Vegas: “An Enormous Hit” That Will Be Cancelled

Vegas cancelled hit?In a recent installment of Larry King’s web talk show, Larry King Now, the host interviewed Dennis Quaid about the actor’s CBS TV show, Vegas. They talked a lot about various aspects of the show and Quaid gave King a tour of the impressive set.

On two occasions during their discussion, King described Vegas as being a successful series. The second time, he called it “an enormous hit” and asked Quaid if he would stick with the series if it ran for eight years. The actor seemed a bit uncomfortable and was careful not to agree or disagree with what King was saying.

Here are the clips:

As readers here know, Vegas is definitely not a ratings hit and is almost certain to be cancelled after one season. Despite having expensive sets and top actors, the ratings were pretty bad on Tuesday nights and are now terrible, even by Friday night standards.

There are 21 episodes in this season and, given Vegas’ numbers, it’s a bit of a surprise that the network let them all air. Tonight’s is the 20th installment which means that next week’s episode, titled “Sons of Nevada,” will surely be the series finale.

CBS will announce their plans for the 2013-14 season on or before Wednesday, May 15th. As we do every year, we’ll have all the latest news on renewals and cancellations as soon as they’re announced.

What do you think? Are you enjoying Vegas on CBS? Is it a hit? Are you hoping that it gets renewed somehow?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Patricia says

    DO have cancel Vegas,please. Oldies like me need shows that have a story. Not a reality show or the Kardashsians in your face all the time. Just because over 50 are not seen as worthy as TV viewers is not the reason to cancel a show. We have the time to watch TV and enjoy the likes of Harry’s Law, Pan Am , Missing just to name a few.

  2. Nola says

    I agree with Kitty, Vegas, Golden Boy, and Blue Bloods are three of the few shows I watch. Enough of the reality shows already. Please do not cancel.

  3. FontMesa says

    In the first season of any TV show the actor’s are still getting into character, in the second half of season one of Vegas the actor’s know their character, this show has good writing, directing, lighting and casting. The people involved in this show know the rules of dimensional contrast in all levels of production. The recent episode Unfinished Business was excellent, a lot of work has gone into the end of season one of this show to simply be canceled because there’s not enough viewer’s under the age of fifty, people over fifty need quality TV to watch other than old reruns.
    I’m looking forward to season two to see if Carrie Ann Moss comes back fightin’ mad as can be, you don’t create a cliff hanger episode for a show that’s not coming back.

  4. Michele says

    This is a terrific show that gets better and better each week. I can’t believe they are canceling it! It has not been adequately promoted, but everyone I know that has watched it loves it. Why don’t they give these shows more time to become known? Why do they constantly give us new shows only to take them away after one season? It’s no wonder to me that cable channels are beating the networks. The only thing the networks seem to like is reality TV. So disappointing…

  5. Dave S. says

    Please don’t cancel Vegas! It’s our favorite show. It has a wonderful mix of old time Vegas glitz, the mob, glamour, action, romance with great acting and stories. We are fed up with all the reality show garbage and appreciate good dramas. Michael Chiklis is a fabulous actor and perfectly cast as Vincent Savino. Of course Dennis Quaid’s Ralph Lamb and the rest of the cast are great too! Granted the 18-49 ratings aren’t where the CBS execs would like but it leaves its time slot competitors in the dust in overall viewers. That ought to be worth something in itself. I think Vegas deserves another season.

  6. says

    We enjoy the show VEGAS and hope that CBS will give it a second season. Hopefully, the execs at CBS are aware of the comments from this board and others that I have seen—all positive toward VEGAS and wanting more of the show.

  7. Jeff says

    I love this show. It is written and acted extremely well. Quaid and Chiklis are really amazing. I also love the sets – very authentic ….Give this one another season…. and how about promoting it?

  8. anonymous says

    Vegan is a GREAT show! Why does CBS always cancel the decent shows they air? I am so sick of the stupid reality shows all over TV. Keep Vegas on the air!

  9. Bruce Lazaroff says

    I swore that this year I was not going to become invested in any new tv series. The reason being that for the past several years each one either my wife or I became fans of was cancelled. Series like Pan Am, Missing, Terra Nova and Secret Circle all were well written, engaging, thoughtful and, well, entertaining. So despite myself I find myself once again staring down the barrel of another cancellation of a terrifically formulated and executed show. ‘ Vegas’ has the opportunity to change the television landscape from one of vapid Housewife Reality, Hell-acious cooking and plain unfunny situation comedy shows to a format where The Story takes precedence and The Cast can showcase its skill and talent.
    So here is my plan, or promise if you prefer. I will vote with my thumbs. I will not watch any show until it has started it’s second season. No loss to me really since the first season will always become available on DVD !
    Give this show one more season to prove; 1) it has an audience and 2) that the time for a Change has arrived.

  10. Kitty says

    It is cheaper for the networks to run reality shows then to pay for talented writers and actors to create a show like Vegas. It’s business. I enjoy watching both Vegas and Golden Boy as well as Blue Bloods. However, it take a couple of episodes to catch my attention. The scripts are great.

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