Vegas: No Good News or Ratings on Friday

Vegas TV show on CBS cancelled soon?If fans of CBS’ Vegas were hoping for some good news for the struggling series, it didn’t come last night. The TV show is even more certain to be cancelled now.

Vegas was one of the most-anticipated news shows of the 2012-13 season but, for whatever reason, it hasn’t done very well in the ratings.

Airing on Tuesday nights, Vegas premiered to a 2.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 14.85 million total viewers. It lost 20% of its viewership in week two and the numbers never went back up. After 15 episodes, it was garnering a 1.5 in the demo and 9-10 million. The total viewership is positive but CBS needs shows with better advertiser-friendly demo numbers.

The original plan was to launch Golden Boy in Vegas’ timeslot for a couple weeks and then move it to Fridays to take CSI: NY’s former timeslot. Golden Boy was performing better than Vegas so they decided to shift the latter to Fridays instead.

While this could be seen as a bad sign for Vegas, it actually represented a new chance for the drama to prove itself. It’s a good match for Blue Bloods and key demo expectations are lower are Friday nights.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be working out. Last night at 9pm, Vegas drew a meager 0.9 demo rating with 7.59 million viewers. Both Undercover Boss (at 8pm) and Blue Bloods (at 10pm) did significantly better, a sign that viewers switched the channel rather than tune in to watch Vegas.

If there’s any hope left for Vegas, it looks like that it’s quickly evaporating.

What do you think? Should CBS keep trying to make Vegas work or should they cancel it now?

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  1. julie says

    Great show.Why can’t networks give shows a little time to gather an audience? They’ll replace it with another show just to make a change.

  2. Ralph M. says

    Vegas is a great TV program. It needs more time in this new day & time slot. I really like the show, particularly the sheriff’s first name.

  3. Caridad says

    Please don’t cancel Vegas. I really Love this show, and always look forward to the new episodes. I Love this story lines, and era in which it takes place in, and all the characters. Please reconsider canceling. I would be one very disappointed Vegas fan

  4. says

    Leave it in one spot. It,s one show both my daughter and I watch together.And there are only two.We both love NCIS as well. It needs time to grow on everyone in a stable time slot.We would watch it over NCIS LA.

  5. phil says

    this is very disappointing..been waiting since Feb scheduling…what is CBS looking at…zenith boob has character, story line, great location and amazing period history…plus acting is really super..remember Mash was going to be cancelled after initial season…see what happen there..maybe we should give it more exposure and stop shuffling it all over the schedule..this is one that should be given better opportunity..viewers loved it..whole family watches it in our home…do not cancel!!

  6. says

    Vegas is in the top three for entertainment value on television today. If CBS does not continue it I will make it a point to never watch CBS again (even if they have the Super Bowl).

  7. Howard says

    Most important, and I did not mention this before. The actors involved in this show are all amazing and yet so very unique. They succeed in transporting us into the period and into each of their lives. All emotions and feelings are communicated on the libidinal level without the more popular needed explicit displays. Classics like Casablanca communicated all of life’s emotions without being explicit, so does VEGAS.
    Thank you again,

  8. Howard says

    The show has everything and more for baby boomers. We have become displaced by the growing younger bracket of TV viewers. If one or more of the “Less Popular” networks would consider catering to our group they could do well. Because we grew up understanding what it means to be loyal. Also, we are steady consumers of quality products. If what remains on TV is about money and what companies can sell then serious consideration is deserved. Someone needs to KEEP VEGAS ON THE AIR.
    Thank you for the consideration.

  9. John says

    I like the show. It’s NOT a show for the 20 to 35 age group. It’s set in the 1960’s so that is a much older group. The show needs to stay on for us older folks

  10. cheer says

    Husband and I really enjoy Vegas! Great actors, great stories in each episode. But CBS has a history of cancelling the best shows, and leaving far too many turkeys on. An exception: BLUE BLOODS! We love that show and have watched it from the beginning. Maybe one of the problems with Vegas is that it’s a continuing story with no “From last week” prelude.

  11. Don says

    I have watched vegas from the first episode and reall enjoyed it. would watch it now but the CBS dummies put it opposite “grim”. I hope the lose their a**** on all other shows.

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