Vegas: Cancelled, No Season Two for CBS TV Show

Vegas TV show on CBSThis one doesn’t come as a surprise (unless you’re Larry King). CBS has cancelled Vegas after one low rated season. Dennis Quaid and company won’t be back for season two.

The series finale, titled “Sons of Nevada,” airs tonight.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Vegas has been cancelled? Why do you think that more people didn’t watch?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sandi says

    Vegas was the only new show we watched this year. Talented, appealing cast and well-developed characters. What a travesty to slam the door after one season on an exceptional writer and creator like Pileggi.

  2. peggie says

    This is so wrong–they should not have moved it to Friday–or if doing so, let it have a 2nd year to build a bigger following–lucky they gave BlueBloods a 2nd season–now it has great ratings. It was really a well written program with many twists. Would love them to change their minds–but they won’t! too bad for all those who appreciate good television.

  3. Vicki says

    Really disappointed CBS cancelled Vegas. Well written, good acting and couldn’t wait until the next episode each week. Always something interesting happening. Fun to hear the music and see the old cars! Bring it back!! It was great to see something with a plot!

  4. upset in New Mexico says

    just watched the the last show. what’s wrong with cbs.I know the show didn’t do well with teenagers. I’m 55 years old I buy more products than my 20 year old kids. what’s wrong with having a good show like Vegas for adults. Will not try any new shows on cbs this fall, it’s too disappointing when they get cancelled.I have cable willstart watching more tv on FX,TNT,A&E,ETC……

    • Renee says

      Amen; I totally agree; I am 60 years old and buy more products than many 20 year olds, yet they cancel shows based on their opinions!

  5. milwaukee says

    Thank you CBS! One of the few shows that you broadcast thats entertaining you choose to cxl. Stop rerunning Hawaii 50, please. Move on.

  6. Swifty says

    This show is one the best shows on tv. Love the actors and the time period plus the story lines where original and unprectable. It is a show about the mob, law and family and it is cancelled. There is good acting, and my family never missed an episode. The show presented situations that were not like all the other cop shows and resolved them in an entirely moving and freshing way. I will miss this show and hope, maybe, someone has a change of heart.

  7. Rick says

    One of the best shows on tv. My favorite. Not suprised CBS cut it, like NBC and ABC they are so out of touch. Mash started off slow also and look at the following that show developed. only two shows left on network tv I watch, NCIS and Big Bang Theory.
    I’m glad we have cable channels…. hopefully TNT or someone will pick it up.

  8. Joanne Massaglia says

    Too bad about “Vegas” being canceled. The best show on TV and like everyone else I am sick to death of CSI and Law and Order not to mention a zillion situation comedies. Thank goodness for the DVR and CDs and sports. Forget the rest of television. “Vegas” was great and deserved another year at the very least.

  9. Ray says

    I hope TNT picks this show up like they did with Southland, Southland was cancelled by CBS after just a few episodes and TNT picked it up. The biggest problem the four TV networks have is the way they look at ratings, TV networks ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC only look at the people who watch the show at it’s scheduled air time and they don’t look at the people that DVR and episode and watch the show later. The Cable Networks TNT, TBS, USA FX, AMC, BBC etc… look at both. Here is an example of how flawed the TV networks rating system is Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and TBS Conan, NBC fired Conan halfway through the first season because of ratings but TBS hired Conan because of the ratings TBS was looking at the same thing as NBC but TBS also was looking at the viewers who DVR’ed the show and watched it the next day TBS also looked at how many people watched Tonight Show with Conan on HULU, by doing this TBS learned Conan has 2x the viewers as Jay Leno and Conan still does making Conan the King of Late Night

  10. Jim says

    Sorry to see it cancelled. Tired of CBS. Agree with others. Why bother to watch anything the major networks put out. From now on I will TiVo a show for the season and wait to see if it is cancelled oe renewed before I invest precious time watching. This show was top quality. Maybe another network will give it a second chance, like happened for Unforgettable, another show given the cut.

  11. kathleen says

    Wish it was not cancelled. liked it a lot. so disappointed in this. Too fast. let people have a chance to see it. People are so busy, by the time you see it and like it it gets cancelled. sickening.

  12. Jim says

    Good writing, good acting, beautiful photography and fun to watch. The best show to be cancelled after one season in several years.

    Too bad since we will get another cookie cutter instead of something differemt

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