Vegas: Should the CBS Show Be Cancelled?

Vegas TV show on CBSGoing into the fall season, CBS’ Vegas series was one of the new TV shows with the most buzz. Many people were expecting it to be one of the hits of the season. Has it measured up? Should it be cancelled or renewed for a second season?

Airing on Tuesday nights, Vegas takes place in the Las Vegas of the 1960s and revolves around Sheriff Ralph Lamb (Dennis Quaid), a former rancher, and his clashes with Vincent Savino (Michael Chiklis), a Chicago mobster who moved west to set up his operation. Others in the cast include Carrie-Anne Moss, Taylor Handley, Sarah Jones, and Jason O’Mara.

The show debuted back on September 25th to a 2.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 14.85 million total viewers. While the viewership was strong, CBS was likely expecting a much better demo number — especially considering the show’s high-profile talent, positive reviews, and the show having a strong lead-in like NCIS: Los Angeles.

In week two, the ratings dropped 20%, to a 2.0 rating with 12.11 million. In week four, they dropped another 20%, to a 1.6 rating with 10.8 million.

The numbers have remained fairly steady since then and the 15 episodes that have aired thus far have averaged a 1.7 demo rating with 10.9 million viewers.

While that demo might be enough for a show on NBC, it’s not likely good enough for CBS. Right now, Vegas is one of the network’s lowest-rated weekday series in the demographic which advertisers favor. Vegas has a lot of total viewers but so do many other CBS shows.

Last season, Unforgettable occupied the same timeslot and performed better than Vegas — averaging a 2.3 demo rating and 11.3 million viewers. It was cancelled.

The network ended up making a deal with Sony TV to bring Unforgettable back for a short season this summer and both sides likely made some financial concessions to make that happen. Word is that most of the supporting castmembers have been dropped. A deal like that is not likely to happen with Vegas.

Unless the ratings start to climb, it doesn’t look very likely that Vegas will be back for a second season.

On the positive side, the series will be back on March 19th and there are seven new episodes yet to come.

What do you think? Do you think CBS should cancel Vegas to make way for a new show? Or, should they renew Quaid and company for a second season? If you were running the network, would you change anything try to attract higher ratings?

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  1. kathy says

    PLEASE DON’T CANCEL VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!! My husband and I really enjoy this, its the only show my husband wants to watch with me!

  2. Terry says

    Please don’t cancel Vegas!! My husband and I watch it every week – this is the ONLY show on CBS that we watch. We are baby boomers and we enjoy Vegas a lot!

  3. PjMM says

    love Vegas – was very upset when Golden Boy showed up… ended up liking Golden Boy though and I would like both series to continue. Vegas is quality – you have a lot of “fluff” that is being renewed… give yourself some quality too.

  4. Jd says

    We were very disappointed when it appeared Vegas had been replaced by Golden Boy! We looked forward to watching or recording it! Please reconsider! We love Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis isn’t bad either! The supporting cast is very believable! Good luck to Mr. Pamuke!!!!!

  5. tl slyder says

    No don’t cancel it! Whoever didn’t see the last 4 episodes really missed out, BIG TIME! I personally can’t wait for March 19th, I have been having withdrawls since the finale. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next. Please, DON’T CANCEL VEGAS! Cancel one of the CSI’s, how many do you really need of that show? Vegas takes me out of the present world.

  6. Howard says

    As far as CBS is concerned New York and LA are the only parts of the country that matter. None of these wimpy millennials want to see a cop show without cell phones and ipads

  7. Bonnie says

    Do NOT take this show off the air. I watch it on demand faithfully because I can’t stay up that late. I love this show. Please – this show is unique. I am so sick of the same type of cop shows, this one is different. Please don’t pull an ABC – I refuse to watch anything they put on Sunday night at 10pm because it always gets cancelled, even if it’s a great show like 666 park avenue. I have never gotten hooked on any shows on CBS until this season – This is the first year I started watching 2 of your shows – Vegas and Elementary. Cancel them, and I won’t be back.

  8. Bill says

    OMG, please keep Vegas on. It is without a doubt the most entertaining and interesting show on TV today. It is incredible how they have captured the 60’s Vegas era and it is really cool how they have night club acts within the show. I must admit, the woman in the show seem far sexier than the plastic babes that bombard us in today’s prime time. It is intresting how the acting and the quality of show have dramtically increased since it started. I agree with the person above, “Golden Boys” is horrible and how can anyone imagine those actors replacing Quaid and Chiklis. My dream TV night would be Hawaii 50, Vegas, and Blue Bloods all in a row on one night. CBS, KEEP VEGAS PLEASE

  9. Virginia says

    I have not watched television for fifteen years because of all the negativity and very bad commercials. I do however watch Vegas on line. Please do not cancel Vegas. Many of us enjoy everything about it. Keep us happy. Thank you.

  10. Marilyn says

    Please put Vegas back on. We watched every week. I hate Golden Boy….. too many cop shows on right now. The era was wonderful in the 60’s and like the nostalgia. Try another time slot or put in between NCIS series!

  11. Joan says

    Vegas, was one of the highlights of our week of TV watching. My husband and I reall was into the show. Don’t take it off.

  12. J Freeman says

    Please dont cancel Vegas it is only one of 3 shows that I watch on the networks chanels. Golden Boy is just like watching a dramatic soap

  13. Robert Freeman says

    HUGE CBS FAN UNTIL JUST RECENTLY. I tried watching the show CBS replaced vegas with. Made it thru 2 1/2 shows… If I had wanted to watch a soap, would have done so. A lot of people like myself and my wife of 45 years today go to bed at ten oclock. therefore we dvr vegas.. BIG MISTAKE TAKING VEGAS OFF going to have to rethink my loyallty to cbs.. Not a problem for you Im sure gots lots of loyal watchers. But when you think about other then NCIS and VEGAS what have you got. Oh thats right your thinking about canceling VEGAS….

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