Vegas: No Good News or Ratings on Friday

Vegas TV show on CBS cancelled soon?If fans of CBS’ Vegas were hoping for some good news for the struggling series, it didn’t come last night. The TV show is even more certain to be cancelled now.

Vegas was one of the most-anticipated news shows of the 2012-13 season but, for whatever reason, it hasn’t done very well in the ratings.

Airing on Tuesday nights, Vegas premiered to a 2.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 14.85 million total viewers. It lost 20% of its viewership in week two and the numbers never went back up. After 15 episodes, it was garnering a 1.5 in the demo and 9-10 million. The total viewership is positive but CBS needs shows with better advertiser-friendly demo numbers.

The original plan was to launch Golden Boy in Vegas’ timeslot for a couple weeks and then move it to Fridays to take CSI: NY’s former timeslot. Golden Boy was performing better than Vegas so they decided to shift the latter to Fridays instead.

While this could be seen as a bad sign for Vegas, it actually represented a new chance for the drama to prove itself. It’s a good match for Blue Bloods and key demo expectations are lower are Friday nights.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be working out. Last night at 9pm, Vegas drew a meager 0.9 demo rating with 7.59 million viewers. Both Undercover Boss (at 8pm) and Blue Bloods (at 10pm) did significantly better, a sign that viewers switched the channel rather than tune in to watch Vegas.

If there’s any hope left for Vegas, it looks like that it’s quickly evaporating.

What do you think? Should CBS keep trying to make Vegas work or should they cancel it now?

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  1. robert says

    I’m definitely into this show. I wish they hadn’t moved it to Friday. I didn’t even know they had moved it so I missed it last Friday. I’ll be sure to watch this upcoming Friday

  2. Bethany says

    I personally never had an ounce of interest in this show. However I have to agree with other posters here. There is no way you can make me believe that they are unable to track DVR recordings. I mean the shows are being held and played on servers somewhere, right? I may not watch this show personally, but everyone I talk to seems to be completely into it. I am just one person, but that tells me that there are more viewers than these ratings indicate. And heaven knows that plenty of shows I have loved and watched, and rewatched over and over again via DVR have gone down this same road with lies of the show not being seen by viewers. (Honestly between Netflix and DVR and OnDemand I am insane about watching the shows I do like no less than 5 times each before I erase them, and often over 50 times each when on Netflix or OnDemand. Track those results. If a show makes me want to watch it time and again, it probably has something to offer.

  3. Harlan says

    KEEP Vegas. It’s a rerto good show and has a good following and good actors. Who the heck are you looking at as NOT watching it.

  4. Peter Philbrick Sr says

    I can’t believe CBS is going to cancel Vegas and keep How I met your mother and Big Bang Theory. I think it’s time to change away from CBS.
    I don’t know how they rate the shows but I’ve never been asked what I like. I wish I could make my opinions heard by someone at CBS.

  5. Kevin M says

    Does anyone watch anything live anymore?!

    When are the networks going to smarten up and figure out how to track DVR recordings?

    I haven’t watched the Vegas episode from Fri yet but I will….its a good show…

    But frankly, I just don’t watch ANYTHING outside of sports live anymore…why should I? I have the Genie, so why not use it.

    Nielsen ratings are STUPID and the fact the networks still use that as their baseline makes them even more STUPID!

  6. WILLY BEAR says


  7. Vickie says

    Vegas is a great show! The problem is Tuesdays time that it shows is to late 10:00pm
    2nd its on when other programs over lap. Such as the voice, dancing with the stars
    cake boss, and other great shows. I feel the best time for Vegas is Saturday’s between
    7-8pm or 8-9pm. It is a great show. Listen to what the people (viewers) want .

  8. Bernie says

    How do you (network) expect viewers to stay loyal to Vegas after you dropped it off the air totally in favour of running test balloon by airing Golden Boy….Had you simply moved Vegas to another night, or time slot while testing Golden Boy, or better yet, shown Golden Boy once the Vegas season was over…we (lovers of Vegas) would have followed Vegas AND started to follow Golden Boy which is also a great show. Shame on the network executive who took Vegas off the air entirely for this time period.

  9. Duane says

    Maybe they should take ratings from those of us over 50 with $$ to spend on products. advertisers should get there heads out of their butts. This is a good show on old Vegas.

  10. Carrie says

    Love the show! Every time a good new show airs and gets people interested in watching you want to cancel it! You wonder why people get cable!

  11. Anonymous says

    Vegas is a great show! Don’t cancel it until after you have
    finished hiding it in different time slots and viewers can find it and improve your all important numbers!

    • says

      Friday is great. The only program worth watching. Leave it alone ! My mother is 84 really likes the Story lines she needs this show.

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