Vegas: “An Enormous Hit” That Will Be Cancelled

Vegas cancelled hit?In a recent installment of Larry King’s web talk show, Larry King Now, the host interviewed Dennis Quaid about the actor’s CBS TV show, Vegas. They talked a lot about various aspects of the show and Quaid gave King a tour of the impressive set.

On two occasions during their discussion, King described Vegas as being a successful series. The second time, he called it “an enormous hit” and asked Quaid if he would stick with the series if it ran for eight years. The actor seemed a bit uncomfortable and was careful not to agree or disagree with what King was saying.

Here are the clips:

As readers here know, Vegas is definitely not a ratings hit and is almost certain to be cancelled after one season. Despite having expensive sets and top actors, the ratings were pretty bad on Tuesday nights and are now terrible, even by Friday night standards.

There are 21 episodes in this season and, given Vegas’ numbers, it’s a bit of a surprise that the network let them all air. Tonight’s is the 20th installment which means that next week’s episode, titled “Sons of Nevada,” will surely be the series finale.

CBS will announce their plans for the 2013-14 season on or before Wednesday, May 15th. As we do every year, we’ll have all the latest news on renewals and cancellations as soon as they’re announced.

What do you think? Are you enjoying Vegas on CBS? Is it a hit? Are you hoping that it gets renewed somehow?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Mike says

    I also love Vegas. It was the only new show I got into this year. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled!

  2. Viewer Steve says

    My wife and I have watched Vegas from the beginning, even with CBS moving it to different nights along the way and a hiatus in March and early April. Most shows on TV are based on the current, which makes Vegas special by having a story line from an era of 50+ years ago. I do believe shows like Cold Case, Quantum Leap and Vegas attract viewers for much more than entertainment value, we want to reminisce. Thanks for considering our opinions.

  3. says

    Vegas is one of the most entertaining & enjoyable series on TV
    CBS, please don’t cancel this excellent show!

  4. D H says

    Have not found anyone who don`t like the show. The sponsors should speak up. To much cheap crap to produce on tv.
    Sure looks like someone don`t know their job very well.

  5. David A Moehrke says

    I agree with most all of the above people I love Vegas! I have watched some live some time shifted (recorded), but I have watched all 20 now of the shows. I will watch the last one of the season. Please DO NOT CANCEL!!!

  6. Drew says

    Vegas is the best show on tv in england (admittedly, I don’t watch too much tv but, love The Shield, so decided to watch this because of Michael Chiklis). I hope there’s more after this season

  7. Why Watch says

    A good reason not to listen to TV pundits. They don’t know what they are saying. Their opinion isn’t any more important than any person who writes here.

  8. Sandy says

    Love Vegas! Just started watching it because I was told how great it is & I agree. I have watched only 4 and I am caught up with the story line. Please dont cancel! I watch Vegas & then the best show on TV BLOOD BLOODS.

  9. Sandy says

    Just started watching this because so many people told me how good it is. Please dont cancel! I have watched abt 4 show & have caught up with the story line. LOVE IT & THE ACTORS

  10. says

    I guess I don’t understand how CBS can start a show about eating desserts with Jeff Foxworthy. He’s funny but not a how I’ll watch. I really like Vegas. I know it probably doesn’t matter what we all think but I just don’t get how 2-1/2 men gets renewed and Vegas might not. I agree that Charlie Sheen is a jerk and goodness knows I love to look at Ashton Kutcher but the show just isn’t the same anymore. I’ve even got to where I don’t watch it because it just isn’t funny.

  11. diane m says

    I love this show. The actors are good ,the set is good, everything about it is good. I don’t want to see this show get cancelled. With all the crap that’s on tv, this should not be one to go.

  12. Jeff F. says

    Vegas was M.I.A. during the NCAA basketball tourney. It was pre-empted on its new Friday night time slot due to breaking news- it was then broadcast the next night- Saturday- without advance promotion. Looks like if you wanted to kill a show you could not have done a better job.

    Take a look back at some great shows- CHEERS for example.

    With todays mindset- it would not have lasted a year.

    • barb says

      i love love this show. the sets are great, storylines and the relationships keep me coming back for more. i did have a hard time when they pitted that against Grimm another of my favorites but i would flip between them the entire hour. Please dont cancel Vegas!!!

  13. peggie says

    One of the best shows on the air. It actually gave Friday a boost besides Bloodbloods. I so wish they would not cancel this show. Bluebloods was almost cancelled and I bet they are happy they gave it another year. This should be the case with Vegas. RENEW THIS WELL WRITTEN/ACTED PROGRAM. PLEASE!!!

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