Vegas: Cancelled, No Season Two for CBS TV Show

Vegas TV show on CBSThis one doesn’t come as a surprise (unless you’re Larry King). CBS has cancelled Vegas after one low rated season. Dennis Quaid and company won’t be back for season two.

The series finale, titled “Sons of Nevada,” airs tonight.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Vegas has been cancelled? Why do you think that more people didn’t watch?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    CBS didn’t give this show enough of a chance. I didn’t watch it at first because it just didn’t interest me. But after seeing a couple episodes I got hooked and became a fan. Now it’s gone. It was decent entertainment. Tired of all the CSI, kill, kill, kill stuff on TV.

  2. Debra says

    Terrible judgement on CBS’s part.

    And terrible mismanagement by CBS in terms of its time frame.

    It kept being booted off its Tuesday slot. Then when it was moved to Friday, which was a rotten decision, in and of itself. They did no advertising to let us know that it had moved nor kept its audience up to date on what was happening.

    One of the best new shows and CBS screwed it up.

    This management would have cancelled Cheers and M.A.S.H after their lackluster first season.

    Hang you heads in shame.

  3. Nate Mishaan says

    This was a great show. CBS programming execs have once again demonstrated that they have their heads up their asses!!! 2 1/2 Men, Big Bang Theory and Rules of Engagement is quality TV? C’mon already! These twits also cancelled the Smothers Brothers. I have lost all respect for CBS.

  4. says

    This show has good actors and if they hadn’t moved it to Friday nights, or put it up against alot of other good shows at the same time. I think more people would have watched, because the cars and fashion were exactly on point. Loved this show!

  5. Don says

    Too bad. Thought the show had class and showed a piece of history too boot. Will surely miss it. It was one of our favorite shows!

  6. Richard Jenkins says

    I loved Vegas CBS is crazy to get rid of it ! Probably put some reality crap that people with no brains watch instead of a show that you have to be able to have a thought process to watch.

  7. says

    Excellent ensemble cast. Never got a fair shake. Moved too many times. The “Suits” at the network have to have positive winners to keep their jobs. They don’t want to support and promote a show like in the “older” days with Seinfeld.

  8. tracy says

    What is the manner with you CBS cancelling a great show like Vegas. First you moved it to another night. What do you think is gonna happen, You are sabotaging your own show aren’t you. You get people to watch it then take it off for weeks on end what do you expect. If people can’t find it on the night it’s supposed to be on people will move on to other shows. Now why don’t you do the viewers a favor and put it back on for at least another complete season and run it weekly without any breaks.

  9. John Taylor says

    CBS really confuses me. Vegas is a quality show that really appeals to viewers over 40. The story line makes sense and the cast is excellent. What is going on? This sounds like something stupid like NBC would do. I hope USA or AMC or FX or some channel picks it up. If they had given the show time and not swapped it around it would have made it. This is so sorry.

  10. Pamela Stroud says

    My husband and I have REALLY enjoyed the show!!!! All of the actors have been great, and the story line has been very interesting. We are sadden by its demise, but then we expected it. TV execs always cancel our favorite shows. They have to display their IQ occasionally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Linda Horst says

    This show is great, you moved the time around so much that cancelling it was just damn
    unfair. My husband and I looked forward to watching it, very disappointed that it is cancelled! Dennis Quaid and the whole cast were excellent. I suppose we can expect another reality show…like there aren’t enough!

  12. BGray says

    Probably the new show my wife and I most liked this season, with a great cast, history, atmosphere, story lines, you name it. Two wonderful male leads who are both great actors, Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis, several extremely lovely and accomplished actresses like Sarah Jones, Aimee Garcia, Melinda Clark. Obviously too intelligent a show for the basic fools who watch TV and want more of “America’s Top Model,” “Bachelorette,” or “Biggest Loser.” My wife and I are beyond disgusted.

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