Vegas: Cancelled, No Season Two for CBS TV Show

Vegas TV show on CBSThis one doesn’t come as a surprise (unless you’re Larry King). CBS has cancelled Vegas after one low rated season. Dennis Quaid and company won’t be back for season two.

The series finale, titled “Sons of Nevada,” airs tonight.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Vegas has been cancelled? Why do you think that more people didn’t watch?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    Can’t believe VEGAS has been cancelled one of the best shows on TV.
    They just can’t seem to leave well enough alone. All they want on TV anymore are those STUPID STUPID realty shows which I do not watch and don’t know very many people that do don’t know where they get their ratings from not from us older people for sure
    Hope another network picks up Vegas if so I will be one of their number one fans, great actors great writers and something I looked forward to every week !

  2. Judy Balch says

    A co-worker just told me about Vegas being cancelled. I am so very disappointed. Please bring it back or TNT please pick it up!

  3. Ann says

    I guess since I don’t fit into the coveted 18-49 group my viewing doesn’t count. Just wish I hadn’t spent yet another year watching a show with a cliff hanger that you have to make your own ending to. Broadcast TV is just not worth watching anymore. I’d rather buy series on DVD after they end. That way you know what you are getting into from the start.

  4. chris says

    Please someone pick it up, I’m so disapointed with tv, everytime they get a really good they take it away. Just want to give us silly junk, so disapointed

  5. captain midnight says

    CBS pulled another crazy stunt by cancelling Vegas. This is a fabulous show with great acting by top notch actors. Now I know why so many people are switching to other video sources like Netflix,Red Box,and Hulu. Hey CBS! You stink!! Bring Vegas back!!

  6. Michelle Lozano says

    This was a great show!!!! Loved the cast….. Please put it back on…….. I am so upset CBS took it off, give it a chance and stop setting it up for failure moving it to Friday nights!

  7. cj says

    My family loves Vegas, my son had me record it on the Dvr for him, so he would not miss it.
    Everyone loved it.

  8. says

    Another great show cancel. I am going to only watch Fox and USA today where I can watch quality television.
    So only 7 million people watched Vegas in the GROUP who counts …what about the group that spends their own money and not mom and pops?

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