at the very best series ever (NCIS) and it had terrible ratings its first year – yet obviously someone else was in power back then because (fortunately) they gave NCIS an actual chance and look at it now? It’s ratings are stronger than last year. After all of the money spent on Vegas, the unique costumes, scenery, and the great actors, just give the show another season.

  2. Kat says

    I agree that Vegas is a great show and should NOT be cancelled. I also agree that there aren’t enough intelligent shows on televisions these days. I hate reality television and am very fearful for our future if that is the kind of thing the majority of people find entertaining. Instead of valuing great writing and great acting, we are becoming a society of people who enjoy watching other people’s suffering, embarrassment, pain, insanity, and don’t even get me started on bad manners and even worse grammar. Do society a favor… don’t cancel Vegas!

  3. james says

    I love vegas…..thinks it a great show…love the characters and enjoy the plot….hate to see it go…it will be one less reason to stop watching cbs

  4. Joe C says

    Vegas is a great show. Good stories taking place in a period all but forgotten in this country. The setting in the early days of one of our most exciting cities with real period sets makes this a great show to watch. The cast is first rate and delivers a great show each week. Vegas needs a home where it can be found each week. Placing Golden Boys, a boring unrealistic cop show, in the Vegas Tuesday slot was a big mistake. Give Vegas a chance!

  5. Tracey says

    If Vegas is cancelled, I will basically stop watching network TV. These networks need to take a stand and not go for the easy buck by catering to the useful idiot majority that watch things like “Teenage Mom” “American Idol” and “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. If that’s what you are really after just put pornos on and I’m sure you’ll get lot’s of peopel to tune in!

  6. carol frost says

    please don’t cancel it, give it a chance to make it a success. Being on Friday is difficult when everyone is running around on Fridays!!!!

  7. Jacqualine Astudillo says

    There is never any doubt in my mind that a program will be canceled if it has fine actors,
    new and innovative scripting, great characters and something of interest for
    anyone with half a brain. Don’t people get annoyed, disgusted and just plain tired of reality TV? I have enough reality in my life. I look forward to pretend. I enjoy being entertained by good programing such as Vegas. What is wrong with people?

  8. Vicki says

    We love the show. Luv Dennis Quaid and the whole cast. For god’s sake, save one good show instead of cancelling them. Remember they wanted to cancel Seinfeld at one point. Look what happened there, when given a chance. Please keep it on.

  9. says

    Vegas is an astounding show, where opposites attract like dynamite and diamonds. It’s a shame to see such good writing and fantastic characters slip into the darkness of cancellation. Someone…save Vegas!

  10. Rhodes says

    Love the show Vegas, but also loved “The Finder”. They must only keep Reality shows on anymore.

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