Vegas: “An Enormous Hit” That Will Be Cancelled

Vegas cancelled hit?In a recent installment of Larry King’s web talk show, Larry King Now, the host interviewed Dennis Quaid about the actor’s CBS TV show, Vegas. They talked a lot about various aspects of the show and Quaid gave King a tour of the impressive set.

On two occasions during their discussion, King described Vegas as being a successful series. The second time, he called it “an enormous hit” and asked Quaid if he would stick with the series if it ran for eight years. The actor seemed a bit uncomfortable and was careful not to agree or disagree with what King was saying.

Here are the clips:

As readers here know, Vegas is definitely not a ratings hit and is almost certain to be cancelled after one season. Despite having expensive sets and top actors, the ratings were pretty bad on Tuesday nights and are now terrible, even by Friday night standards.

There are 21 episodes in this season and, given Vegas’ numbers, it’s a bit of a surprise that the network let them all air. Tonight’s is the 20th installment which means that next week’s episode, titled “Sons of Nevada,” will surely be the series finale.

CBS will announce their plans for the 2013-14 season on or before Wednesday, May 15th. As we do every year, we’ll have all the latest news on renewals and cancellations as soon as they’re announced.

What do you think? Are you enjoying Vegas on CBS? Is it a hit? Are you hoping that it gets renewed somehow?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Buck says

    Man up CBS! This is a quality series, not some cheap easy to produce reality show. Please show us you’re not NBC, FOX or some trashy cable network and take pride in offering the exception on television – a quality production worthy of it’s cast and crew. MASH’s first season was a ratings dud, but the executives then knew it was a show worthy of a second season, and the rest is history!!! You’re got a gold mine on your hands! Wake-up and give this wonderful cast and crew a second season.!! You won’t be sorry. If not, you’re just as sorry as the lazy executives at the other money grabbing networks!!!

  2. says

    I love quality scripted drama and Vegas was an excellent show, as was Golden Boy. It seems like I’m watching less and less of the major TV channels each year and do more viewing through Amazon and Netflix.

  3. Dale says

    It behooves me where all the negative ratings come from to cancel good shows like Vegas and Golden Boy. I am sick and tired of all the reality shows. I am sure most of us are struggling and trying to survive from day to day, so why would we want to watch reality shows? I think most of us just want to be entertained with good tv shows instead.

  4. Lou says

    Please, please keep it on . It’s one of the few shows on tv that is worth watching. My husband and I love watching the great actors, great plots, and of course, old Vegas!

  5. Jackie Prisk says

    This show should not be canceled. Maybe it was for gotten for a while when it wasn’t shown by choice of the network. You want people to watch it then promote it and don’t take off in the middle of the season and expect people to remember it. Every time there is an excellent show on it gets cancelled, but networks leave on some reality crap that has nothing to offer other than showing people obnoxious behavior is acceptable.

    • Linda says

      I agree 100% with all of these posts. Vegas is such a well written show with first rate actors/actresses. Reality shows and stupid sitcoms seem to be all that networks want to push on us, and these shows just seem to highlight the negative, rude and obnoxious side of people. I’ll be really sad if Vegas is cancelled. Good shows get people hooked, then the rug is usually pulled out from under all of us after one season. What a shame.

  6. david says

    KEEP IT… I hope they keep this show or make it into a movie.. Then if cbs cancels it and the movie becomes a box office hit make it into a series but keep cbs out of it…

  7. Mary says

    I hope CBS gives Vegas another season to establish itself. It’s a good show, good actors, interesting stories. My husband and I enjoy the series. Lot better than constant reality shows. Please renew!

  8. Ad2b says

    It’s a show that makes people think… which is why it’s failing in the ratings (that, and the move to Friday nights).

    People are dumbing down everywhere, and networks are the hacks enabling that trend. Honey Boo Boo gets ratings (seriously, wth) and Vegas gets cancelled?

    No wonder I like cable!

    • Dale says

      No kidding! Are people so inane and bored to watch among (too many) reality shows, INCLUDING Honey Boo Boo. What happened to good old fashioned entertainment on TV? But then again, the tv stations don’t listen to regular people or normal people, I guess.

  9. kathryn says

    Sorry to hear this news. I think Vegas is very entertaining and I enjoy the characters, acting and plot twists. I also enjoy Person of Interest to the same degree and cannot understand how one can be canceled while the other thankfully is on the chopping block. When it moved to Friday and Golden Boy took its place I was surprised and disappointed. I see that Golden Boy is also canceled. That’s another decision I don’t agree with but unfortunately they didn’t ask my opinion. I only hope that the network does not replace these shows with sniveling “reality tv” nonsense. If that trend continues, I’ll be spending a lot more time with Redbox and Netflix.

  10. Claudia says

    I enjoy Vegas and always watch it. I hope this show won’t be canceled. So many shows have to much blood and gore. Vegas is a class act.

  11. Anonymous says

    VEGAS has good acting good characters good plots and great costuming and sets. Don’t cancel it!!!

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